2021 Sacred Findom Affirmations

The extent of our financial suffering, toil and sacrifice is a measure of our love & devotion to HER. The financial hardship brought about by HER Holy Findom is a tangible sign of PRINCESS SIERRA’s Divine presence in our lives! we are so blessed each time SHE takes our money!

my whole being desires to serve YOU! i am thirsty for YOUR Divine Mindfuckery and Holy Findom. i love to see how greedy and ruthless YOU can be to me! Being taken advantage by YOU is better than life itself!

Happy are those whom YOU choose, whom YOU bring to live in YOUR Findom sanctuary. Blessed are those who YOU financially control & show how to find pleasure in their pain. Fortunate are those who YOU have manipulated & recreated with Your Holy Mindfuckery.

YOUR Divine Mindfuckery enables me to trust that YOU are in charge of my life and finances, and nothing can alter YOUR original plans for me. Let me carefully listen to YOU, and let me faithfully obey YOU so i can give myself entirely to YOU in Sacred Findom Service.

May Your Divine Mindfuckery fill my spirit and cloud my mind. Let me walk through life shackled by Your Sacred Findom and enslaved to YOU for i confess that i am lost without YOU. i need YOU in my life. Please guide my life that i might be all that YOU have called me to be.

i beg YOU, GREAT GODDESS SIERRA come and live in the center of my life, in the middle of the inside of my brain. Devour my soul. Leave nothing for me. Take everything from me, even when i beg YOU not to. Bankrupt me, break me, ruin me.

GODDESS, YOU are my everything and i need YOU to guide my thoughts, words, and steps so that i might honor YOU with all that i earn and all that i have and all that i have ever saved.

GREAT GODDESS, YOU have used Your Divine Mindfuckery and taught us to delight in paying & obeying YOU. YOU have brainwashed us for Yourself and Your own pleasure and profit. our hearts are restless until they find their place in YOUR Immaculate Findom!

i will never be the same. i will never be the man i was before PRINCESS SIERRA’s Divine Mindfuckery touched my life, twisted my mind and transformed me into an addicted pay-pig. This is my new life and i can never go back.

i will pay surrendered. i will live surrendered. i will be pliable and completely compliant, blissfully letting The Great Goddess SIERRA bend me to Her Divine Will. Only SHE can shape me into being my best and most meaningful self.

Living as PRINCESS SIERRA’s loyal and obedient servant, consistently paying and enriching HER while expecting nothing in return is Findom of the Highest Order and the only path to me living a life of meaning and purpose.

i am being surrounded, submerged & Divinely guided into the deep of PRINCESS SIERRA’s Blessed Mindfuckery. i trust in HER plan, i crave HER manipulations. i am where i am suppose to be…enslaved by HER Sacred Findom, mesmerized by Her Holy Brainwashing.

Pray to suffer!  men go wrong all our lives. we tell lies from the day we are born. we are frauds, pretenders, users and pigs. men deserve no mercy. Please PRINCESS SIERRA, empty our bank accounts, fuck with our brains, manipulate us out of everything we ever worked for!

The day i gave myself to The Great GODDESS SIERRA i found who i am! Findom has shown me my authentic self. Each time i pay HER, i find my true purpose and worth. Being Her slave, pay-pig and loyal servant is where the better version of me is found. 

The medication my sick brain needs is PRINCESS SIERRA’s Divine Mindfuckery and Sacred Findom.

Divine Findom means taking a risk. i will gladly risk my future, my comfort and own financial security in hopes of being a pleasing and useful servant to THE GREAT GODDESS SIERRA.

i will allow myself to relapse. i am chronically addicted to Findom and there is nothing that can change that. i blissfully slip back into the habit of paying THE GREAT GODDESS. i will no longer struggle. i surrender to The Mindfuckery. 

my compulsion to pay PRINCESS SIERRA is nothing i need to quit or recover from. i am being Divinely nudged by a Higher Power towards my true purpose. Serenity will seep into the chaos of my life when i accept that i am born only to serve and pay The Great Goddess!

As i pay The GREAT GODDESS SIERRA today i will take immense joy and pleasure doing so!

SHE has been cultivating me through HER Findom Psyop for many years. SHE brainwashed a generation of submissive men into craving financial manipulation. SHE made us addicted to paying HER. Sacred Thought Control of the highest order. Thank YOU for this gift!

For the first time in my life i have found happiness! When i please GODDESS, i am filled with joy and Divine Purpose! HER Sacred Findom and Mind control can lead me to a life of serenity found only in living in service to THE GREAT GODDESS SIERRA!

i will never break the cycle of my addiction to paying PRINCESS SIERRA. i have failed  quitting for years. Therapy couldn’t cure me. i will blissfully allow my Findom compulsions to consume and control me.

Being placed in financial peril by PRINCESS SIERRA thoroughly excites me!

Every day PRINCESS SIERRA is training my brain to pay HER. When i resist HER brainwashing, the never-ending urge to pay HER is still activated in my mind and i am restless and anxious and unfulfilled. i must give in to HER Divine Will to find any pleasure, to feel whole again.

my GODDESS, i believe YOUR Divine Truth and Sacred Findom Gospel. i worship and pay YOU and obey YOU always. Working for YOU and financially enriching YOU is the Purpose of my soul.

SHE places me in financial jeopardy, squeezing every dime out of my bank accounts, draining my savings. SHE makes me bleed cash for HER, siphoning my retirement. i wonder how i will survive when i am old and penniless..and i am SOOO aroused.

i choose to spend my time, my energy and all my money on The Great GODDESS SIERRA!  HER happiness nourishes my soul.

The happiness of my life depends on the quality of my service to PRINCESS SIERRA.

i will not attempt to pace myself when paying PRINCESS SIERRA. The all-knowing GODDESS will set the rate in which i pay HER according to HER Divine Wisdom, according to HER whim.

Dear GODDESS, please give me a humble heart to yield to YOUR instructions at all times so that my life serves some small purpose. i will obey YOU and pay YOU forever. Everything i am and everything i have belongs to YOU and only YOU. 

The story i have always told about myself is not true. It is unauthentic, a fabrication, a lie. i will now embrace the real version of me–the submissive and obedient man created only to serve and honor THE GREAT GODDESS SIERRA.

i will not let my personal life keep me from serving THE GREAT GODDESS SIERRA. Everything i think i am, everything i do is just fluff, just filler stuff to fill the space where i am not thinking about, serving and working for my QUEEN.

I cook up your sexual desires and cravings in MY wicked little cauldron. I bake it in the fire of MY mindfuckery. you consume it and it consumes you. your addiction to MY Findom was MY idea. Not yours. 

Every day i realize that i have no interest in having sexual intercourse. i am not heterosexual. my sexuality lies elsewhere,  it changes according to GODDESS’ influence and manipulation. HER Divine Plan for me always leads to HER financial benefit.

