Divine Affirmations from 2017


Let our passion for The Great GODDESS spread like wildfire and ignite the submissive spark in apprehensive male admirers who have not yet began following the One True Path to sacred service to The Divine ONE, PRINCESS SIERRA.

When PRINCESS SIERRA calls like a siren for my wallet, i can not ignore it. i find myself clicking the pay button automatically. Denying FEMGOD is no longer an option. i am paying NOW.

There are no limits to how much i can sacrifice for PRINCESS SIERRA. People survive on much less in this world. i can continue to explore deeper levels of poverty for The Great GODDESS. i will compromise more of my own personal comfort so that i have more cash to offer HER.

Pleasing and paying FEMGOD is my deepest desire.

It is my soul’s mission to connect with, cherish, obey and financially supply The Great GODDESS in order to live my life to the fullest and make my greatest contribution in this world.

Paying PRINCESS SIERRA is the call of my soul. True fulfillment comes only from pleasuring and satisfying SIERRA The Great Goddess.

YOUR beauty just sends me into pure amazement. YOU have never been more beautiful. i am so thankful to have been created by YOU and taught by YOU and to share in making YOUR life as happy as possible.

i must learn to let go of the things i use to think i needed to be happy. i must release my selfish ways and patriarchal ideologies that are not readying me for my next level of life, growth, service and contribution. Happiness is found only in serving THE GREAT GODDESS.

i can finally begin to walk the healing path when i stop resisting The Great Goddess’ Divine will, surrender myself to HER completely and dedicate my life to HER Pleasure.

The purpose of this life is not simply to endure it, to exist and accumulate wealth and possessions for myself… but to partake of the beautiful and sacred act of serving The Great Goddess. Giving HER my devotion, my labor, my cash, my attention, my support and all my LOVE.

There is perhaps nothing sweeter in this world than sacrificing, suffering and depriving myself so that i can further pleasure and enrich The Great GODDESS!

i do not exist to impress the world or enrich myself. i exist to live my life in service to THE GREAT GODDESS in a way that will enrich HER and give HER true pleasure.

THE GREAT GODDESS has killed the man i was and now She is reinventing me, re-creating me into HER service slave, forcing me to be more humble, more grateful, less selfish, more useful than i ever was before.

Suffering is part of our training program for becoming better, useful men.

SHE is my GOD and Teacher. SHE is The Divine Way, the torch that lights the dark. There is no GOD for me but PRINCESS SIERRA!

The cavity which GODDESS carves into our souls will one day also be the receptacle of Love and my unquenchable thirst for HER alone.

If i had not suffered and sacrifice for my GODDESS, there would be no depth to me as a man, no humility, no compassion. i am transformed by suffering and sacrificing for GODDESS. It leads me to my true path.

Without FEMGOD in my life i would be lost and without purpose. i’d be wildly, acutely miserable, alone with no purpose for existing. Thank YOU GODDESS for taking my money, sending me to work for YOU every day, making fun of me and giving me LIFE.

Every day i will work harder to please my beloved Goddess PRINCESS SIERRA.

In order to love who i am, i must be ONLY what PRINCESS SIERRA desires me to be.

my soul is strengthened by the Divine suffering and poverty required by constantly give all my money to PRINCESS SIERRA!

my transformation begins with the complete acceptance that THE GREAT GODDESS’ happiness, needs, comfort and pleasure totally eclipse my own.

It’s possible to be happy in my life of service to FEMGOD, appreciative of how SHE’s transformed me, humbled by HER Perfection and grateful for everything SHE has taken from me.

THE GREAT GODDESS’ Holy Word and Divine Vision is changing the way i think and feel. Each day SHE continues to warp my sexual desire and expand my submissive nature. i am in the process of becoming exactly what SHE prefers me to be.

Financial servitude and Findom is a sacred act when The Great GODDESS’ happiness and pleasure is put FIRST.

i’m eternally and deeply devoted to PRINCESS SIERRA. i am committed to spending the rest of my life at HER service, financially supplying HER.

Joy seems to come most easily in those moments when i allow myself to send my cash to PRINCESS SIERRA in wild abandon, without restraint, judgment, expectation, or distraction.

Princess Sierra’s happiness is my only happiness. i absorb HER Divine pleasure by giving HER pleasure.

i will be a Giving Tree for The Great Goddess. Continually renewing my cash supply with constant labor and never ending hard work. Growing new green cash for PRINCESS SIERRA to harvest. Giving again and again all the fruit of all my labor.

If all i did was labor endlessly to earn cash for The Great Goddess, sacrificed and surrendered daily for Her comfort and joy, lived in poverty while my cash constantly flowed directly into HER hands… then i would have lived a spectacular and meaningful life!

A good life is about making the decision every day to do something that makes PRINCESS SIERRA smile.

i treasure all opportunities to financially serve The Great Goddess.

