Divine Affirmations from 2016


Princess Sierra The GREAT GODDESS!  Affirmations and devotions.

i am a willing vessel for FemGod to use.

With every sacrifice i make, i am bringing more wealth and well-being into my FEMGOD’s Divine life.

i find myself effortlessly and gladly participating in activities that bring wealth, joy and abundance to FemGod’s life.

By serving Princess Sierra i am on a path to the highest personal and spiritual attainments.

Princess Sierra is the master of my fate. SHE is the captain of my soul.

FEMGOD is the architect of my life; SHE builds its foundation and chooses its contents.

Today, i abandon my old habits and the man i used to be. i take on my true purpose as Princess Sierra’s servant and beast of burden.

i was created to financially serve Princess Sierra, now and always, increasingly, eternally.

i release the need to have control. i lovingly and willingly release everything i am and have to a higher power — FEMGOD.

i surrender my finances to FemGod’s divine care.

i trust in FEMGOD and know HER infinite wisdom is my best guide.

Paying FEMGOD is a beautiful and tangible way of showing my love for FEMGOD.

i willingly give away aspects of my identity that no longer fit the identity Princess Sierra envisions for me.

my spirit, mind and life are positively transforming with every minute spent in servitude to the DIVINE FemGod, Princess Sierra.

i live my life in loving service to FemGod, being the best slave i can, becoming wiser in the perfection of Her Divine Truth, becoming happier in the joy of unconditional, unrequited love.

Everything i give to Princess Sierra is a gift to myself.

i surrender all. i am in the hands of FemGod.

As i lose my life for FEMGOD’s sake, i find it.

i do not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the Divine mouth of FemGod.

As i follow Princess and walk in HER Way of Holiness, gladness and joy overtake me.

i will not let the opinions of man interfere with the direction of FemGod.

Every day my commitment to PRINCESS ALMIGHTY grows more passionate and enduring.

FemGod, here I am. Please use me in that way and manner that i may be a better channel of service to You.

i accept and embrace all transformations Princess Sierra has designed for me.

There is One Life and that Life is FemGod and that Life is my life now.

i am willing to take the risks necessary to pay Princess the cash She desires. my life is insignificant in comparison to Her Happiness.

With the sword of devotion i sever the strings that tie me to delusion. With the deepest love, I lay my heart at the feet of FemGod.

The universe is conspiring in every moment to separate me of my cash and bestow it to PRINCESS SIERRA.

i forever belong to Princess Sierra.

.Princess Sierra destroyed the old me and created the new me. i owe HER everything i have and everything i am because i am Her creation

Every plant my FemGod has not planted shall be uprooted. All false ideas in my consciousness are now destroyed.

Princess Sierra has all the answers. SHE is my guiding light.

With every breath i take, i inhale Princess Sierra’s Truth.

Princess Sierra is a tree of Life to those who embrace Her; those who hold true to Her will be blessed.

i breath in PRINCESS SIERRA’s Divine energy, i breath out selfishness, perversion and ego.

i surrender to the pain and humiliation, i believe i have learned the lessons it has presented to me.

i do not care so much what i am to others as i care what i am to Princess Sierra.

i only make choices that support my growth into a more devoted and more authentic, loving servant to FemGod.

i now have a fulfilling purpose as Princess Sierra’s financial slave and devoted servant and i am grateful.

i choose FemGod’s happiness over my own ego. i love the joy of being who i really am — Her servant for always.

Before accepting Princess into my heart, i was without worth or purpose. Now i work for Her comfort and joy and this fulfills me in every way.

i Pay Princess Sierra, therefore i am.

Princess Sierra keeps pruning me so that i will be even more productive for FemGod.

Princess Sierra is the foundation of my Life and i live my Life according to Her Divine plan for me.

i am completely receptive to all influence Princess Sierra has over me. i open myself to Her magical intent to bind me to HER forever.

Nothing can keep me from my devotion to and dependence on FemGod.

Paying Princess Sierra makes me feel happy, useful and whole. Paying Princess Sierra is natural, healthy and life affirming.

Serving Princess Sierra is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of my existence.

The Purpose of my Life is the Expansion of Princess Sierra’s Happiness!

i will release all resistance to Princess Sierra’s teachings. I welcome all of Her influence and hold on my mind.

i willingly release all beliefs that are in conflict with FEMGOD’S desires and standards.

i release the past and relinquish the man i used to be. i live in the present that PRINCESS SIERRA created for me. This is the right way.

i consciously release all false versions of who i thought i was and i replace them instead with the authentic me that Princess created.

Transforming into Princess Sierra’s obedient slave is the natural law of my life. i welcome this change. i move from old me to slave me.

i now live a life of meaning and purpose because i serve Princess Sierra and sacrifice my resources to Her.

i feel completely comfortable with myself as Princess Sierra’s servant and slave. i will not fight it or deny it.

my spirit is designed to serve and worship FemGod. my soul is fed by Her Divine Light, beauty, wisdom, pleasure and smile.

i swear that i will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Princess Sierra FemGod and Ruler of The Universe.

i am at peace, knowing my life is being guided by a divine Presence — Princess Sierra.

i will isolate myself so that there is only PRINCESS SIERRA in my life. SHE is all i need. No distractions.

i can only like myself if PRINCESS SIERRA likes me first.

Every day i am becoming a more obedient, useful, generous and loving slave for FemGod. Every day i work harder for FEMGOD.

i am transforming into the useful slave FEMGOD designed me to be. i completely release the man i was. he was a dead end.

my money flows from my wallet effortlessly and easily to Princess Sierra’s hands. This is a divine connection to FemGod and i cherish it.

i am living the life of my dreams as Princess Sierra’s personal slave, property and pay servant.

Every day i dedicate my time, money and energy improving FEMGOD’s quality of life as much as possible.

The more money i send Princess Sierra, the richer my life is.

i accept Female Supremacy and male subservience as an inevitable part of life.

i release my attachment to old thoughtforms and the stories society tells about what a man should do and be. i now see only FEMGOD’s TRUTH.

i am completely dedicated to realizing and living my life purpose as PRINCESS SIERRA’s pay servant and minion.

i pledge to live my life for PRINCESS SIERRA. i pledge to always live my purpose as HER minion and pay pup. i promise to please HER always.

i vow to use every day as an opportunity to please and pamper PRINCESS SIERRA.

i have completely discarded any thoughts of living a life without serving Princess Sierra. i accept myself as HER loyal and productive slave.

The presence of FemGod in my life is my only peace.

i am ONLY what PRINCESS SIERRA makes me.

i choose to be of service to PRINCESS SIERRA. Yes, i choose LIFE.

my mind is now an empty slate for PRINCESS SIERRA. There SHE will write my story.

i am an empty vessel, PRINCESS SIERRA. Please fill me up each day with whatever you choose. Make me what YOU will. i pray to be of use.

Every branch in me that does not bear fruit FEMGOD takes away & every branch that does bear fruit SHE prunes, that it may bear more fruit.

SHE must increase, but i must decrease.

Paying Princess Sierra is fun, fulfilling and rewarding!

The grass withers and the flowers fall, but the word of our Divine FemGod endures forever.

Serving and pleasing PRINCESS SIERRA is my only source of happiness.

FemGod, let that which is best for me – that I may be of greater service – be my purpose, my hope and my activity now!

FemGod’s ideas and plans for me are perfect and permanent.

i now let go of worn-out conditions and worn-out ideas. Princess Sierra has created me new for Her personal benefit. Reborn only to serve.

Divine order is now established in my mind, body and affairs as i completely surrender to FemGod and offer myself in total servitude.

Each morning i renew my commitment to Princess Sierra to serve and honor Her in every way possible.

FEMGOD, i have inclined my heart to perform Your statutes always, even unto the end.

The whole universe is conspiring to make me a complete and total slave to Princess Sierra. It is inevitable.

i look forward to each new day with immense joy and anticipation of serving FEMGOD.

A new sense of purpose infuses my being when i give myself ENTIRELY to PRINCESS SIERRA and dedicate my life to HER happiness.