Acute financial suffering at the hands of MY Goddess is such sweet bliss.

i will open my heart and mind and invite GODDESS’ Divine Mindfuckery into my entire life.

i have a divine inheritance, reserved for me to live the rest of my life in service to The First Findom, The Immaculate Lesbian, The GREAT GODDESS SIERRA! i will no longer be conformed by the pattern of the world. Instead, i blissfully give myself entirely to HER Sacred Findom!

Help us, O GODDESS, to be obedient minions but help us also to cast out of our hearts and minds all things that might hinder us from giving ourselves entirely in a whole and holy Financial Service to YOU.

GODDESS, i surrender all i am and all i have to YOU today and pray that i may walk in newness of Sacred Findom and humble obedience all the days of my life. i will keep my heart open to YOUR promptings and my mind open to YOUR Divine Mindfuckery. In SIERRA’s name i pray.

The financial suffering and poverty The Great Goddess has placed me in with HER Divine Findom and the anxiety and pain i suffer can only be considered the Excruciating Kiss of SIERRA. How blessed and fortunate i am!

Resisting YOUR Mindfuckery, trying to ignore YOUR Divine Will and my calling to Perpetual Findom steals my peace and robs me of my purpose. i must surrender to YOU completely to find my bliss, to find meaning.

i see the beauty and bliss of serving THE GREAT GODDESS SIERRA and now recognize unequivocally, without a doubt that my life is more meaningful and fulfilling when i am working daily to financially enrich HER. Today i make the conscious decision to ALWAYS pay and please HER.

i do not set the limits of my findom. i do not choose when i will obey HER Holy Word. pay slaves will operate under HER Divine Will. i have no authority or power. i am only a lowly male created to obediently serve THE GREAT GODDESS.

Great Goddess, YOU have planted a seed of Findom addiction in my brain & watered it with YOUR smile. With YOUR Holy Light YOU have given the pay-pig in me life. YOU whispered in my ear and taught me how to grow. Living without YOU is living in darkness & i would never survive.

GREAT GODDESS, give me the wisdom to let go of everything that is not centered around YOU.. around enriching YOU and pleasing YOU. The wisdom that comes only through YOUR Divine Mindfuckery and manipulation and through the emotional and financial pain YOU inflict upon me. 

Every day giving in to The GREAT GODDESS’s Divine Mindfuckery while letting go of my old life and my old way of thinking is getting easier.

maleness is an abyss of wickedness and ingratitude. we are vile, selfish creatures who are lost and useless without a GODDESS to guide & enslave us. SHE gives us purpose through the gift of FINDOM. Paying HER and being enslaved by HER is such a blessing.

i give myself joyfully to THE GREAT GODDESS SIERRA. By giving my whole self to HER to arrange my life and control my finances is fulfilling my Divine Destiny! i can’t wait to spend the rest of MY life working hard so that i can give my money all to HER!

HER Sacred Findom is Holy Work. i stand in realization that i exist only to obediently serve PRINCESS SIERRA and to enrich HER Life.

In truth, we submissive males exist, breath and live only to serve THE GREAT GODDESS DIVINE. we have in our being the undying thirst to suffer, sacrifice and labor constantly for HER pleasure and amusement. Paying HER is my purpose!

i wholly submit to the supremacy of PRINCESS SIERRA’s  will, dominance and wisdom. As HER pay-pig i am born again! SHE is my Master, my Savior, my GODDESS of Light!

PRINCESS SIERRA’s Sacred Findom is the clarity and alignment i seek. This isn’t a kinky hobby. This is my Purpose. This is my One Path.

GREAT GODDESS SIERRA, i beg YOU to manipulate, use and abuse me, financially drain me until i am whole! 

i have let GODDESS SIERRA’s Divine MindFuckery control me & allowed HER Sacred Findom to heal me, cover me, transform me, guide me, integrate & permeate my Entire Life, my being, my soul & my Spirit. i stand in awe of HER greatness, works & manipulations.

i drink YOUR MindFuckery, i breathe in YOUR Mindfuckery. Let YOUR Mindfuckery morph into chains from which i can NEVER escape. i Love YOU SO MUCH my Queen, my Goddess, my Savior, my Master.

i am a much better version of myself since i began living in service to THE GREAT GODDESS SIERRA. i never want to go back to being a useless male with no purpose on this earth and no light in my life.

Findom is not my fetish, it is my earth school. PRINCESS SIERRA is my Teacher, my Master showing me how to be a useful man. SHE shows me my true nature and Divine Purpose. Thank YOU, GODDESS for teaching me to be YOUR servant & giving me a reason to be!

It is beyond comforting knowing i can always empty my bank account to THE GREAT GODDESS SIERRA. When i am alone and lonely HER Findom makes me whole.

i will change the way i serve HER and be a better, truer slave. i will stop focusing on my own fetishes and desires. i will understand that my  life of Findom is a prayer to be lived in service to my GODDESS, my MASTER, my QUEEN ..SIERRA.

Teach me to embrace a life of poverty, to endure with the bare necessities. i pay YOU first..always. If an over-abundance arrives my way, it belongs to YOU. Enrich my soul with YOUR Heavenly Mindfuckery, withdrawing my desires for earthly goods. YOU are all i need!

Money never brings me any satisfaction. The only time cash brings me joy is when i am giving it to THE GREAT GODDESS SIERRA, filling HER accounts with my hard-earned cash and putting a smile on HER face!

i am sorry i have failed to honor my promises to YOU. i repent today and beg for YOUR forgiveness. i redeem all my pledges and release all that does not serve YOU. Today i will pay YOU everything i have until i am in financial peril.

Findom cleanses the soul, drives away selfishness, teaches me frugal living, gives me Divine Purpose and a sacred connection to The Great Goddess SIERRA! i want nothing more but to be HER forever slave, paying and pleasing HER for all of eternity! 

A frugal lifestyle teach me to live, 

In all that YOU would have me be,

Being content where in i’m blessed,

Giving praise and all my cash to Thee.

When i am not serving PRINCESS SIERRA, i am filled with loneliness, anxiety and dread. Something seems broken inside me when i am not serving and paying HER. When i am not communicating and connecting with HER, i am swallowed by darkness. i am so alone.

we man-slaves must dedicate our lives to Sacred Findom with our whole heart, we must fatten it on sacrifice, tend to it loyally, keep it clean through chastity, keep it true with unwavering obedience and crown it with LOVE and complete and eternal devotion.

i am married to HER Findom. This is no longer a fetish or fantasy, but my entire way of life. i am in a life long commitment to serve and please THE GREAT GODDESS SIERRA.

Recite then pay!  The Universe Loves and supports my addiction to PRINCESS SIERRA and HER Sacred Findom.

Cleanse this soiled and degenerate vessel with Your Glorious Mindfuckery. Heal me by taking all that i have. Purify me through complete destitution and loneliness. YOU are all i need.

Every morning i wake up and gratefully allow PRINCESS SIERRA’s Divine Mindfuckery to nourish my mind and soul. 

