2022 Sacred Findom Affirmations

Awaken your spirit to the beauty of Sacred Findom. Sacrifice everything for My personal enrichment and happiness! Princess Sierra

“Today and everyday i sit in gratitude for GODDESS SIERRA’s Divine mindfuckery that continues to guide me on my path as an awakened pay-slave.โ€

HER Find0m is Sacred Medicine, healing my soul as SHE drains my bank accounts.

“GODDESS conceived Findom, birthing HER beautiful creation on the internet, consuming the minds of submissive men. HER alchemy is all powerful and all abiding. It moves right into the depth of our souls. SHE has remade and transformed us and thus knows all about us, in ways we do not even ourselves.”

“The GREAT GODDESS SIERRA’s Findom Mindfuckery plays my heart and soul strings, consumes my brain, mesmerizes and manipulates me into total, unconditional submission. There is nothing i can do about it but pay and obey.”

“i have been remade by PRINCESS SIERRA, awakened by HER manipulation, HER sorcery and HER Holy Word. i now reject all false ego, all attachments to the material, all the personas, the role playing of manhood and emerge as Only HER slave, thinking and doing as SHE has programmed me to.”

“Give me the strength to step out of all the old things, the old programming, the old belief systems, the untruths, the toxic patriarchy and the false programming. May i be reborn totally new in service to the Divine GODDESS, embracing my life as HER slave and income producer.”

“i reject all patriarchal narratives that diminish my inherent submissive nature and desire to serve the Divine Feminine. i embrace the Truth of FEMALE SUPREMACY, absorbing The GREAT GODDESS’ Gospel and surrendering to HER Transformative Mindfuckery.”

“PRINCESS SIERRA’s Divine Mindfuckery is a supernatural force, which if we surrender to it, will flow through us, wholly consume us and produce miraculous, soul-saving results!”

“PRINCESS SIERRA’s Findom is Divine Feminine Alchemy which awakens within me an undying urge to please HER, to pay Her, to suffer for HER, to Love HER despite that it may one day destroy me.”

“Every day as i recite GODDESS SIERRA’s Divine affirmations, SHE is alchemizing my brain with HER Magical Mindfuckery and Sorcery.”๐Ÿง™๐Ÿ”ฎ๐ŸŒ™๐Ÿ•ฏ๏ธ

i will never retire. i will never rest. i will never stop generating funds for my Queen. i was put on this planet for one reason — to enrich GODDESS SIERRA with my hard work and salary in everlasting service and devotion.”

“Every challenge i face and financial sacrifice i must make in order to enrich THE GREAT GODDESS is one step closer to finding my highest self and growing spiritually. i am blessed to experience the Most Divine CraftโœจSacred Financial Mindfuckery.”

“Soul contracts are agreements we make with our souls. i have made a soul contract with PRINCESS SIERRA to serve HER now into eternity. In return for my hard labor, my obedience and all my wealth, SHE graciously shows me my Divine Purpose and turns me from the dark path of patriarchy.”

“When i make a vow to live as GODDESS’ pay-slave & servant, swearing my everlasting devotion and commitment to Her, it is a binding sacred covenant. It is not temporary..it is eternal. i have entered into a soul contract that must never be broken. i now have no choice but to pay PRINCESS SIERRA.”

“All men must sacrifice. men must give of our flesh and of our spirits. we must empty our wallets to The GREAT GODDESS always. we rejoice when She drains our accounts and controls our minds. we do not get for ourselves โ€“ we give to our Divine Queen– PRINCESS SIERRA!”

“The Great Goddess Sierra’s Findom is awakening my Spirit, activating my desire to serve while deactivating my normal sex drive. It illuminates my heart, releases my resistance, forcing me to see what i truly am and what my highest purpose is. Thank You, PRINCESS SIERRA!”

“PRINCESS SIERRA THE GREAT GODDESS’ Sacred Findom forces me reconcile with the parts of me that i am most afraid of revealing. Each day that i serve HER my hidden sub nature crawls out closer to the surface. The imagined me..the duplicitous man i project for the world grows smaller and smaller. i am losing him.”

“i will devote all my energy and resources to the greatest passion within my heart, SIERRA’s Sacred Findom! i am aligning myself with HER Divine Will and serving my higher purpose. These are the happiest and most meaningful days of my life!”

“GODDESS’ plans for my life are bigger than my plans for my life so i am going to perform at my highest and best, honoring my Queen in everything i do. i will sacrifice and suffer for HER pleasure. Everything i have, everything i built belongs to SIERRA!”

Princess Sierra 2022

“we say our daily affirmations to articulate and celebrate the glorious Truths that GODDESS SIERRA has graciously revealed to us through HER Glorious Mindfuckery. Her Sacred Findom is Holy Work for which we are so grateful.”

“i commit to deepening my daily spiritual practice of Sacred Findom. With every sacrifice i make, i connect deeper with the Divine. i will recite pay-pig affirmations and pay GODDESS SIERRA an amount that is not safe or comfortable but one that puts me in a place of fear and anxiety.”