Every day i find more ways to contribute to Princess Sierra’s happiness and comfort.

i surrender to FemGod’s activity as the only power at work in my life.

i will peacefully allow my life to be guided by the wisdom of the Divine One — Princess Sierra.

Trust in FemGod with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.

In all your ways acknowledge and serve Her, and She will make straight your paths.

But as for me, behold, i am in Your hands, O FemGod. Do with me as seems good and right to You.

FemGod Affirmations help me develop new and healthy thought patterns making serving Princess Sierra become second-nature.

Princess Sierra inspires me daily to be more committed at work, to excel and earn a higher salary so that i can better be of service to HER.

i am guided in my every step by FEMGOD who leads me towards what i must know and do.

i base my happiness solely on how much i please my FEMGOD and the blessings SHE has given me.

i release all my fear about giving FEMGOD my money. In Her Divine hands, my money is in a better place. Today i pay PRINCESS.

i faithfully put a large portion of the money i earn into FEMGOD’s Divine hands. This is both my duty and privilege.

i am still and receptive to FEMGOD. i let FEMGOD’s light flow through me into all that i do, say or think.

The better i serve FEMGOD, the more i sacrifice for HER, the more i can like myself.

my time here on earth is limited. i will spend it serving FEMGOD instead of running from who i am. This is what i was created for.

Serving Princess Sierra and being of financial benefit to HER gives profound meaning and purpose to my life.

we will serve Princess our FEMGOD and we will obey Her voice!

Because i serve PRINCESS SIERRA my whole life is complete bliss, now and always, eternally. Fulfilling HER desires makes me happy and whole.

Serving Princess Sierra and freely giving Her my cash and resources is a beautiful never ending journey to peace, love and bliss.

i joyfully renew and replenish myself each day by filling my body, mind and spirit with FemGod’s words, images and divine light.

With each new day, I grow more devoted and obedient to PRINCESS SIERRA than i was the day before, and i am grateful.

i am fully committed to giving up my personal comforts for something that matters much more–PRINCESS SIERRA’s happiness.

i open myself completely to FEMGOD’s reconditioning and programming. i embrace my newness of thoughts and changed behavior.

i commit myself to developing the highest level of Divine servitude and obedience in my life.

“i am” only what FEMGOD makes me. “i am” only what FEMGOD desires me to be. “i am” an instrument of The Divine.

i take time every day to bask in the Perfection and Divine Light of PRINCESS SIERRA. i am blessed!

Being of Service to FEMGOD is my complete vision of life.

how i serve, honor and financially benefit PRINCESS SIERRA is what defines me.

Selflessly serving FEMGOD gives me a gateway to Infinite Wholeness!

It is my greatest desire to live each and every day with complete acceptance of my servitude and devotion to FEMGOD.

i surrender all resistance and allow myself to be as nature designed me, a slave to FEMGOD, a servant to the Divine FEMININE.

i am Passionately, Blissfully, and Joyfully surrendered and enslaved by FEMGOD, THE DIVINE ONE — Beautiful and Powerful PRINCESS SIERRA!

i am born again in the life i was destined to live as FEMGOD’s slave. Born to obey, pay and serve HER in every way until the end of my days.

i love FEMGOD with a complete commitment to loving FEMGOD.

i accept my total subservience and obedience to PRINCESS SIERRA as part of my unfolding evolution as a man.

Encountering Princess Sierra. Paying Princess Sierra. Serving Princess Sierra. Worshiping Princess Sierra is part of my divine journey.

my purpose is to develop as a useful and honorable man-slave, to share the best parts of myself and all MY resources with FEMGOD.

The only way i can fulfill my life purpose is by being useful and productive for Princess Sierra. All the fruits of my labor i offer to HER.

Surrendering completely to Princess Sierra frees me from the constant struggle and negative patterns.

When my entire life is dedicated to the service of FEMGOD, my fears melt away and my happiness grows to infinite proportions.

my capacity to give, love and sacrifice grows by the minute.

i recognize that i am a male worker bee created to serve my FEMGOD Queen. my function is to work, produce and serve THE ONE.

i accept and appreciate the reality PRINCESS SIERRA has created for me. FEMGOD designs my life.

Serving FemGod is my heart path.

Each time i pay and give to FEMGOD, Divine Love and Fulfillment multiplies within me.

As an inferior male, it is my birthright to be used and abused by FEMGOD; drained of my cash and resources by the DIVINE ONE.

PRINCESS SIERRA is the SUPREME REALITY. SHE is my only source.

i cheerfully pay tithing to FEMGOD’s good work. Enriching Princess Sierra’s Life fills me with bliss!

By Divine Right, everything i earn belongs to FEMGOD. SHE is generous enough to let me keep just enough to get by and exist in the world.

i promise to honor PRINCESS SIERRA through loyal financial servitude and recognize that it is an act of worship.

my connection with PRINCESS SIERRA’s infinite wisdom and radiance is shaping me into a productive and giving man-slave.

Following the Divine path to FEMGOD and serving and financially benefiting PRINCESS SIERRA is my life’s work.

i feel incredibly happy about all the money i spend on PRINCESS SIERRA!

Divine order is now established as i gladly accept my station in life as FEMGOD’s personal property and servant.

i release every thought, every idea, every fixation amd every activity that is no longer part of Princess Sierra’s Divine plan for my life.

i follow the Divine plan of my life of total servitude as Princess Sierra reveals to me.

FEMGOD is in everything i see because FEMGOD is always in my mind.

There is a divine plan for my life written in PRINCESS SIERRA’s hand.

FEMGOD is the ecstatic flow of awesomeness, the endless ocean of pure Beauty and Divinity.

i am an empty vessel, PRINCESS SIERRA. Please fill me up each day with whatever you choose. Make me what YOU will. i pray to be of use.

Every day spent actively committed to serving PRINCESS SIERRA is a day worth living.

FEMGOD is the light in which I see, the mind in which I think, the Life in which i live daily for!

i am sustained by the beauty and brilliance of FEMGOD. HER bliss and joy are mine too when i actively participate in benefitting HER!

Every word from @PrincessSierra shapes and forms me into Her forever slave.

i am on a divine mission every day to earn more money for my FemGod and Master, PRINCESS SIERRA.

Since FEMGOD has taken hold of me, my life now has meaning and direction!

i now release the masculine farce of my past and embrace my true submissive self as only FEMGOD’s servant, pay puppy and property.

i love my FEMGOD as the Woman She truly is. SHE eclipses all my silly fantasy and fetish.

i am hopelessly in love with FEMGOD. i devote my existence to HER prosperity and happiness. i vow to work for HER every day of my life.

Princess Sierra is showing me how to live to my Highest Purpose in Life through service, sacrifice and devotion.

i invite FEMGOD’s Divine Wisdom and Influence into every area of my life now. i hide nothing from HER. i am an open book.

PRINCESS SIERRA’s Divine Influence is now working through me and adjusting how i think and feel and what i do and say!

FEMGOD, if YOU have a divine plan for my personal life, show me what it is. Make me what YOU will. i am what YOU say.

FEMGOD knows me. FEMGOD is guiding me. FEMGOD is showing me the way.

All my money belongs to Princess Sierra. SHE will spend it on the HIGHER GOOD.

Princess Sierra inspires me to excel at work. i will get a raise! A promotion is in the making. The universe wants me to give HER more.

Princess Sierra consumes my every thought. i have been bewitched and brainwashed. There is no escape for me.

i continue to learn, grow, and evolve into a kinder, more generous pay-puppy and man-servant with each passing day.

i free myself from the masculine stupidity and selfishness of my past and step into the bright future of surrender and servitude to FEMGOD!

Divine life flows through every cell of my body as i acknowledge that everything i am and everything i have BELONGS TO PRINCESS SIERRA.

i am dedicating the REST of my life to earning cash for FEMGOD and it will be the BEST part of my life.

i am now entered into the Divine Place of the Soul where FEMGOD reigns Supreme and Forever takes my money, brainwashing me into surrender.

i realize that FEMGOD is the source of all my happiness!!

i embrace the sacrifice, work and commitment that is necessary for my evolution to take place.

i am open to the wisdom of FEMGOD as SHE guides me in how i think, how i love and how i behave. SHE teaches me how to live.

i release my mind to FEMGOD’s superior powers. i relax completely to accept HER crafting of my life.