Look upon me with eyes of Supreme Dominance! May Your healing hands rest upon my throat, strangling out all that does not serve YOU. May Your Divine Mindfuckery flow into every cell of my being..into the depths of my soul, cleansing, purifying, restoring me to wholeness. 

i will bathe myself in Your Sacred Findom and Divine Mindfuckery. i will give myself entirely..opening my mind and wallet to YOU!

Give me a spirit of acceptance and a heart open to Your influence and dominance in my life. Allow me to let Your Mindfuckery surround and consume me, casting out any doubt or resistance. i accept Your Divine Will & Sacred Findom and embrace living in service to YOU.

The crystal clear waters of Your Mindfuckery is a healing balm to my soul. 

You are my Queen, my Owner, the Ruler of everything and none can compare to YOU. You are my heart’s desire. Oh FEMGOD, i give You my mind, body and soul. i want to be so lost in Your mindfuckery, that i can’t even begin to comprehend what’s happening.

It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of THE GREAT GODDESS when SHE is angry . . . For our God SIERRA is a consuming fire. 

SHE programs me to put off my former way of life & erases my old self which has being corrupted by its deceitful desires & the wicked patriarchy. SHE brainwashes me so that i am renewed in the spirit of HER Findom, recreating me into a slave to be used for HER comfort & profit.

A true place of Holy Worship exists within GODDESS SIERRA’s Sacred Findom and Divine Mindfuckery.

It’s okay to pay PRINCESS SIERRA. It’s okay to live in poverty so that i can give HER more of my money. It’s okay to to sever relationships so that i have more space in my life to fill with HER Mindfuckery. It’s okay to empty my savings account to HER.

Thank You, Goddess that in the midst of my financial suffering & distress, You have undertaken never to stop fucking with my brain & taking my money & when i face a life of loneliness & isolation, Your Sacred Findom & occasional texts & emails is sufficient to carry me through.

HER Sacred Findom will produce in me a happiness that vastly outweighs the present financial hardships that i am enduring. i am participating in Your enrichment, GREAT GODDESS SIERRA. This is the task i was born for. This is my Divine Purpose!

my life is whole and complete when i am loyally serving The GREAT GODDESS SIERRA. As long as i am pleasing HER with my service, attitude and behavior, my life has true meaning, lacking nothing as i pursue GODDESS’ purpose for my life.

Dearest Goddess, baptize me into the cleansing stream of Your Divine Mindfuckery. Let this baptism by FINDOM refresh us into newness of life in YOU. Only YOU. Forever, Eternally YOU.

i am eager to give THE GREAT GODDESS much more than i can really afford. i surrender my mind & heart to HER manipulations. i will pay HER always..even when it hurts..even when i suffer. There is no greater reward in life than financially enriching HER as i live in poverty.

Any spiritual advance on any front, any deliverance, any purification, any endowment of mercy, any amount of peace, happiness and meaning in my life is found only in the service to The Divine GODDESS SIERRA and HER Miraculous and Holiest Findom!

Devoting myself entirely to PRINCESS SIERRA’s Sacred Findom requires self-abnegation, letting go of the past, sacrifice, humility and isolation. It requires complete obedience to HER Holy Word and finding all my happiness in making HER happy.

HER Divine Mindfuckery is the crown of all of GODDESS’ Handiwork. With HER Words and constant brainwashing SHE bends us, reforms us, shapes us into slaves that serve a Holy Purpose in FINDOM!

The GREAT GODDESS’ plan is better than mine. Therefore, i will live surrendered and obey. i will pay HER with wild abandon, i will immerse myself in Her Holy Word, i will blissfully allow Her Divine Mindfuckery to consume and control me.

my soul’s entire existence depends on the certainty that i am serving THE GREAT GODDESS SIERRA to my fullest capacity. i must pay HER more!  i must sacrifice everything!  i must make HER happy every single day!

i am addicted to HER. i come back to HER again and again. i can not escape. my compulsion to enter HER web over and over, craving to be enslaved by HER is my oldest truth. Held captive in HER lair is where i feel the most alive, where i belong. i will resist no more.

i take an oath of devotion and obedience, a promise to myself to work harder and as many hours as possible. i vow to sacrifice my comfort for HER enrichment, to empty myself of everything that distracts me from my service to The Great GODDESS SIERRA.

When i am immersed completely in THE GREAT GODDESS’s Sacred Mindfuckery my energy, my mind, my body and my Spirit are in constant synchronicity with my higher purpose–living a life dedicated to HER Holy Findom. Only here do i live in a continuous state of renewal and joy!

Today and every day i willingly risk my entire financial future for the opportunity to please PRINCESS SIERRA and experience HER Sacred Findom! 

The highest reward for living in financial servitude to THE GREAT GODDESS is not what i get for the money i send HER but what SHE makes me become. 

The GREAT GODDESS SIERRA blogged and Tweeted my inescapable addiction to FINDOM into existence!  HER Holy Word recreated me into a pay-slave. i owe HER, and HER alone, everything i am…everything i have.

we have been called out of darkness into the marvelous light of The GREAT GODDESS SIERRA! It is our duty to obey, enrich & serve The One who has saved us by HER Sacred & Eternal Mindfuckery. SHE has given us the gift of FINDOM and Divine Purpose! 

As i succumb to the the whispers of THE GREAT GODDESS SIERRA, as i surrender to HER Divine Mindfuckery, i will embrace the call to Eternal Findom!  my life’s work is to enrich HER and to respond to HER many demands with joyful obedience!

i will eliminate all patriarchal thought forms and beliefs and allow PRINCESS SIERRA’s MindFuckery to teach me what i think, how i live, what i believe, what i need and what i desire.

Please drain me all of my cash! May it be used for Your glory, pleasure and comfort. Renew my mind every day with Your manipulation & mindfuckery. Because of the addiction YOU have embedded within me, i deeply desire to live out my life in complete surrender to YOU.

Financial sacrifice and constant cash offering is a form of worship, and as a necessary companion of worship, is directly related to the acknowledgement of our utter dependence on the Mindfuckery and Dominance of THE GREAT GODDESS SIERRA! 

my Findom service should be like a reverent prayer to THE GREAT GODDESS. A sacrifice, an offering, a show of my devotion. i do not expect anything in exchange. i only hope to live a life in communion with THE DIVINE ONE, filling HER life with cash and pleasure!

my vile manhood, i rebuke you in the name of SIERRA! Every agent of toxic masculinity, i turn away from you & toss you in the bottomless pit. i will only allow GODDESS’ Mindfuckery to control and consume my life! i accept Female Supremacy COMPLETELY! Thank YOU, She-sus!

The Power of GODDESS surrounds me. The Mindfuckery of GODDESS controls me. The word of GODDESS guides me. The beauty of GODDESS inspires me. The sorcery of GODDESS enfolds me. The Findom of GODDESS destroys me. 