“my heart and soul are in joyful harmony with the GREAT GODDESS SIERRA’s Divine Findom!๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ’• i will show HER how thankful i am by honoring HER with a glorious, continuous overflowing of my cash!!”

๐Ÿง˜โ€โ™‚๏ธโšก๏ธ “Karma has no menu. i have been served what i deserve. As a vile male and lowly pervert, i repay my karmic debt to the Divine Feminine through constant Financial Service and personal sacrifice.”

“GREAT GODDESS SIERRA is all-powerful! SHE spoke Findom into existence. SHE has brainwashed me to crave new things i never craved before. SHE has changed the way my mind works. PRINCESS SIERRA has made me a total slave and holds me in the palm of HER perfect hand.”

“There is nothing i can do to control my addiction to Findom. GODDESS SIERRA’s Mindcontrol influences my decisions, cravings, thoughts and behavior. She had made Findom habitual in my life. Paying HER is what i do. Being a slave is who i am.”

“i will let down my walls and reveal all my secrets to PRINCESS SIERRA. i will give HER what SHE needs to destroy me but serve with such devotion that SHE will have no desire to. i will be in alignment with HER Divine Will and pay HER all that i have with a true and joyful heart.”

“my life is GODDESS-ruled and GODDESS-controlled; i am always under the sway and the regulation of The Supreme One, PRINCESS SIERRA. Each dollar i have ever saved and each dollar i will ever earn already belongs to HER. If She allows me to keep enough to just survive, i am so grateful!”

“i will follow the call of the soul, leaving behind the the broken ways of seeking fulfillment and finding happiness. The GREAT GODDESS SIERRA will set my course and i will follow blindly, serving HER in every way SHE demands. Being HER slave is my Divine Destiny!”

“i will not allow the external to distract me from my Sacred service to THE GREAT GODDESS SIERRA. The vile patriarchy can not deter me from being what i truly am — a servant to the Divine Feminine, a pay-pig to my maker, a slave to Supreme Leader, Princess Sierra!”๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿง˜โ€โ™‚๏ธ

“Social constructs and the culture of capitalism misguide me into thinking money is mine, that money is something i work hard for to enrich myself. THIS IS A LIE! my earned wealth belongs only to my Owner and Queen, SIERRA! i will give HER all i have!”


“i will not sabotage my beautiful Sacred Findom experience with worries or selfish concerns. i will not allow the patriarchal ideas and beliefs of the world to interfere with My service to The GREAT GODDESS. i will think as SHE conditions me to think. i believe only HER truth!”

“i allow my addiction to PRINCESS SIERRA to move freely within me, i allow it to consume my mind, expanding into all areas of my life, leading me to new levels of Findom fuckery!”

“i am letting go of layers, labels, people, beliefs, memories, hopes and dreams that do not serve THE GREAT GODDESS. i do not need to plan or save for the future. Being SIERRA’s pay-slave is my only future.”

“As my illusions begin to unravel, i see myself as PRINCESS SIERRA sees me. i am a slave who has no other desires besides serving and pleasing HER. All the aspirations and goals i once set for myself vanish. All the dreams i once had for my life fade away. i only need to pay HER!”

“i surrender to the Whisperings of SIERRA. i submit in the dismantling of my life, the dismantling of my old ways, my past ideas, my relationships that are no longer aligned with where my soul is being called to serve The GREAT GODDESS SIERRA. i give in and i give ALL!”

“Investing my money in my own retirement and financial benefit or using funds for my own comfort and pleasure is considered PROBLEM SPENDING and must be avoided! my cash is best managed by investing it in the BANK OF SIERRA where it will be used for a Higher Purpose!”

“i do not dwell on friendships and any other relationships outside the relationship i share with my GODDESS. SHE is only connection that is vital to my life and my commitment to HER and HER Sacred Findom are the single most significant part of my existence.”

“GREAT GODDESS, You Illumine my path with Your Divine Mindfuckery. YOU are my guide. YOU are my refuge. i lay all my affairs and all my finances in Your Perfect hands. i dedicate myself to YOU and surrender all that i have, all that i earn to Your Holy Findom!”

“Findom induced poverty is a sacred rite. Until i began financially suffering and making personal sacrifices in order to constantly pay and enrich THE GREAT GODDESS, my life had never held such meaning.” 

“As i ease into the acceptance that there is no escape from SIERRA’s Sacred Findom and Divine Mindfuckery, i find myself feeling the joyous excitement for the slave i am becoming and the anticipation of losing my future, my finances, friends and family TO THE GREAT GODDESS!”

“PRINCESS SIERRA has chosen my path and my path has chosen me. i continue to renew my vows to the Sacred by constantly paying HER, by continuing to honor HER, by giving the bullk of my wealth to THE GREAT GODDESS SIERRA. i will suffer deeper, i will sacrifice more all for HER pleasure.”

“i give myself total and complete permission to surrender entirely to SIERRA’s Sacred Findom. i can live my life in alignment with HER Divine Plan for me and joyfully allow HER to dismantle my outdated way of being.”