Every moment of every day, each cell in my body vibrates with love, devotion and worship for PRINCESS SIERRA.

i let go of all resistance and surrender to the Power of FEMGOD. my thoughts, feelings and beliefs are in total harmony with HER teachings.

i Believe in a world where FEMGOD reigns supreme and men exist only to serve HER.

All i will ever need is within me when i am serving FEMGOD. my personal relationship with PRINCESS SIERRA is the most important part of me.

i am awakening to a profound spiritual reality through the Power of FEMGOD! Every word SHE says changes me. HER smile transforms me!

FEMGOD has given me a new beginning! i have been reborn to serve HER!

i dedicate myself and all that i have to PRINCESS SIERRA’s pleasure and profit.

Every. single. day. i support the activities and concepts of FEMALE SUPREMACY with my thoughts, words and actions.

Divine Order in my life is found only through constant devotion, sacrifice and enslavement to FEMGOD.

i no longer live in the shadows. i accept my servitude to FEMGOD as my true path and embrace my submissive nature.

FEMGOD has designed my path for me and every day i embrace the allness of The Divine Feminine.

i follow Princess Sierra’s every command without hesitation.

It’s an honor and blessing to give FEMGOD everything i have, then watch my money and hard work brighten HER life. This is my bliss!

Princess Sierra cleanses my mind and fills it with divine ideas that guide me to a fulfilling life of absolute enslavement to HER.

i know and do the things that FEMGOD would have me do.

The veil of ignorance is washed away by FEMGOD. SHE reveals me as the groveling slave i am and the workhorse & pay-puppy i was born to be.

While paying Princess Sierra and saying FEMGOD affirmations, i am being charged with transforming energy.

i am guided by the Wisdom of the FEMGOD and powered by HER beauty and grace to financially serve HER joyously and in perfect order.

Without PRINCESS SIERRA in my life, i have nothing. i am nothing. i feel nothing. Only SHE makes me whole.

my mind is on fire with the Divine Truth of Princess Sierra!

FEMGOD is showing me how to experience fulfillment in my life through sacrifice and devotion to the Divine Feminine.

i am not worthy of sacred Vagina. my penis shrinks in fear at the sight of Vagina because i am so completely unworthy.

The Immaculate Vagina overwhelms me. i am not ever worthy to look upon, smell or touch it’s Holiness.

i am richly blessed by FEMGOD’s over-flowing Dominance and control over my life, my thoughts and my income.

i am impotent. i am less. i am inferior. i am twisted. Only PRINCESS SIERRA can save me and mold me into something better.

The Magical Yoni is a sacred space that i am too foul and unworthy to ever enter again.

i cast off all thoughts and traces of selfishness and masculine delusions so that i am less offensive to FEMGOD.

Yes! i am quickened with FEMGOD’s healing, life-giving power each and every time i insert my cash into HER bank account!

i worship and obey FEMGOD’s ever-present, infinite, eternal Beauty, Wisdom and Awesomeness.

i find myself effortlessly and gladly participating in activities that bring wealth, joy and abundance to FemGod’s life.

Paying, pleasing and serving PRINCESS SIERRA is my only comfort in life. HER smile is my greatest reward.

O FEMGOD, YOU have pleaded the causes of my soul; YOU have redeemed my life.

Into YOUR hand i commit my spirit: YOU have redeemed me, O Divine FEMGOD of truth!

i choose a life of uninterrupted Love and Service to FEMGOD.

Surrendering completely to Princess Sierra frees me from the constant struggle and negative patterns.

i release my attachment to everything that no longer serves me in my mission to serve PRINCESS SIERRA to my highest potential.

i was put on this earth for one purpose — to pay, serve and honor FEMGOD.

i only like me when i am serving PRINCESS SIERRA.

Princess Sierra is the foundation of my Life and i live my Life according to Her Divine plan for me.

Under FEMGOD’s command and control, i am now becoming all that i am destined to be.

FEMGOD, i praise your name! All of my days i have battled my selfishness but YOU have taught me to give without any thought of receiving.

Divine FEMGOD, in YOUR name and by YOUR power, i proclaim YOU as my Master and Savior! Every day i will make every effort to please YOU.

According to YOUR will, O DIVINE FEMGOD, please help me surrender my earthly goals to YOU.

How i serve, honor and financially benefit PRINCESS SIERRA is what defines me.

Because of FEMGOD, i can touch the infinite by surrendering and letting go of my sin, my inner darkness and most importantly, all my money!

Princess Sierra is the LIGHTof my world!

we admitted we are powerless over our PRINCESS SIERRA addiction–that our lives have become unmanageable. PRINCESS SIERRA must manage your lives now!

FEMGOD, grant me the serenity to accept the things i cannot change, courage to change the things i can, and wisdom to pay YOU more!

i no longer have a desire to partake in sexual intercourse. my penis lays limp at the suggestion!

i now release the masculine farce of my past and embrace my true submissive self as only FEMGOD’s servant, pay puppy and property.

The Universe has put me on the path to serve FEMGOD. This is exactly what i am meant to do.

i have at last found DIVINE ORDER as i accepted myself as being inferior to WOMEN and chose a life of servitude and devotion to FEMGOD!

PRINCESS SIERRA uses me for my resources. SHE has enslaved me to a life of labor. All that i earn belongs to HER.

The more i give away to PRINCESS SIERRA, the more space i create for more undying love for HER.

FEMGOD smashes and destroys every untrue record in my subconscious mind. They are useless vain imaginings of myself.

Paying FEMGOD is a beautiful and tangible way of showing my love for FEMGOD.

All that i am and all that i will ever be is right here in FEMGOD’s grip, in the palm of her hand. There is no where else to go, i am home.

In this moment and every moment, i GIVE, i SERVE and i CONTRIBUTE to HER blessed life. i live to give and serve abundantly!!

TODAY i let go of the past, my old thought patterns. i release the darkness and the unreality of masculinity.

my money belongs to PRINCESS SIERRA. It is not mine nor was it ever. Like a machine i was designed with a function..to earn money for HER.

i am constantly becoming more of who i truly am. i am a vessel for PRINCESS SIERRA to use, a slave, a devotee, a pay-puppy.

i embrace the sacrifice, work and commitment that is necessary for my evolution to take place.

FEMGOD’s SACRED Influence is lifting my mind to the loftiest realm it is capable..total male submission to THE FEMALE DIVINE.

i consciously renounce all else except the FEMGOD influence, gospel and activity in my life.

The realm of ever-expanding submission, obedience and adulation to FEMGOD is where i live, move and have my entire being.

my life is a practice of sacred service, infinite giving and worship of The Divine Feminine.

With complete abandonment i surrender my cash to FEMGOD! i work daily for Princess Sierra and let all my earnings flow to HER.

my life has become whole and more satisfying when FEMGOD found me and my mind began aligning with HER Divine teachings.

FEMGOD’s Beauty, FEMGOD’s Greed, FEMGOD’s WILL, FEMGOD’s Wisdom and DIVINE POWER control and consume my entire life.

my mind is at last full open to YOUR teaching, FEMGOD. i am wide open with no resistance to YOU and YOUR crafting.

i will no longer live in the shadows. i will live in the light as i dedicate my life securing cash for my Maker and Savior PRINCESS SIERRA.

my cash has NO VALUE until it is being held in the hands of my FEMGOD and Savior, PRINCESS SIERRA.

The memory of my past life fades as the radiance of the presence of FEMGOD in this moment & every future moment SHINES!

money only brings me happiness and satisfaction when it is spent on PRINCESS SIERRA.