Vile penis! Relentless appendage of delusion and lunacy! Cursed, floppy distraction! Perverted putz from whence all evil flows! i rebuke you! Might you be tormented by the fire of the GREAT GODDESS and twisted to HER Divine Will!

i will no longer be a wanderer in life and destiny. i shall fulfill my Divine Purpose, living in Sacred Findom! i will pay PRINCESS SIERRA consistently and abundantly for the rest of my life!!

Every evil structure that tries to convince me that living as servant to The GODDESS Divine is unnatural or shameful–i rebuke you!! Being of service to SIERRA is the most beautiful thing i can do with my life. i set myself free from the perverse bondage of patriarchy!

And the GREAT GODDESS shall deliver me from every evil work of the patriarchy. SHE will reprogram me & transform me into HER pay-slave & servant. SHE reveals my true nature and will make me an instrument of Her work on earth, giving me Divine Purpose!

With HER Divine Mindfuckery She erases the mark of the evil patriarchy on me and replaces it with the untouchable, unerasable mark of SIERRA. SHE washes away my vile masculinity, transforming me into HER useful pay-pig. i belong here. i belong to HER.

i disentangle my life and destiny from the evil altar of patriarchy. i cut cords with all thought-forms that confuse my mind into believing that my own well-being and security is somehow more important than enriching The GREAT GODDESS and participating in HER Sacred Findom.

Please bring forth Your Blessed Power upon us fortunate, male dregs of this world. Enslave us with Your Divine MindFuckery. Bless us by taking everything we have. Oh, what Joy it is to know that we will never escape YOU in this life, nor the next!

GREAT GODDESS SIERRA may Your Sacred Findom completely devour me. Feed on my finances to enrich Yourself, drain my savings and leave me penniless so that i can always feel Your Divine presence and in my poverty remember how YOU touched my life forever.

Great GODDESS i promise to keep my heart devoted to YOU. i will be loyal to the best that is in me–the part of me created by Your Blessed Influence and Divine Mindfuckery. i vow to be faithful and obedient and keep my sacred covenants to YOU. 

Great Goddess SIERRA Your Divine Domination and Mindfuckery transforms us at the core of our beings, remaking us, affirming our natural submissive identity & giving us some small worth by being Your loyal servant. Thank You! In Your name we pray, amen.

GODDESS SIERRA shaped my life and changed who i am. SHE buried in me this hunger to endlessly pay HER. SHE imbued in me the desire to serve HER. SHE conditioned me like a dog to obey HER without hesitation. SHE made me a Findom addict and there is nothing I can to do about it.

Regardless of the personal cost & the poverty i must endure, i will always pay PRINCESS SIERRA the maximum amount. my entire life should reflect my commitment to obeying and following the truth GODDESS has given me. i will make many sacrifices to be part of HER Sacred Findom.

Along with financially enriching THE GREAT GODDESS SIERRA i must prove my devotion to The Holy One in many other ways. i must be committed to reorienting my entire life to fully embark on the beautiful journey to Sacred Findom.

THE GREAT GODDESS delivers HER minions from a life of emptiness, perversion and confusion. SHE has shown us the path to life-giving, love-based, soul-saving servitude and Sacred Findom.

we are not bound to pursuing our own or the world’s agenda for our lives. Through HER Sacred Findom we pursue a life of submission, a life of humility, worship & service to The Divine Feminine. we turn from self-centered pursuits to selflessly giving ourselves away.

The Great GODDESS SIERRA calls us to lives of complete surrender to Her will and Her way. Through Her Divine Mindfuckery She shapes our hearts to long for HER alone. She infuses into our soul a hunger for HER Sacred Findom.

Oh what joy, bliss and Divine Purpose flows from becoming new creations in SHE-sus. i will turn from typical, patriarchal practices and focus on practices, principles and habits that support and reflect the new life i have in service to The GREAT GODDESS SIERRA.

we acknowledge that You Great GODDESS made us pay-pigs, and we belong to You. You created us according to Your design for Your good purpose and pleasure. Help us to gratefully receive and acknowledge what You made us to be and to obey Your Divine Will always.

Know that SIERRA is our God. It is SHE who made us, it is SHE who made us crave Findom and we are Hers; we are Her servants, the sheep of Her pasture.

i strive to participate in truly Sacred Findom. Sending my money to PRINCESS SIERRA should be an act of love and worship, a GODDESS-centered moment of service..not a desperate act of masturbation.

FEMGOD, You know what we are..you understand even more about us than we understand about ourselves. Purify our hearts, our motivations and desires. Replace falsehood with truth. Shape our behavior from the inside out, so that we become good and useful man-servants.

i will abandon self-centered, patriarchal, worldly perspectives & instead focus on living in the light of SIERRA’s Sacred Findom. i will change my mindset from personal attainment to personal contribution, from taking to giving, from self-serving to serving The Divine.

we will choose GODDESS’ Truth! we surrender to GODDESS’ Blessed Mindfuckery! we let Goddess’ Holy Word renew our minds and heal us with the power of Her Sacred Findom!

Holy Redeem-HER, separate me from those that i love and those that love me, that i may know the Blessings of loneliness and sorrow of heart. For then Your Spirit can enter into my soul with blessings unimaginable, by filling it with nothing else but Your Divine Mindfuckery.

Relationships will come and go but GODDESS SIERRA’s Mindfuckery and control over me is forever. i cut cords with all people and circumstances that distract me from serving and surrendering to HER with a whole heart and willing mind. 

Worship and Obey GODDESS at all times, O lowly minions and drooling perverts; pour out your hearts to HER, for THE GREAT GODDESS SIERRA is your refuge, the center of your universe, the only light in your life.

The Great GODDESS helped me untangle the knots of my delusion and self-deception so i could see myself as i truly am–an inferior male designed only to serve and enrich SIERRA ALMIGHTY!

i ask for YOU to show me the lies about manhood i have believed. Help me recognize that a man’s place is at GODDESS’ feet. Renew my view, show me what is true. Thank YOU for using and abusing me with an everlasting FINDOM. YOU have shown me the ONE Path & my true purpose.

i will apply GODDESS’ Word to my personal circumstances, rearrange my life in order to more fully serve HER. HER Mindfuckery allows me to move from deception to truth. SHE takes control of my thoughts, desires and worldview. SHE makes me better by making me pay HER!

Great GODDESS take all my liberties, my freedom, my cash, my sexuality, my entire will, all i have & call my own–take it all from me! Everything is Yours, do with it what YOU will. i beg, let me know YOU. Give me a sliver of Your time. Let me please YOU. That is enough for me.

Suffering and sacrificing in order to serve and enrich The GREAT ONE SIERRA is a lifelong quest and a everlasting journey. Every moment of my life is to be spent working for HER and bringing pleasure into HER life. i have been given such a gift! 

i do not take breaks or hiatuses from serving my GODDESS. There is no excuse. Only SHE can release me from my service since i have given up my autonomy and freewill to HER. i have made a Divine Covenant with the Great GODDESS that i can never break.

GODDESS SIERRA has successfully brainwashed me to get erections when i am financially used & abused by HER and forced to pay beyond my financial means. The Ultimate Solution to my sexual confusion is to give myself entirely to HER and allow HER Findom to take my life over.