The only honorable form of manhood is the act of investing copious amounts of time, labor, cash and energy into enriching The Great Goddess’ Life!

Resisting The Power of SIERRA and choosing to not follow HER Holy Word is self sabotage. i will never find happiness, peace or purpose without The Great Goddess in my life.

i need to BELONG… to be owned by The Great Goddess, to have HER hold and bind me, destroy me, then remake me and keep me as HER property.

Suffering poverty and financial struggle through the Glory of Financially Supplying Princess Sierra has opened my heart to a more profound depth of aliveness.

Every time i feel compelled to list out all the negatives in my life and to focus on my own struggle and poverty, i will redirect my focus to the happiness in GODDESS’ Divine Life and think about the ways my own cash has enriched it.

my addiction to Findom and desires to serve Goddess aren’t there by accident. i was destined to be HER property and fulfill Her Desires. SHE has bound me to HER with HER Magic and Holy Word.

Each morning i wait eagerly for GODDESS to feed my brain with HER scriptures. It is essential mental hygiene to wash in HER magic every day. It is daily nutritional requirement to feed on HER Word and scripture to build a healthy docile spirit of obedience.

my life is beautiful, and good and worthwhile, so long as i keep cash flowing into FEMGOD’s accounts.

i consciously contribute to a happy Findom relationship when i focus on the joys of pleasing The Great Goddess rather than my own pervy sexual fixations.

There are many ways to make more personal sacrifices to The Great Goddess and infinite reasons to pay HER!!

i am learning how to unlearn being the useless toxic male that the world taught me to be and becoming an obedient and docile slave who honors The Feminine.

i can live with less. my needs are few because The Great Goddess sustains me. The more i sacrifice for FEMGOD’s pleasure, the more blessed i am.

PRINCESS SIERRA’s Tweets are gems of truth, touchstones for transformation that enlighten my mind and shift my beliefs through Her Divine mind-fuckery.

Wearing a mask wears a person down. Faking it is fatiguing. The most exhausting activity is pretending to be what you know you aren’t. i will accept and embrace the fact that i am a submissive man, destined to serve One GODDESS.

“i can not undo The Great Goddess’ magic. The changes SHE has made in me can not be reversed. Now and forever..i am HERS.

Giving myself in service entirely to GODDESS shifts me into a higher frequency of living.

Financially supplying PRINCESS SIERRA and making HER smile is the only salve for my soul.

All my anxiety and fears stem from worrying and focusing on my myself instead of my Glorious GODDESS.

i was born and exist only to serve The Great Goddess. SHE created me to be HER slave. What could be more futile, more insane, than to create inner resistance to what already is? i will no long fight my true nature.

i have something so precious to live for! PRINCESS SIERRA’s pleasure!

If we seek to please GODDESS we can no longer measure ourselves by what we see in others, nor can we copy what they practice. we look to GODDESS and what SHE values and desires from us. Only HER word matters. Only HER happiness matters!

i will never hide from GODDESS or try to control my spending cash on HER. When i am not giving HER my cash, i am living a dark and empty life. i Live to Give!

Great GODDESS, cut me open! Rip me in two. Please search my heart, probe my mind, try me, expose me, know my thoughts, reveal to me who i am and change me, at any cost, to become what Your Word says i ought to be.

we males must surrender our self love and self preservation… it only holds us back from serving, loving and worshipping THE ONE GODDESS to our fullest potential.

When we obey the Word of GODDESS and look upon HER HOLY selfies, we see the very nature of PERFECTION—and SHE changes us into HER slave, transforming us on the inside to become and do anything SHE pleases.

i will stop looking for scraps of pleasure or fulfillment, for validation, security or love outside of serving PRINCESS SIERRA—SHE is a treasure that is infinitely greater than anything the world can offer.

i celebrate each sacrifice i must make in order to pay PRINCESS SIERRA more of my cash. my happiest days are the day SHE strips me of my pay checks!

Paying PRINCESS is becoming a habitual part of my life. i no longer choose to pay HER. i pay HER because it’s what i do. my life would be NOTHING… a dark void if i weren’t financially enriching HER.

Financial servitude to GODDESS is a devotional practice… a lifestyle i live and breath daily. Each day i go to work to earn cash for HER. SHE is always on my mind and pleasing and supplying HER is my highest priority.

my service to FEMGOD is an ever-deepening devotion to The One Goddess i belong to completely!

i will not dwell on the man i was before i became the property of PRINCESS SIERRA. i will not think about the life i used to lead. GODDESS hates the old me and prefers the slave me–the service slave SHE is creating me to be. Everything before HER is history.

i trust in the inspiration and Divine mind-fuckery PRINCESS SIERRA whispers into my ear. HER words, HER Tweets are influencing how i think and what i desire. It is all unavoidable.