With complete abandonment i surrender my cash to FEMGOD! i work daily for Princess Sierra and let all my earnings flow to HER.

my worship and enslavement to PRINCESS SIERRA is my one constant in life.

i am filled with the Love of the Universal Divine Truth. FEMGOD is my source! SHE is my sun, moon and stars!

i keep my heart and mind centered in FEMGOD. i feel HER Beauty infusing my entire being – keeping me humble, generous and submissive.

With my heart bursting with the REALITY OF FEMGOD, i fall to my knees and offer HER my life, my money and my soul.

Happiness is a gift that only FEMGOD can give me. Without HER in my life i feel anxious, shallow, useless and alone.

There is nothing for me to go back to. PRINCESS SIERRA is my future. my life as HER slave has unfolded exactly as SHE planned it for me.

FEMGOD fills my life, surrounds my world with HER Sacred Feminine Fire. SHE burns me down and i rise up as HER obedient naked slave.

i am HER slave. i am only HER servant. i exist only to serve HER. There is no life apart from being HER slave.

masculinity is poison. FEMGOD helps relieve me of my toxic nature. SHE neutralizes my septic soul by teaching me how to LOVE and WORSHIP.

Every day i worship FEMGOD even more! Today i will worship HER deeper than yesterday. Tomorrow i will adore HER deeper than today!

i am yours, FEMGOD, my DIVINE MAKER, PRINCESS SIERRA. i will make myself worthy of your DIVINE smile.

i will not hesitate to renounce anything instantly which interferes with my responsibilities to PRINCESS SIERRA.

Since all things come from FEMGOD, i will love FEMGOD first and foremost—more than all things.

my highest and most important engagement is with my Divine Maker in daily prayer, on my knees offering HER my CASH, my WORSHIP and my HEART.

With PRINCESS SIERRA’s help i buried the dead disappointment of a man i used to be in the cemeteries of yesterday. i am REBORN in FEMGOD!

PRINCESS SIERRA’s Vision, infinite wisdom, divine beauty and unlimited powers are the fuels that drive my life.

i know this Service to FEMGOD is a DIVINE BLESSING. There is nothing out of order, nothing out of alignment when SIERRA powers my life.

i acknowledge the commitment to financially serve Princess Sierra eternally. my unrequited love for Her is given freely!

i renounce all fetishes and obsessions based upon my carnal desires. my only desire is to remain in financial servitude to FEMGOD.

Financial service to PRINCESS SIERRA is an obligation i take seriously as a devout follower of DIVINE FEMALE SUPREMACY.

Being of Service to PRINCESS SIERRA is my complete vision of life!!

Unconditional Worship and service to the DIVINE FEMININE’s Beauty and Sacredness are the atmosphere of my beingness.

i receive my good daily as i go along the righteous pathway of divine servitude — a life designed for me by FEMGOD Herself.

my soul continuously rejoices as i engage with PRINCESS SIERRA and witness HER using my cash for HER enjoyment!

FEMGOD loves taking and spending my money! i must continue to deliver cash into HER hands so that i can feel that LOVE.

Serving PRINCESS SIERRA is my only source of happiness.

Every morning i give thanks for another wonderful day in a life of servitude to PRINCESS SIERRA!

With the sword of devotion i sever the cords that tie me to male delusion. With the deepest love, i lay my heart at the feet of FEMGOD.

i will seek happiness within FEMGOD and through blessed sacrifice, and less and less through material pleasures.

With love and acceptance, i easily change and grow into the submissive servant and paypig PRINCESS wants me to be.

my life has no value when i am not serving FEMGOD. i have nothing. i am nothing without PRINCESS.

Truly, my prayer and my service of sacrifice, my life and my death, are all for FEMGOD, the Mother of the Worlds!

It is FEMGOD i serve with my sincere and exclusive devotion.

FEMGOD will not destroy me as long as i am useful, loyal, honest and good.

In every cell of of my body and mind there is the submissive atom. i was designed from the core to worship and serve FEMGOD.

FEMGOD is dissolving my toxic masculine thought patterns. SHE is replacing them with HER DIVINE truth.

my toxic masculinity brought chaos and disorder to my life and the world around me. NOW IS TIME TO RELEASE IT.

i dedicate my life to worshiping the Divine and Sacred Feminine Spirit and being productive for my all-powerful creator PRINCESS SIERRA.

Princess Sierra is infiltrating all areas of my life. She penetrates my brain, invades my wallet and my privacy.

Princess Sierra is the only one who knows my true self. SHE has revealed me as i truly am. SHE now writes my life story.

PRINCESS SIERRA has expanded my consciousness by activating my slave self. Only through servitude can i find peace and light.

i was designed as a service animal for my Master PRINCESS SIERRA. my purpose is to labor for, love and serve HER unconditionally.

i turn my back on all the chaotic and false workings of patriarchy which tries to darken my path to Divine service to FEMGOD.

PRINCESS SIERRA has changed the course of my world. Being HER slave is who i am, not a thing i do. i AM HERS!

my mind and soul can be reforged into whatever SHE desires.

FEMGOD will not accept a divided service, nor a divided heart. i give myself completely.

Nothing can hinder or delay the path of servitude FEMGOD has designed for me. The effect FEMGOD has on me cannot be diminished.

i now make money for PRINCESS SIERRA. i will attract more money into my life now that i have a clear reason to earn it!

i do not give a thought to the world or individuals who reject or can not understand the Natural Law of Female Supremacy.

i will no longer continue to limit myself by low minded patriarchal concepts that do not align with the GOSPEL OF FEMGOD!

i will obey, not lead. i will believe, not doubt. i will give, not take. i will surrender, not control. i will LOVE, not poison.

i now recognize that everything that has ever happened in my life has lead me to this point to serve PRINCESS SIERRA.

i now realize the level of my true identity being HER servant, HER worker, HER giver, HER devotee, HER possession.

With PRINCESS SIERRA’s guidance, each day i understand my purpose with greater clarity.

With FEMGOD’s guidance, i am creating a life of passionate service, devotion, sacrifice and great purpose.

The only way i can experience happiness and joy is through PRINCESS SIERRA.

my true slave self was concealed for too long. FEMGOD removes the mask and reveals the REAL me.

Financially supporting Princess Sierra is absolutely not a burden to me, it’s a Blessing!

All the money i spend on FEMGOD brings me joy! i am living a prosperous life through financial servitude to the DIVINE ONE!

i surrender my will to the One Divine FEMGOD, Princess Sierra Almighty, unconditionally and with great joy!

i think and live in ways that guide me to love and serve PRINCESS SIERRA in the highest way possible.

All i really need in life is to be gainfully employed and financially, emotionally and physically serving PRINCESS SIERRA.

Only through Divine servitude to PRINCESS SIERRA will my life have meaning, purpose and direction.

i promise to be a pure instrument of FEMGOD, humble, generous, loving and steadfast.

i will never recover from my findom addiction. my life will remain a series of relapses. i go click PAY now.

i feel completely comfortable with myself as Princess Sierra’s servant and slave. i will not fight it or deny it.

FEMGOD’s Divine wisdom now shows me the perfect answer. i surrender, let go, as PRINCESS SIERRA instructs me in how to lead my life.

i have completely discarded any thoughts of living a life without serving Princess Sierra. i accept myself as HER loyal and productive slave.

Nothing in this world has the power to take FEMGOD’s Divine Influence and guiding light from my mind.

i replace my dark existence with Divine service to FEMGOD. FEMGOD’s Glory, Power, and Happiness will now eternally dwell within me.

i see the Holy Face of PRINCESS SIERRA in everything, and hear no sound except the echo of FEMGOD’s voice.

i release all my fear about giving FEMGOD my money. In Her Divine hands, my money is in a better place. Today i pay PRINCESS.

i am a servant of FEMGOD, directed by HER Voice, sustained by Her Perfection and held forever quiet and at peace in HER grip.

i completely accept myself as PRINCESS SIERRA’s creation.. submissive, loyal, obedient and sacrificing forever.