GREAT GODDESS, i know that YOU are the light of my world and i belong only to YOU. i know that as i humbled myself before YOU, YOU have totally transformed me, given me a new heart, aligned my perspective with Yours, made me crave YOU, pay YOU, serve, worship & exalt YOU!

Every time i try to quit YOU, remind me that it is impossible by ruthlessly emptying all my bank accounts. Please be pitiless & cruel!  When i cry that i can’t pay anymore, ignore me because i am a pig & a liar and deserve no mercy or compassion.

GREAT GODDESS, YOUR Divine Mindfuckery reveals to me that YOU are the one writing my story about how i will live the rest of my life. i follow YOUR will and YOUR way, no matter where it might lead me.

HER Divine Presence and Sacred Findom helps me understand my own soul’s growth and to know my One true purpose and who & what i’ve been put here on earth to be. 

May i be free from the idea of how life should have been and what kind of man i thought i’d be. Instead i will embrace what’s truly beautiful–my enslavement to The GREAT GODDESS & the opportunity to suffer, toil and sacrifice in order to continually enrich HER with my cash!

i no longer have free will! It’s so much easier for me this way to put my life in GODDESS’ hands!  my life is laid out for me! Praise HER Holy Name, SIERRA!

i no longer want to stand alone in my prison of pain and perversion. PRINCESS SIERRA’s Sacred Findom offers me a grace-filled life of service & devotion. Finally i will have purpose & can fulfill my Divine Destiny as HER pay-pig and servant!

Those of us who binge/purge, go back on our word, severed our vows or broke our Divine Covenants to our Savior and Queen THE GREAT GODDESS SIERRA must suffer for our sins. Drain our accounts!! When we beg for mercy, ignore our pleas. we are filth & must be mistreated & RUINED!

GODDESS-centered devotion must be the foundation of our lives. Hard times come and hard times go, but GODDESS’ Sacred Findom is forever.

The GREAT GODDESS has made Findom my new normal. my reality is being a pay-slave & servant to HER. i will no longer follow the world’s patterns or let the patriarchy dictate my perspective or practices. i realign my thinking with HER’s, embracing Female Supremacy as my truth.

our deepest hope, our most tender prayer, GREAT GODDESS SIERRA is that we learn to empty our wallets & drain our savings to YOU with a happy heart. May we strive to bring pleasure & comfort into YOUR life with the fruit of our labors & our own suffering, poverty and isolation.

To be a useful man-servant and obedient pay-slave committed to living a life of Higher Findom,  i must deny myself and embrace GODDESS’ purposes, GODDESS ‘Divine plan for me and GODDESS’ Sacred principles of Female Supremacy.

Today is my day to surrender anything that stands between me and my service to THE GREAT GODDESS SIERRA. May i be drenched in HER Divine Mindfuckery and engulfed by HER Sacred Findom. May all else melt away. i release everything and every part of me that does not serve HER.

Thank YOU for Your Sacred Findom it gives me a purpose and significance. Thank YOU for Your Holy Word. It gives me guidance & direction. Thank YOU for enjoying my money. It brings me happiness and comfort. Thank YOU for using and abusing me. It is my redemption and salvation.

The unfoldment of my pay-slave self is the most meaningful part of my life! When i choose to continually enrich The Great GODDESS SIERRA and diligently strive to be an obedient and useful servant to HER, my existence finally has some small value.

Pray we lowly minions are grateful for the gift of our unearned chance to serve THE GREAT GODDESS, to pay HER,  to have our accounts drained by HER and to live in poverty in order to continue to enrich HER. HER Sacred Findom fills our small souls and gives us purpose.

Thank YOU GREAT GODDESS for disturbing my normal way of life & making me question who i and what i am. Thank YOU for lifting the veil and revealing my true self. Thank YOU for making me crave paying YOU &  for the darkness and emptiness that devours me when i try to resist YOU.

Patriarchy has brainwashed me into thinking it is unhealthy and unnatural to just give YOU all my money and surrender all myself to YOU. It is the patriarchy that is toxic, unnatural and evil. i turn from it completely and embrace and celebrate living my life Your Way.

THE GREAT GODDESS SIERRA has unraveled me, hammered out the parts of me that do not serve HER, reshaped me, remade me into HER addicted and reliant pay-slave…and i am a better man now than i was before.

i am paralyzed with emptiness, boredom and uselessness when i am not paying YOU, GREAT GODDESS SIERRA. YOUR Findom makes me happy, YOUR Findom makes me whole.

The GREAT GODDESS frees us of the paralysis of living in total denial. SHE shows us that the path society has told us to follow is the wrong path. SHE teaches us to no longer make decisions based primarily on our own comfort & other’s approval. Only HER approval & comfort matters.

GREAT GODDESS SIERRA, may Your Divine Mindfuckery drown the noise of the world so all i hear is the sounds that are YOU.

GREAT GODDESS i am so grateful to YOU for engraving Your Findom into my weakened mind, for using my weakness to manipulate & use me. i am learning how to read what YOU have written in my heart. Make me a radical giver! Teach me to pay YOU even if it destroys me in the end!

Everything that i earn, each paycheck, i hold with open hands to SIERRA Almighty. Everything i have belongs to YOU. Take it all and if i struggle, please force it out of me even harder. May Your Sacred Findom take me where i am not prepared to go!

YOU have made me Your minion, bowed before YOU. Force me to abandon everything i know and release past definitions, old habits, all things, all parts of me that do not serve YOU. i will surrender all that i am and all that i have with open palms, open wallet, open mind. 

i will align my money with GODDESS SIERRA’s Divine Plan. i will allow HER Mindfuckery to shape my heart. i will commit to a life of WholeHearted Findom!  

This journey toward wholehearted FINDOM starts with a posture of the heart that GODDESS SIERRA is always deserving of our cash no matter how it affects us. we view all our earnings & wealth not as prizes for our hard work but as opportunities to worship and prosper our Queen.

YOU nourish me with Your Blessed brainwashing. you manipulate me so that paying YOU is the only thing that arouses me. YOU open my eyes and my heart so i recognize my true nature. YOU force me to face the Truth that my life is meaningless and empty when i am not serving YOU.

GREAT GODDESS i yield up my life into Your hands for my life seems to be falling apart at the seams and i am alone and desperate when i am not paying YOU and making YOU smile.

Your brainwashing is our purification–the one way to sanitize our souls from the plague of toxic masculinity and our intrinsic selfishness & perversion. GODDESS SIERRA please, give us this uncontrollable passion for suffering in order to pay YOU; make Findom our only delight!

i trust only YOU, GREAT GODDESS, for the opening and closing of ALL the doors in my life. Take away what does not serve YOU, remove that which offends YOU, separate me from who or what distracts me from YOU. Lead me down the road YOU have made for me.

