Divine Affirmations for 2018


The only cure for my pain, confusion and loneliness is giving all my cash to The Great Goddess.

What matters most in my life is how well i walk through the fire to serve and please The Great GODDESS.

i will put all my Love, energy, time, mental power and money towards enriching FEMGOD’s life and pleasing HER and i will not entertain thoughts that are to the contrary.

i have come to the beautiful realization that PRINCESS SIERRA is my maker, my GODDESS, my hero, my healer, my QUEEN, my boss and the Divine Center of my Universe.

Only The Great Goddess can show me how to grow into my highest self.

The most precious thing in my life is my connection with The Great Goddess

i can enjoy the journey of being PRINCESS SIERRA’s servant and pay puppy or i can struggle, binge and live in constant chaos and misery. Either way my money belongs to HER alone. i choose to follow the path to finslave bliss and embrace the Beauty of serving HER Pleasure!

i regret all the days i wasted in pursuit of my own happiness instead of HER happiness.

i need to belong to FEMGOD. i am HOME when i am at HER service and enriching HER life with my hard earned cash,…wrapped around HER perfect pinky exactly where i belong.

It is always an appropriate time to give all my money to PRINCESS SIERRA!

i am grateful for my Divine Connection with The Great Goddess Sierra and how SHE relieves me of both my cash and my ego and graciously controls my life and finances.

i am practicing focusing on the joy of serving THE GREAT GODDESS and how my hard earned money pleases HER instead of focusing on the negative and my own personal struggles.

i am blessed to serve GODDESS. i am grateful. i am in love with being HER financial slave. i am HER property. i am on the right path in life now that i have chosen to serve HER unconditionally and eternally.

i don’t need to worry about how things will happen; how i will survive or what i will accumulate. i only need to belong to The Great Goddess and know that SHE is pleased with my service and that i truly contribute to HER happiness.

i can participate more powerfully in the enrichment of FEMGOD’s life when i abandon my old hopes and dreams for my future. Helping fulfill PRINCESS SIERRA’s dreams, supplying HER with cash and comfort — serving at HER pleasure is now my only ambition and aspiration.