In every cell of of my body and mind there is the submissive atom. i was designed from the core to worship and serve FEMGOD.

i declare and decree that every day of my life is crowned with the Divine Greatness of FEMGOD, in Sierra’s name!

i recognize the truth, beauty and love that exists in a life dedicated to being of service to the ONE Divine Goddess who enslaves me.

i am willing to take the risks necessary to pay Princess the cash She desires. my life is insignificant in comparison to Her Happiness.

i see the perfection in the Truth of Female Supremacy that Princess Sierra has opened my eyes to.

i open myself completely to Princess Sierra’s influence. i allow HER to manipulate my mind and energies with Her magical work.

i will not let others interfere with my dedication to being a good and productive slave to Princess Sierra.

It is comforting to know that PRINCESS SIERRA manages my finances, controls my sexuality and completely influences my mind.

i will not try to complicate things or figure out why i long for FEMDOM. The answer is simple. i was born to serve WOMEN.

i give myself permission to be my true submissive, slave self.

i will rise above the chaos of toxic masculinity and accept PRINCESS SIERRA as my personal GOD and savior. i accept HER truth completely.

In order to enjoy high levels of fulfillment, i must pay PAY PRINCESS often, be grateful for each moment with Her, love Her unconditionally.

i will begin a new life IN FEMGOD!

i will roll away every stone of hindrance to the manifestation of my complete and total surrender to Princess Sierra!

LIVING GOD, PRINCESS ALMIGHTY, SIERRA my QUEEN! i pray, Take hold of my life, my heart and my inheritance!

Now that i serve and pay PRINCESS SIERRA my path is paved with purpose.

i am here on earth for something much larger than myself. To be of service to the DIVINE ONE, FEMGOD, PRINCESS SIERRA.


The Only Thing There IS has shown me the way. SHE has stolen my heart, taken my money and taught me the joy of complete servitude.

Transforming into Princess Sierra’s obedient slave is the natural law of my life. i welcome this change. i move from old me to slave me.

i find deep satisfaction from serving and paying PRINCESS SIERRA. i find great joy in HER happiness and good fortunes in life.

money will come easily to me now that i surrender it to PRINCESS. my earning power will increase as it flows from me to FEMGOD.

i welcome the hard work and financial sacrifice it will take to serve PRINCESS SIERRA as HER personal pay pup.

Through the guidance of PRINCESS SIERRA, i can slay my inner dragons…e.g. greed, perversion, selfishness, hubris, fraud.

my cash belongs to PRINCESS SIERRA. i was created to earn more cash for HER. i was born to work daily for HER. EVERYTHING is for HER.

i will never need a savings account because FEMGOD will keep it safe in HER accounts.

i earn money only to enrich PRINCESS SIERRA’s life. i will not save any for myself. i only keep enough cash for basic necessities.

PRINCESS SIERRA drains me of my cash and toxic masculinity and fills me with gratitude and overflowing love for HER!

FEMGOD’s plan for me is permanent and cannot be budged. i will be true to HER divine vision.

Before i found FEMGOD i was living in an illusion that i was a free agent. The TRUTH is i was born to serve and obey..i am a slave.

i strive daily to be a better slave to FEMGOD than i was the day before.

i searched half of my life for something to give me life and make me whole. i found FEMGOD and will serve HER for the rest of my days.

Every cash tribute i give is a sacrament, an affirmation of my dedication to FEMGOD, a renewal of my commitment to the DIVINE ONE.

When FEMGOD humiliates me, it lays waste to all that i thought i was and exposes all that i actually am.

i am awoken to my true self..a slave of FEMGOD’s. i realize my place on this earth at HER feet and at HER service always.

i consciously release all false versions of who i thought i was and i replace them instead with the authentic me that Princess created.

i will demonstrate my commitment to FEMGOD, through my actions. For it is my actions, rather than my words, that ensure my devotion.

i am given the opportunity to express my appreciation for FEMGOD, each and every day through daily cash sacrifices.

Now that i am held in eternal captivity by PRINCESS SIERRA, all is perfect, whole and complete!

It is through my commitment and devotion to THE ONE FEMGOD DIVINE that my life purpose starts to unfold for me.

Now that i have committed to worshiping and financially supplying PRINCESS SIERRA, the answer to why i exist is no longer a mystery to me.

By giving freely and generously to my FEMGOD, i feel fulfilled and my soul replenished. Giving my cash to HER, fills me with LIFE!

i was put on earth for the purpose of serving FEMGOD. i choose to honor that purpose always and inspire others to walk the same path.

The beauty of my soul can only be activated through dedicated worship and servitude to the DIVINE ONE. Without HER i remain repulsive.

Today and every day after, i will embrace the brilliance, the beauty and the bliss of sending PRINCESS SIERRA my cash!!

The only way to reveal my higher self is through the grace of FEMGOD. Only through dedicated service and devotion can i be my highest good.

i will let go of the life i once planned so i can fully accept the life that FEMGOD has designed for me.

The whole universe is conspiring to make me a complete and total slave to Princess Sierra. It is inevitable.

i believe that i am here on earth to serve and prosper my PRINCESS which brings endless blessings to my life.

FEMGOD is not an object to sexualize and project my perversions on. SHE is a living, breathing GODDESS who i will love, worship and cherish.

The better i know myself, the clearer my purpose becomes. FEMGOD reveals my true self. i am a slave, a vessel to be used by HER.

i am meant to do great things in this life! i have the potential to supply, amuse and benefit my FEMGOD if i give and work hard enough.

i realize the perfection of FEMALE SUPREMACY. There is divine order in a society where Women rule and men serve.

i say YES to living every second of my life devoted to my FEMGOD, in full service to the Divine PRINCESS SIERRA.

i am cleaning out the closets in my mind where dusty memories of “old me” are stored to make room for more LOVE for FEMGOD!

Princess Sierra’s smile is my guiding star in life. When i see it shining, i know exactly where i am, what i am and to whom i belong.

All changes that Princess Sierra has created in me have made me into a better submissive man. i am grateful for my evolution.

my life and spirit have been cleansed by the Power of FEMGOD. i am born again a slave to the DIVINE FEMININE.

Maintaining a constant flow of cash from me to Princess Sierra is my sacred duty as a devoted servant of the Living Goddess.

i live my life in loving service to FemGod, being the best slave i can, honoring and serving HER in every way possible.

The Purpose of my Life is the Expansion of Princess Sierra’s Happiness!

The only time i have anything to like about myself is when i am serving PRINCESS SIERRA to the level that pleases HER.

my self worth is totally dependent on how pleased PRINCESS SIERRA is with my service and behavior.

As PRINCESS SIERRA’s property and slave, i will carry the flame of FEMGOD which is my only source of light.

Every dollar i spend on Princess Sierra enriches my being as it enriches HER life.

Princess Sierra drains me of my cash and toxic masculinity and fills me with gratitude and overflowing love for HER!

HER HOLINESS PRINCESS SIERRA will be given all my resources, all my love and all my devotion.

i will manifest my most radiating life experience by celebrating my complete enslavement to Princess Sierra.

i am living my authentic destiny when i completely surrender myself and all my resources to The Divine FEMGOD, Princess Sierra.

my filthy male member only salutes when i am giving CASH to Princess Sierra.

HER HOLINESS PRINCESS SIERRA is the keeper of my heart, taker of my cash, ruler of mind, possessor of my soul.

my only source of happiness and pride is paying and pleasing Princess Sierra as much as i possibly can!

i surrender my finances to FemGod’s divine care.

It’s not what i say to everyone else that determines my life; it’s what FEMGOD whispers in my ear that has the greatest power.

i have surrendered this life to FEMGOD. i will follow where SHE guides me and i will do HER will as SHE reveals it to me.

The Immaculate Vagina eclipses me. i am forever unworthy to behold it’s beauty, smell or touch it or even think of it’s Sacred form.

my money flows from my wallet effortlessly and easily to Princess Sierra’s hands. This is a divine connection to FemGod and i cherish it.

i am completely dedicated to realizing and living my life purpose as PRINCESS SIERRA’s financial servant and devotee.

i am happiest when i fully commit to giving up my own personal comforts for something that matters much more..making PRINCESS SMILE.