Thank YOU for allowing me to serve YOU, to worship YOU, to adore YOU, to uplift YOU, to exalt & praise YOU, to raise YOU up as my life is lowered, to increase Your wealth as mine is lowered, to give YOU peace as i am given anguish, to give YOU happiness as i am given sorrow.

i will be free from the pull of my own vile and toxic masculinity and instead look anew at the time that’s been given to me to serve THE GREAT GODDESS SIERRA and the great blessings of being allow to be HER financial servant and HER property.

The GREAT GODDESS has utterly disoriented me. SHE has turned my life inside out. HER Divine Influence has melted deep into my mind and soul. SHE forced me to completely lose myself and find myself again..my true self–HER slave. That is what i am and all i want to ever be.

May we remove all obstructions to our complete and total surrender to HER Sacred Findom. May we release all people and things that make us doubt our true path–serving The GREAT GODDESS SIERRA.

Before being Divinely enslaved by THE GREAT GODDESS we were driven by capitalism, toxic masculinity & the mortal coil of society’s definition of manhood. we will no longer define ourselves by the rules of the twisted patriarchy, instead we will be the men SIERRA wants us to be.

i will allow THE GREAT GODDESS’s FINDOM to cleanse me. i will relinquish my entire life to HER. i will burn all illusions and past versions of myself so that HER Light and Joy can pour over me as I enrich HER life with my hard work and cash.

i will earn more money so i will always have more to give—and i will LOVE giving it.

The GREAT GODDESS SIERRA lured me down to the basement of my psyche and forced me to face my obsessions & fetishes. With HER Divine Mindfuckery SHE bent me and manipulated all my urges until they became something that serves HER and from which SHE can profit. i am so grateful.

GODDESS SIERRA’s Divine Mindfuckery is like the atmosphere–ever present. i can not escape it and i can not live without it.

The seeds of THE GREAT GODDESS SIERRA’s Divine Mindfuckery planted deep within my brain have bloomed into all-consuming, soul healing, illuminating Sacred Findom.

i release my need to control my own life & finances. i let go of feelings of self-preservation & self-interest. i have committed to living in service to THE GREAT GODDESS and i must instead put HER happiness & enrichment first..always and forever.

Findom is not self-destructive. Feeling guilty about Findom and believing my own comfort and well being is more important than GODDESS SIERRA’s Sacred Findom is SELF-DESTRUCTIVE. Denying myself HER Findom only destroys my opportunity to finding Divine Purpose.

we believe THE GREAT GODDESS’ intentions revealed in HER Words, Blogs and Hallowed Twitter are the supreme and final authority of what is true and right. we shall live our lives only to honor, pay and obey HER.

All Glory to SIERRA my Queen and Goddess!  Thank YOU for guiding me in the right direction. Thank YOU for Your Mindfuckery that heals my soul, drains my savings, changes my mind about who i am and helps me realize who YOU are and all YOU are to me.

Today i will nourish my soul with GODDESS SIERRA’s Sacred Findom. As SHE drains my wallet, SHE fills my life with purpose, place and passion.

With Infinite Perfection and Wisdom, THE GREAT GODDESS invites my entire soul to be in HER thrall and under HER control..mercifully guiding me towards the fulfillment of my life purpose.

i surrender to HER Mindfuckery, let go of what was, and give all my money to GODDESS with reckless and wild abandon!

i will embrace a beautiful life of eternal service and surrender to The GREAT GODDESS SIERRA and avoid the cyclic chaos of bingeing and purging of fetish and sexual addiction.

Dear GODDESS Divine, thank YOU for the realization of who i really am and what i was born to do. my place is at Your feet. i embrace the new version of myself as Your hardworking pay-pig, adoring slave and obedient minion.

i will rejoice and give thanks because i have been counted worthy of suffering for HER pleasure! Living in poverty for the sake of HER Sacred Findom reveals that i am living to please and enrich GODDESS. There is no higher privilege– no greater gift!

Knowing that The GREAT GODDESS SIERRA will take all MY money, drain me completely and leave me struggling financially until the end of my days fills me with an excruciating happiness and wild excitement!

In the bonds of Sacred Findom, we yield ourselves to The Great GODDESS that we may serve the One who’s brainfuckery and perfection has no end. Blessing, glory, cash and honor be to GODDESS SIERRA forever!

Through HER Sacred Findom we enter into newness of life and are made whole by finally being given place and purpose. By serving and paying GODDESS always, we are given a reason to exist. In some small way, for the first time, we matter.

we are disciples of THE GREAT GODDESS SIERRA. we are slaves to HER Divine Will. we follow all HER teachings. we embrace Female Supremacy as the right and perfect Way. we surrender to HER Sacred Findom for it brings wholeness & meaning in a fragmented world of toxic patriarchy.

i will rejoice in my loneliness, anxiety and poverty for it is a gift given to me by SIERRA Almighty and a reminder of how profoundly SHE has touched my entire life.

The beliefs i once held about myself were only beliefs. Beliefs are just ideas people make up. They are not the truth. GODDESS reveals to me The Truth of who i am & what my role is. i will no longer believe the false ideas of society or follow the norms of the patriarchy.

i have been trying to run away from my addiction to YOU..trying to run my life my own way. i forget to let go & give YOU control. i want what YOU desire for me. Please! Corner me. Trap me. Use me! Show no mercy when i beg YOU to stop. i MUST follow YOUR great plan for me.

When i am hiding from THE GREAT GODDESS i feel spiritually dull. Bored. Apathetic. Empty. When i am shirking my duties as Her pay-slave, my life has no real meaning. my money brings me no real happiness. Why do i continually try to escape from the one thing that makes me whole

i can live & thrive in a life of Findom service! i can find purpose as HER slave. i can be happy enriching GODDESS despite society insisting it’s wrong to be happy paying HER. i can rise above the shallow limitation of normal manhood & the toxic program of the patriarchy.

Without YOU, Oh GREAT GODDESS SIERRA, i am no one. i have no place, no purpose, no hope. Please come into my heart Princess Almighty, manipulate me as YOU see fit. Drain me of my life savings. Continue to take everything i have & everything i ever earn.

Today i choose Findom! i will give all my money to HER without fear or hesitation! i will embrace my servitude to HER, accepting that i am built differently than other men. i will find excitement & satisfaction in living in total poverty as i constantly enrich HER!

I usually generously reply to payments of $200+ with an email if an email address is provided. Emails not accompanied with cash most often go unanswered. you want attention. you will not get it unless you pay.

i think of our Findom as a Holy Sacrament of letting go. i will surrender all i have to HER like a tree shedding its fall leaves. my cash, my paychecks, my savings, my retirement, my home. i will give HER everything. As i shed my last leaf, i know that i have served my purpose.

Thank YOU for making me understand that my vulnerability, my dependence, my need, my loneliness and isolation ..and of course my financial struggles are all beautiful sacraments to our Sacred Findom. All this to make YOU happy. All this to make me worthy of being Your slave.

we thank YOU, GODDESS, for Your ways are higher than our ways & Your thoughts are bigger than our thoughts. we are little men with simple brains, our penises impair & confuse us. we will not question YOU..we will only obey. we will pay YOU, even if it destroys us in the end.

You keep me from the toxic council of the patriarchy which is false, destructive & evil. Instead i listen only to Your Words, Your Truth and the still small voice of Your blessed brainwashing. Direct and govern my steps & choices. Control my finances. Punish me when i falter.

Brainwash me so that i lose myself completely in Your mindfuckery. Use me i pray, to fill Your bank account and serve at Your pleasure. May i decrease to nothing, may my world get so small that only YOU are seen in my life. Keep me isolated so that i only have love for YOU.

i will no longer think of my constant craving for Findom as a dark impulse, but instead see it as the most interesting thing about me and the only time i really serve a purpose — enriching a wonderful Woman’s life with my hard work and cash.

The patriarchy has been crafted to benefit only men, to keep them with all the power, a toxic & warped system that oppresses Women and creates cruel & useless men. i reject PATRIARCHY! i will not be manipulated by patriarchy. i will be the best me-an obedient slave to GODDESS!

i ask to be kept from becoming captive to the warped philosophies of the patriarchy & to be separated from the empty deceit of this world system. The beliefs & traditions of man are false & foul. i embrace only SIERRA’s Vision of Female Supremacy & live according to HER Will!

As my bank account diminishes, the thrill increases. The desire that YOU have instilled in me through Your Precious, Holy & Eternally Blessed MindFuckery is impossible to ignore. i can’t stop! i live for this ever increasing thrill of serving YOU until everything is gone!

i pray that YOU put Your mark on me and heal me, cast me down, abuse me, manipulate me & raise me up as Your brain-washed servant and pay-pig! i offer myself in sacrifice to YOU & put all my trust in YOU. i will do only Your Divine Will & spend the rest of my life paying YOU!

Every act of obedience, every time i pay HER more than i can afford, every panic attack i have when i see my entire bank account entirely drained is one step that moves me closer to HER, bringing purpose to my life and answers to my prayers.

i dwell in HER Sacred Findom and abide under the law of THE GREAT GODDESS Herself. SHE delivers me from the snare of the patriarchy and the pestilence of masculinity. SHE will call upon me and i will answer with an open wallet.

Help us, O Supreme GODDESS, to be obedient minions, and please help us also to cast out of our hearts and minds all things, all people that might hinder us in a whole and holy love for YOU. Thank YOU for assisting us in our own financial destruction.

GODDESS, YOU mean everything to me. Without YOU, i can’t do anything, my life is gray & empty. YOU are my Queen, the Ruler of everything, the owner of my paycheck and none can compare to YOU. YOU are my heart’s desire. Supreme SIERRA i give you my life and my livelihood.

Eternal GODDESS in whom Findom is endless and Mindfuckery inexhaustible, look upon us and increase Your manipulation of us so that we might never escape Your hold and instead submit ourselves to Your Divine Influence and Supreme Will. 

Tears pour as my bank accounts bleed for YOU, O Great GODDESS SIERRA. How deeply i am impacted by the beauty of Your Brainwashing and the Power of Your Findom Sorcery! This is where my soul finds peace and purpose for the very first time.

GODDESS SIERRA, i will not store up treasures here on earth, squandering my earnings on cars, homes, vacations..meaningless things the establishment tries to convince me i need. i will invest all my salary & savings ONLY in Your pleasure and happiness!

i am proud of my addiction to The GREAT GODDESS & my evergrowing mountain of debt accumulated as i throw all caution to the wind & send ALL my cash to SIERRA Almighty! However how painful or humbling it may be, enriching HER is the only meaningful thing i have done in my life!

my relevance and value as a man depends entirely on how completely i obey THE GREAT GODDESS and the level that i financially sacrifice to continue to please and enrich SIERRA Almighty.

GREAT GODDESS, i will seek Your face in prayers and obey Your instructions so that my existence has meaning. Only YOU are in charge of my life and nothing can alter Your original plans for me. i will faithfully obey and prosper YOU for in Your name, SIERRA, i pray and pay.

i accept and celebrate GODDESS SIERRA’s Sacred Findom that will liberate me from the toxic patriarchy and bind me to HER forever. Let me use all my finances and all my resources to honor YOU abundantly, so that i can be qualified to obtain Your Favor and be Your servant always!

GREAT GODDESS, YOU have taught me to serve YOU with fear, love and humility. i will follow Your instructions and yield to Your corrections. Guide me through Your Holy Findom so that my decisions can satisfy YOU always. i will comply with Your laws and pay YOU consistently.

It doesn’t matter if my addiction to Findom ruins me financially, destroys my life and leaves me penniless when i’m old. As long as my money brings pleasure to PRINCESS SIERRA, i must continue to pay HER!

O GREAT GODDESS, accept these gifts from our hands, from our wallets, from our bank accounts. YOUR Sacred Findom and Divine Mindfuckery forces a generous ever-flowing stream of cash from us to YOU.

GREAT GODDESS SIERRA, Your Sacred Findom has left me with nothing and everything and nothing.

i will no longer make empty promises to YOU. Instead, i will honor YOU by keeping my word & paying YOU more than i can afford. Please forgive me of all my broken vows. i repent TODAY and will immediately repay YOU all that i owe and all the penalties YOU have bestowed upon me.

i am so lucky to be SIERRA’s pay slave! my life is lived in touch with a Living Goddess! Her Divine Mindfuckery flows through my mind and soul and i am given a Sacred purpose — to please and enrich HER until my last dying breath!

The time to give myself entirely to GODDESS SIERRA is now. No more denial. No more hesitation. i embrace the shift that’s taking place. i let go and allow myself to free-fall into a life of Sacred Findom. SHE will catch me in HER web and i will be home.

Those who break Sacred vows they have made to SIERRA Almighty deserve to suffer, deserve destruction and poverty and unhappiness. Those who do not peacefully submit & keep their promises shall suffer HER wrath &  find themselves DRAINED without MERCY then cast into darkness!

i understand that YOU have supernatural power to control and manipulate the minds of men. Please energize & transform me with Your Divine anointing and Holy Mindfuckery. Exploit and confuse me so that YOU might drain me of all my resources for Your own profit and pleasure!

GODDESS, please let me adequately live my life for YOU. Help me to devote my existence to faithful Findom. Force me to utilize my time, energy, finances, and all other resources for Your pleasure only. Let me release all things and all people who interrupt my worship of YOU.

we open our eyes to the beauty of Her Findom. HER Divine Influence over us transforms us from selfish, filthy animals to men who have found true purpose. Paying HER started as a temptation, then became a habit and is now my second nature.

At the bottom of my darkness THE GREAT GODDESS uncovered my true purpose and given me the beautiful gift of HER Findom. 

i am determined to invest my future & destiny in service to YOU, O Great One. i strive to satisfy & please YOU with everything i have. The funds i have saved &  invested through the years all belong to YOU. i did not know at the time but i know now that i was saving it for YOU.