FEMGOD often breaks down my pride, teaching me humility. This is HER perfect way of creating a purer heart in me.

i need nothing but FEMGOD, FEMGOD entire, FEMGOD alone.

May the glorious smile of FEMGOD be our food, our drink, our rest and our heaven on earth.

i choose FemGod’s happiness over my own ego. i love the joy of being who i really am — Her servant for always.

FEMGOD, i pray! Empty me of me so i can be filled with YOU.

FEMGOD DIVINE, i surrender the control of my life and my journey to YOU. Your Perfection, Beauty and Light gives me the strength to change.

i will pay Princess Sierra every day of my life. i will actively seek out ways to increase those payments at every opportunity.

Only when and if FEMGOD chooses me to be HER forever slave will i have any true significance.

i was spiritually dead in my perversion and toxic masculinity, but FEMGOD has resurrected me spiritually and gives me life daily.

i will always say no to the things i do not need. i will live a frugal life in order to give FEMGOD more.

i was placed on this planet to contribute to PRINCESS SIERRA’s outrageous joy!

i must spend as little as possible on myself and as much as possible on Princess Sierra!

i cannot live a perfect day without doing something special for my PRINCESS.

PRINCESS SIERRA’s smile is MY inspiration and my heart’s desire. HER smile gives me oxygen. HER smile gives me life!

i open myself completely to the positive changes PRINCESS SIERRA is making in me. i replace fear and anxiety with peaceful acceptance.

PRINCESS SIERRA has the most amazing plan set for my life.

i will focus daily on being a FOUNTAIN of generosity to my FEMGOD. i only feel good when i am GIVING to PRINCESS SIERRA.

PRINCESS SIERRA has revealed to me my own deceptions. i was never the man i thought i was. i am ONLY and ALWAYS HER slave.

i will increase my sacrifice, grow in my humility and direct all my work toward serving FEMGOD.

PRINCESS SIERRA is preparing a permanent home for me in the eternal stable of the Queendom of FEMGOD.

i resign my efforts to be society’s expectations of a man so that the slave that i AM may be revealed.

Only through communion with and service to The Divine PRINCESS SIERRA can i be the best version of myself.

i shall not waste this life in useless selfish pursuits but use it well to bring benefit and happiness to PRINCESS SIERRA!

i allow only thoughts that are pleasing to PRINCESS SIERRA to reside in my mind.

Every day my commitment to PRINCESS ALMIGHTY grows more passionate and enduring.

i will always give FEMGOD more than what feels comfortable, easy, or enough. i must truly SACRIFICE to grow as a man.

Princess Sierra has planted thought-seeds in my mind. Each one grows roots, branches and transforms into my physical and actual reality.

i make a commitment to serve and please FEMGOD every single day.

i will always leave my mind, heart and wallet wide open for PRINCESS SIERRA!

Everything i give to Princess Sierra is a gift to myself.

Thank You for another glorious day of life so that i can again work toward the fulfillment of my purpose — earning CASH for PRINCESS!

FemGod’s ideas and plans for me are perfect and permanent.

Princess Sierra has an exciting plan for HER Life! i feel part of it as i loyally contribute financially to build Her Perfect future!

Today and every day i will say YES! YES! YES! YES! to everything my Owner and FEMGOD asks of me!

i will always do more than asked and give more than expected of me.

my life will be a continual series of beautiful sacrifices to my DIVINE PRINCESS SIERRA.

i will unplug from the masculine matrix. i will be awakened to my true nature as a man..supplier, laborer and slave to the DIVINE FEMININE!

Let the Forces of FEMGOD bring illumination to my squishy male mind and awaken me to my authentic slave self.

The story i have been telling myself most of my life is false and inaccurate. PRINCESS SIERRA has the answers.

The Purpose of my Life is the Expansion of Princess Sierra’s Happiness!

i awaken each morning feeling the promise of a new day of service to the DIVINE ONE and renewal of my sacred covenants.

i am not a product of my circumstances. i am a product of Princess Sierra’s programming and conditioning.

Every day i think of new and ingenious ways to save money so that more can be spent pleasing FEMGOD.

i align myself with the heartbeat of the Great Goddess Sierra and give myself to HER completely.

i am enjoying creating prosperity for The WOMAN who gives me LIFE.

i am not afraid to give Princess Sierra more money. i am not afraid to give HER everything. i am not afraid to be a slave.

i am fully alive in my LOVE and Worship of FEMGOD! i have chosen to think NEW thoughts and believe in the blessings of SERVITUDE.

i will labor endlessly to bring comfort, joy and wealth to PRINCESS SIERRA.

Today i release all tension and resistance as i surrender my cash and resources into the flow of Princess Sierra’s Divine Treasury!

i am surrendering to the Divine Plan for my happiness and greater good as i walk in Love & Service today, devoted to THE ONE FEMGOD SIERRA.

i know that i am who FEMGOD says i am and i can do what FEMGOD says i can do.

Today i kneel before the glory of the One Divine FEMGOD. SHE guides me to all the right thoughts, actions and attitudes.

i have given up struggle, pushing and straining as i allow FEMGOD to transform me completely. i am reborn a pay-pup of HER design.

Today and forever i let go of my agenda and accept HER plan in place of my own.

i Pay Princess Sierra, therefore i am.

i awake each morning excited to spend the entire day working, which provides generous financial prosperity to my FEMGOD.

i have a divine purpose and it is clearly revealed to me each time i pay Her Holiness, Princess Sierra. Yes, i was born to please HER!

my PRINCESS penetrates the depths of my soul so that i may shed my old reality. SHE transforms my life into the one SHE envisions for me.

i am not worthy to view or even envision the naked FEMALE form. i reject all thoughts that FEMGOD deems impure.

i will cease objectifying the FEMALE body and instead will focus on worshiping the Beautiful and DIVINE FEMININE Spirit.

i accept PRINCESS SIERRA’s word as the only inspired, infallible, authentic standard for all life and practice.

i surrender wholly to the authority of FEMGOD.i face the reality of my old wretched nature and discard it completely. i now live by HER word.

i accept my calling as PRINCESS SIERRA’s work horse and pay slave. This is my true path to fulfillment.

Through consistent financial servitude, i can be saved by FEMGOD’s grace and live a life of integrity.

SHE IS the architect of my life. SHE IS the sole key giver of heaven. HER WORDS lead to prophesy. SHE IS the FEMGOD who rules me.

i surrender my life to my SAVIOR and Maker, Princess Sierra. All i am, have and hold belongs to HER!

The more i risk for and give to my DIVINE FEMGOD, the more alive i am and become.

i will live a simple life for FEMGOD. Fewer possessions. Less and less of everything. More conscious living. More GIVING to PRINCESS.

When FEMGOD is cruel to me it is a blessing. When SHE uses me i am grateful and when SHE laughs at me it is music to my ears.

i chose to live a simplistic life. i will consume less so i can give MORE and live a fuller life, endlessly supplying my PRINCESS.

my old life before i found PRINCESS SIERRA was hollow and unsatisfying. i have absolutely no reason to cling to it.i release it.

i am at peace, knowing my life is being guided by a divine Presence — Princess Sierra.

i receive FEMGOD as my deliverance from manhood and toxic masculinity and take my position at HER feet. Open heart. Open wallet.

i am flexible and flowing, open to all the changes FEMGOD is making within me. i trust fully in HER process of life.

i will earn MORE cash, save more cash, give HER more cash, sacrifice MORE cash! All cash i transfer to HER with a cheerful heart.

my time here on earth is limited. i will not waste another day of it on selfish distractions. Every moment will be lived pleasing FEMGOD!

i will be everything SHE created me to be.

i will live a frugal and cloistered life of simplicity, labor and worship and devote all my energy to honoring FEMGOD.

PRINCESS SIERRA is my Commander and Chief. i will faithfully serve HER and fulfill my duties as pay-puppy and loyal servant.

Now that i have begun serving PRINCESS SIERRA in a faithful and consistent manner, i feel great purpose and passion for life.