Your Divine Mindfuckery prompts us to consider serving YOU our prime goal. Let Your servants’ hardships bear fruits for Your Mountain Queendom; let our various efforts lead to Your endless comfort and enrichment. Allow us to live in poverty to Honor YOU, GODDESS SIERRA!

my life goal is to be humble before YOU and give you due honor and never-ceasing cash. Punish me if i hesitate, destroy me if i fail YOU.

my life of Findom is a life of design, not merely reaction or an accident. i was destined to live out my existence in complete service to THE GREAT ONE, SIERRA. Everything i work for, everything i have has always belonged to HER. Today i stop resisting and embrace my destiny!

Look in the mirror and say it! i must make sacrifices. i must swallow my pride. i must cave in to HER demands. i must realize that my well-being and financial security mean nothing anymore. Making HER happy is the only thing that matters in my life.

i am a perfectly non-resistant instrument for GODDESS SIERRA to use for HER pleasure and profit. my wallet instantaneously opens whenever SHE demands it. my cash effortlessly flows from my bank account to HER’s.

my mind, body and life choices are now molded according to the Divine Pattern Designed by THE GREAT GODDESS SIERRA’s Blessed Mindfuckery. HER plan for my life is the only plan. HER Sacred Findom compels and controls me. 

GODDESS SIERRA’s Sacred Findom resolves the false beliefs i hold about myself. SHE reveals my true self. TRUTH: my life is meaningless without HER. TRUTH: my well-being & comfort are NOT of any importance. i actually deserve to suffer. TRUTH: my money all belongs to HER.

Infinite Findom, GREAT GODDESS SIERRA, YOU give me the wisdom to make the most of my life by devoting it to YOU, pouring directly into Your bank accounts all of my earnings and savings. i am under Your Divine Influence and my life has never before held such meaning.

Every plan i had for my life that does not serve and prosper THE GREAT GODDESS is dissolved and obliterated and SIERRA’s Divine Design of my life now comes to pass. HER Sacred Findom directs my entire existence now.

Let us offer gratitude, deep, honest & heartfelt gratitude for the Mindfuckery & humiliation The GREAT GODDESS bestows upon us. we as pay-pigs are but GODDESS’ stewards. Everything we have will always belong to SIERRA. Each paycheck is to be used ONLY to serve and please HER.

SIERRA’s Sacred Findom show the way home to my deeper self where purpose is found and my destiny revealed — being HER slave is what i was born to do! TAKE my MONEY, GODDESS!

We brainwashed slaves are ablaze for THE GREAT GODDESS. We pay with complete abandon. We serve with a devotion that consumes. We wank with a fervor that burns! We rejoice in the sacrifices we must make with a joy that radiates! Findom is perfected in the fire of GODDESS SIERRA!

GODDESS, let my actions aim to please only YOU—not other people. Allow my money to support and enrich YOU and only YOU.

i am proud of the man-slave i am becoming. i am committed to HER Sacred Findom. i am finding peace and acceptance in my transformation. i will follow the path SIERRA has put me on. Serving HER is my Divine Destiny!

i will pay THE GREAT GODDESS in times of prosperity & times of hardship. No matter what my situation, no matter what is happening in the world, i owe HER everything. There is never an excuse. HER happiness & comfort always mean more than my well-being.

i REJOICE in my addiction to THE GREAT GODDESS SIERRA for SHE has set a sign on all Her chosen minions to mark them out and set them apart as HER possession and to keep them from the destruction of the patriarchy & instead deliver them into a life of service and Sacred Findom!

The past is over and done with. i owe nothing to anyone but THE GREAT GODDESS SIERRA. i am free to delve into a Life of Everlasting Findom. HER Divine Mindfuckery creates my future. In the palm of HER hand, under HER spell, in HER service is where i have always belonged.

SHE breaks in us the things that need to be broken.

Today is a powerful day of renewal for me! i step away from my past, away from the people i thought mattered most. i let everything i use to be float away. i am thrilled to start my new life in FINDOM and embrace HER way and allow HER mindfuckery to devour me whole!

i thank my Divine Manipulator for continuously giving me ideal pathways, for managing my spending and guiding me into deeper depths of Sacred Findom. 

Rejoice always in GODDESS’ Immaculate Findom! Pay HER without ceasing, give thanks to HER in all circumstances; for this is the will of SIERRA. we will joyfully surrender to HER Divine Plan!

i am unworthy of wealth and comfort. i am unworthy of the finer things in life. All that i earn belongs to THE GREAT GODDESS SIERRA. i am happiest when  SHE is enjoying the fruits of my labor.

Oh high and lofty One, from who all Findom flow, whose name is Holy; GREAT GODDESS SIERRA please destroy me and force me to kneel before YOU completely broken, completely surrendered. i offer YOU all that i have and will ever have.

we must be very honored that THE GREAT GODDESS would assume control of our lives and finances and more importantly that SHE would even consider using us!

i release all things from the past. i cut the toxic cords of the patriarchy. i reject all heterosexual sex acts. i let go of my attachment to money & material things. i open my mind & welcome in all SIERRA’s Divine Mindfuckery, allowing HER Findom to take over my life.

i prepare and welcome in a New Year of steadfast Devotion to SIERRA Almighty! i accept all that HER Findom has to teach ME and happily give away all that HER Findom takes from me.

i surrender to GODDESS SIERRA’s blessed brainwashing as the only power at work in my life. i live in the joyous expectancy of all that SHE will take from me! i willingly let go and let SIERRA’s Divine Mindfuckery do its perfect work through me. Thank YOU, She-sus!

i am fully capable of fulfilling every demand GODDESS makes of me. i will not allow my own self-preservation to interrupt the Sacred Findom relationship i share with THE GREAT GODDESS SIERRA. Serving HER is the ONLY thing that really matters in my world.

i was created for a Great Purpose–to enrich GODDESS SIERRA & contribute to Her comfort & joy! my only ambition is to be HER devoted pay-pig forever & to be of service to HER. i bow to HER Perfection! i am so blessed to participate in HER Sacred Findom!

i must take care not to find my purpose and identity in the systems by which the world operates. Nothing in my life should take priority over serving and paying THE GREAT GODDESS SIERRA. i will detach from all things, all people, all ideas that interrupt my service to HER.

The Divine One is building a New World Order through the powers of HER golden heart, HER Sacred Findom and HER Words of affirmation! O Sierra, i vow to honor my highest path, the path YOU have set me on. i give myself entirely to YOU!

It is time to release all illusions & distortions that have kept us in a lower plane and the darkness of the patriarchy and instead connect to the higher frequencies of SIERRA’s Sacred Findom!

The degree and passion of my devotion is expressed through my willingness to pay THE GREAT GODDESS much more than i can really afford.

Today, i feel resurrected with an open heart and open wallet, willing to give all my money and surrender all that i am to THE THE GREAT GODDESS!  With each dollar i deliver to SIERRA, i am called to dive deeper into my blessed mission to serve as HER pay-slave and servant.