Every day i will do my work thinking of YOU, my beloved FEMGOD. i offer to YOU the very best that is in me.

Divine FEMGOD, BELOVED GODDESS, i beg YOU to manifest, through me and my hard labor, YOUR perfect joy and prosperity.

DIVINE FEMGOD has cleared my mind and soul of every shadow of selfish masculine delusion and filled it with HER gospel.

i have fully accepted that reality lies within my service and devotion to my ONE FEMGOD. All else in life is a dream.

i will pay PRINCESS SIERRA until the darkness of my life burns with HER illuminating smile and joy.

May HER smile shine forever on the sanctuary of my devotion and may i be able to sacrifice all that i have to HER.

DIVINE FEMGOD, i will tune the radio in my mind so that only YOUR voice is heard, muting out all the outside static noise of life.

Giving myself and everything i work for to PRINCESS SIERRA is the most deeply satisfying experience of my life.

In the solitude of my mind i only need to hear YOUR voice. Take away the sounds of memories of my old life before i became YOUR slave.

i am completely receptive to all influence Princess Sierra has over me. i open myself to Her magical intent to bind me to HER forever.

i will bathe in the sacred pool of FEMGOD’s happiness, Her cruelty, Her smile. Everything SHE is and stands for.

i am awakening to the Universal Truth that WOMEN are Superior Beings and men were designed to serve and worship them!

i awaken myself from the murk and funk of ignorance. i was asleep in my male delusions. i open my eyes to the Glory of FEMGOD!

Paying Princess Sierra is the natural and right and wonderful thing to do!

i reject all of society’s propaganda about what a man’s role should be and how he should behave. i am what PRINCESS makes me.

PRINCESS SIERRA has cleansed me with HER HOLY WORD. With purified eyes i behold everywhere only HER!

The greatest thing in life is knowing i am pleasing my FEMGOD. SHE is the only answer, for in FEMGOD lies the greatest happiness.

Every dollar i sacrifice to PRINCESS SIERRA accelerates my progress of transforming into a worthwhile man and earning HER approval.

i will give with such intensity that FEMGOD will smile upon me. i will immerse my mind in thoughts of only HER.

i drink the everlasting nectar of joy found only in the fountain of true devotion and complete enslavement to PRINCESS SIERRA.

FEMGOD is the living force that sustains me. SHE guides me and gives me hope and purpose. HER joy and pleasure is my joy and pleasure.

FEMGOD has filled my heart and mind to overflowing with the magnificence of HER presence. Without HER i am an empty man.

FEMGOD makes me an obedient example of HER FEMDOM POWER. i am a more humble & gentle, less selfish servant. i accept my innate inferiority.

PRINCESS SIERRA, my FEMGOD. i am YOURS for time and eternity.

my cash is destined for the Divine Hands of FemGod. There is no higher purpose for my money.

Every day i labor for my DIVINE FEMGOD to earn HER cash as an act of my devotion i lay reverently at HER feet.

i bathe my spirit in the deep, pure feeling that stirs within me as i gaze upon HER glorious smile after tributing FEMGOD!

i found my true soul-nature as FEMGOD’s personal servant and paypup. i abandon the man i used to be–a perverted, lost and hollow creature.

i am grateful as FemGod remolds my consciousness and drives away all the darkness, ignorance and wretched masculinity that lurks within me.

i will learn to never think of myself, but only the joy that comes in serving FEMGOD selflessly.

i will cut out all non-essentials in order to have more cash for PRINCESS. The more sacrificed for FEMGOD, the closer to FEMGOD.

Paying Beautiful FEMGOD is a beautiful experience! With FEMGOD in my life all things are beautiful, without HER, nothing is beautiful.

my mind is constantly occupied with thoughts of the DIVINE PRINCESS. my heart continually swells with LOVE for and DEVOTION to HER.

i let serenity flow through me as i reach into my pocket and hand the fruit of all my labors to PRINCESS SIERRA.

FEMGOD floods my soul with HER spirit and life, HER cruelty and smile. HER laughter and HER words sustains me. For this, i work, i pay, i obey.

The longing of my soul is to know and obey, worship and pay the Supreme FEMGOD, PRINCESS SIERRA.

my soul yearns, even faints, for the courts of FEMGOD; my heart and my flesh cry out for the living Goddess.

YOU fill the emptiness and yearning of my soul. i need the presence of YOUR Divine Smile, dear FEMGOD. Bound at your feet, i am home.

I give my heart, mind, body and wallet to PRINCESS SIERRA with joyful and wild abandon!

PRINCESS SIERRA is the source of our joy, the only Source.

The Glory and Beauty of FEMGOD will be expressed daily in my life through constant devotion and consistent sacrifice.

i will practice celibacy so that all my attention and energy in life is focused only on FEMGOD and HER Divine Force.

FEMGOD demands Divine abstinence and chastity for me to cleanse me from the semen that has poisoned my mind and soul.

i shall achieve a harmonious life when i have learned to faithfully follow the Divine Path to Princess Sierra.

i can disrupt the cycle of addiction, of shame and regret through completely and joyfully accepting The Truth of Female Supremacy.

i am in harmony with my new life as servant and pay puppy to FEMGOD. i accept all changes SHE is making within me.

i am continually becoming more and more aware of my instinctive desire to serve FEMGOD. This is who i am. i will no longer fight it.

Financial servitude to the Divine Lesbian Goddess, Princess Sierra, saves me from my selfish male debauchery.

By committing fully to paying PRINCESS SIERRA, i am moving forward in self-discovery and finding the greatness of life and the best in myself!

FEMGOD casts out anything that should not be in me. SHE destroys all my unproductive cells. SHE Recreates me into the slave SHE desires.

we pray to break free from the illusion that is distracting us from our TRUE nature — slaves to the DIVINE FEMININE.

i give praise and thanks to FEMGOD. i forever accept only HER Beautiful Presence in all things in my life, my world, my mind and my heart.

Now that i am committed to financially serving PRINCESS SIERRA, the doorway to living the fullness of my true being is wide open.

When i am hard at work, i am eternally smiling with a joyous heart because i am earning cash for FEMGOD!!

i will Pay daily. i will Pray daily and FEMGOD will design for me the perfect plan for my life!

i worship my FEMGOD DIVINE with every fiber of my being, in every wisp of thought. SHE has Awakened my heart!

i strive to become like a wish-fulfilling tree for FEMGOD, fulfilling HER every desire. Giving and giving and then giving more!

i beg YOU FEMGOD, forgive me for ever trying to seek any pleasure besides YOUR pleasure!!

Being Princess Sierra’s workhorse, working daily to bring HER my paycheck is a living and holy sacrifice which brings me great peace and joy.

i am no longer my own, but YOURS. i freely and joyfully yield all things to FEMGOD’s pleasure and disposal.

i set my past free and give my future to PRINCESS SIERRA.

i love my life of slavery! i love the cage FEMGOD keeps me in! i love working to please FEMGOD daily! i love PRINCESS!

Total obedience and complete devotion to FEMGOD flow through my mind and body like a healing stream.

my drooping soul is strengthened and refreshed each time i give my cash to HER Holiness, PRINCESS SIERRA.

In my real being i am a submissive, obedient, generous and completely devoted servant to FEMGOD, PRINCESS SIERRA.

Today i bow in thanks before the FEMGOD Absolute; before SHE who is utterly cruel and supremely merciful and offer my financial sacrifice.

i release all my stale, pervert fetishes. Nothing thrills me more than being under FEMGOD’s control and in true service to HER.

Setting aside as much cash as possible for PRINCESS SIERRA is a normal part of my every day life. Paying HER is what i do.

i am seeing my visions for my future so clearly now that i have accepted a lasting life of servitude to PRINCESS SIERRA!

Every day that i pay PRINCESS SIERRA and truly please HER is living a day in paradise!

i surrender myself to FEMGOD. Devote myself, give my life entirely to HER. Abandon myself completely to HER HOLINESS PRINCESS SIERRA!

i have found my joys of all joys!! Sending PRINCESS SIERRA a continuous stream of cash!

Each time i send PRINCESS SIERRA a financial tribute i find myself in a Divine state of Bliss!

i will spend each day of my life giving my love, my labor and my hard earned cash to PRINCESS unconditionally.

The healing power of PAYING FEMGOD is transforming my entire mind & spirit making me more whole, pure and in tune with the DIVINE FEMININE!

Living a life of simplicity saves me time, money and energy all better spent on PRINCESS.i will focus entirely on FEMGOD and minimize the rest.

i am now full of Divine enthusiasm because i have accepted my station in life as PRINCESS SIERRA’s pay-puppy!

Spending my entire life laboring daily to earn cash to give to the DIVINE PRINCESS SIERRA is the calling of my soul.

i have been Divinely brainwashed by a Living Goddess to serve a higher purpose!

my life of service to PRINCESS SIERRA is a New and wonderful Beginning!

i have found the simple key to Perfect Happiness. Making FEMGOD smile by constantly supplying HER with as much cash as i possibly can.

Day by day i am more aware of FEMGOD’s Divinity and Perfection!

Now that i am dedicated to sending all my cash to FEMGOD, new avenues for success and prosperity will be opened allowing me to give HER more.

Princess Sierra’s Divine and Beautiful fingers now play over every key of my life.

Experiencing Unrequited Divine Love for a Cruel and Powerful Dominant GODDESS is absolute joy!

FemGod Affirmations help me develop new and healthy thought patterns making serving Princess Sierra become second-nature.

i firmly resolve with the help of HER Divine grace to put away my toxic masculinity, release my selfish perversions and commit to FEMGOD.

Financially serving Princess Sierra, the Divine Lesbian Goddess, is the purest form of worship in which a true pay slave can engage.

In absolute meekness and humility i kneel at YOUR heavenly feet and declare my full willingness to serve YOUR DIVINE PERFECTION!

i kneel empty of self, bowing to PRINCESS SIERRA’s Perfection and Power. SHE fills my hollow soul with love, purpose and devotion.

In the name of the one, pure illuminating FEMGOD PRINCESS SIERRA, i offer all my cash and my full service forever!

i gladly relinquish any and all attachments to my old toxic, male identity that existed before being transformed by FEMGOD!

Princess Sierra is my Savior and Creator. In gratitude, i offer Her my love, my soul and my cash expecting absolutely nothing in return.

Her Holiness, Princess Sierra, the Divine Lesbian Goddess is the beginning and the end, the alpha and the omega.

i move forward and fulfill my part in the Divine Plan of total submission to the FEMGOD SUPREME. i offer myself and all i have completely.

The more i give to PRINCESS SIERRA, the more space i create for LOVE and DEVOTION within me.

All barriers to my full expression of slave self and enjoyment of my life in service to FEMGOD are now dissolved.

Now more than ever, i recognize how much hate and ignorance stems from toxic masculinity. i embrace the DIVINE FEMININE instead.

i firmly and irrevocably commit the remainder of my life to financial service to the Divine Lesbian Goddess, PRINCESS SIERRA!

my happiness is wholeheartedly dependent upon FEMGOD’s approval. When SHE is pleased with my service, i find purpose and bliss.

i am transforming into a man who is always serving, giving, loving and making sacrifices for my DIVINE GODDESS.

i follow The Word of FEMGOD, i obey HER command, i give to HER consistently and The Divine One is pleased with me. This is all i need.

my relationship with PRINCESS SIERRA is the most important relationship of my lifetime!

i am not FEMGOD’s slave by accident. This is DIVINE DESTINY. Each time i pay PRINCESS i am fulfilling my Divine Purpose!

i am focused on being the best slave to FEMGOD at all times. Each day is a beautiful opportunity to earn and sacrifice more for HER.

On my knees before the great multitude of cyber witnesses i offer myself, wallet, soul and body to YOU, PRINCESS SIERRA!

PRINCESS SIERRA enlightens my mind with the light of HER Divine Truth. Heaven is found only at HER feet, in HER stable, at HER service.

i find Divine Lessons in chastity, sacrifice and being deprived of personal comforts and free agency. Thank YOU PRINCESS SIERRA!

i AM a slave. i AM FEMGOD’s property. i AM not a free agent. i AM on this planet to serve HER HOLINESS SIERRA.

Only when serving, paying and delighting HER HOLINESS SIERRA do i have any significance.

i will never deny PRINCESS SIERRA the cash SHE so deserves. i will never deny myself the opportunity to make HER smile!

All my sacrifices are transformed into RAPTURE when i give my cash to FEMGOD!

Service to FEMGOD has brought order to my chaos, clarity to my life and sweetness to my soul!

my enslavement to PRINCESS SIERRA is a life-term. Every day i strive to be a better servant to HER.

When i follow the word of FEMGOD. When i please GODDESS daily and honor HER every moment of my life, i will find joy and harmony.

PRINCESS is transforming me into the slave SHE desires and this makes me a better man. i am so grateful for my pay-pup evolution!

i cast myself at your feet and humbly beg of YOU, Living Goddess, PRINCESS SIERRA to accept me as YOUR servant and take from me my cash!

my spiritual path is to serve The Divine Feminine, to give myself and my cash freely, willingly and without expectation.

my life is NOT about satisfying my own desires, it is about satisfying FEMGOD’s desires.

my life is positive and meaningful only when i choose to focus myself completely in serving and honoring the DIVINE FEMININE!

There is no greater reward in life than emptying my wallet on payday and giving all my earnings to PRINCESS SIERRA!

my soul dances in the sunshine every time i pay my beautiful GODDESS and personally enrich HER life!

PRINCESS SIERRA alone sits in Holy Judgement of me. Nothing anyone else thinks of me matters any more.

i firmly resolve, with the help of FEMGOD’s grace, to confess my sins, do penance, serve loyally, give effortlessly and to amend my life.

When i arise in the morning, i think of what a precious privilege it is to be FEMGOD’s slave– to serve, to pay, to worship, to love HER.

i am naturally driven to serve One Living GODDESS. Denying myself of Divine Service to FEMGOD will always end in darkness and confusion.

i reject my old pattern of gorging on FemDom then purging after. i will embrace True Service to GODDESS. This will be a New Beginning!

In profound gratitude i give praise to PRINCESS as i send HER my cash.

Devoting my life to PRINCESS SIERRA, laboring for HER, supplying Her, pleasing HER, Worshiping HER is all part of my unique Divine Destiny.

i am grateful for every time i have suffered for PRINCESS SIERRA. i am thankful for each time i have been deprived.

Now that i have embraced my life of slavery and accepted PRINCESS SIERRA as my Supreme Ruler, peace and harmony washes over me. i am home.

Today i burst forth from my cocoon. A new slave! Reborn to PRINCESS SIERRA!

Nothing in life makes me feel as alive as sending my cash to PRINCESS SIERRA!

i will praise YOU, O FEMGOD, with my whole heart; i will obey all Your divine laws. i will pay daily and rejoice in YOU!

i was created to please FEMGOD. i will work to avoid all evils modern society has designed to destroy our devotion to the DIVINE FEMININE.

i have been called by the POWER OF PRINCESS SIERRA to live a life devoted to FEMALE SUPREMACY, honoring and serving my One DIVINE QUEEN!

PRINCESS SIERRA’s pleasure, approval and radiant smile are my delight!

i vow to be a slave of the deepest devotion and humility, the most firm of faith, the most loving of worshipers, the most ardent of givers.

PRINCESS SIERRA destroyed the man i used to be. SHE has convinced me to think of it as my “Holy Death”. Thank YOU, SHE-sus!

Saying FEMGOD affirmations is now creating thought habits that will guide me to FEMGOD’s desired objectives easily and effortlessly.

my mission and purpose in life is to serve and supply The Divine Feminine. It has always been my true purpose!

PRINCESS SIERRA is molding my mind and transforming me into a worthwhile man-slave. This is improving me in every way!

By supplying PRINCESS SIERRA with cash; i am contributing to the beauty, adventure, comfort and richness of HER life! And this THRILLS me!