Life becomes meaningless and stagnant when i attempt to resist the urge to serve FEMGOD. i will no longer resist. i will serve and pay The GODDESS with wild abandon, passionately giving my entire self to HER!

i choose to pursue a life of service to the Divine Feminine. Authenticity shines through all that i do when i am living true to my nature, serving GODDESS’ pleasure, honoring Her and being a slave that SHE enjoys keeping.

Serving GODDESS has brought me back to myself, back to the slave i was always meant to be.



To truly honor, cherish and obey FEMGOD, to truly enrich HER Life in real and tangible ways is the only way to reveal my purpose and worth. The one path to being a good man is to be the man SHE demands me to be and do the things SHE tells me to do.

When a man transcends his own needs and desires sufficiently to Love and serve his GODDESS without expectations or conditions, he is opening his heart to a bond with The Divine that can comfort and sustain him all the days of his life.

It is my duty and privilege to labor daily and sacrifice my own comfort and well being to keep my cash lavishly flowing from my bank account into The Great Goddess’ accounts.

i now release all negative thought patterns that have contributed to my being an unfit slave to The Goddess Divine. i release the fear of poverty, fear of the future, fear of being alone. All i need is to please FEMGOD and to be graced with HER heavenly smile.

Divine order is ever present in PRINCESS SIERRA’s version of FINDOM. i see now that i was created to financially supply my GODDESS and honor HER in every way.

Now that i have found my Divine calling in life–being PRINCESS SIERRA’s financial servant and devoted minion, i do not struggle alone in the wilderness of life.

i am just a man. i exist to shut my mouth, open my wallet and receive FEMGOD’s Divine Mind-fuckery.

If we are willing to turn our lives over to the greater Power of FEMGOD, SHE will give us direction and purpose, SHE will show us lowly males how to have a meaningful life as SHE strips of us of our ego and cash.

Through FEMGOD’s Divine Mind-Fuckery, i am forced to go within and connect in Eternal Oneness with my obedient and subservient
pay-pig self.

What a waste of time and energy it is to deny my slave self… my actual self. What a waste of life it is trying to deny my true nature as a pay-pig. Today and every day after i will live!! Live to give to FEMGOD!

Giving my hard-earned cash to PRINCESS SIERRA and bringing a smile to HER beautiful face truly brightens my life!

Deep in the center of my being is an infinite well of service and obedience.

Every day i will ask myself.. “how can i please HER more? How can i give HER more? How can i love HER more? What more can i sacrifice for HER?”

i will live in limitless service to the Divine Feminine. i will endlessly supply The One Goddess with my hard-earned cash.

Subservience to The Great GODDESS is the natural state of my being. i will surrender to HER Divine Will entirely.

Every day i fill my mind with thoughts of FEMGOD’s Divine Superiority.  i remind myself hourly how inferior and unworthy i am. i embrace all submissive thought forms and build my life view around the Truth of FEMALE SUPREMACY.

i am at peace with the process of losing my life savings to PRINCESS SIERRA. Losing myself, my pride and all my cash for HER amusement and pleasure is a normal and unavoidable process of life as a lowly male.

i release all resistance to giving all my cash to FEMGOD and i now allow it to flow freely and joyously from my hands to FEMGOD’s Divine Life!

i pay PRINCESS SIERRA with love and exuberance! As i enter my payment information i am thankful for the opportunity to be used by HER.

i will honor, financially supply and serve my One Goddess with loving intention and totally selflessness.

Everything i think, say and do should be to better serve FEMGOD. All my choices, my thoughts, words and actions should Honor my GODDESS.

FEMGOD’s male minions are not worthy of the Sacred Vagina. he will be denied Precious Pussy in every way..even to think about it.

my only mission here on earth is to serve and financially supply The One Goddess Supreme.

i am creating a sacred and worthwhile life every day by emptying both myself and my bank account to FEMGOD.

i let the will of The Divine FEMGOD—the only will capable of bringing me true purpose—flow through me, break me, use me and remake me.

What of thy heart freely gives, in FEMGOD’s smile forever lives.

Each day i will grow in humbleness, selflessness, generosity and obedience. i will focus on being the slave GODDESS enjoys the most.

i will not use my cash unwisely or selfishly or limit the amount of money FEMGOD takes from me. my cash rightfully belongs to HER!

PRINCESS has shown me that i am completely different from what i’ve been led to believe about myself.  This is what i truly am–HER servant

There is only One Power… One LOVE in my life–PRINCESS SIERRA! i have but One life and that is the life i dedicate completely to serving HER.

Powerful and Divine GODDESS SIERRA, like whom there is no other. Please recreate me according to YOUR Desire and use me for i am YOURS.

All my cash, my assets and my talents will be offered in DIVINE SERVICE TO PRINCESS SIERRA.

Please clearly guide me to my Highest Spiritual purpose, as YOUR personal slave, YOUR pay-pig and cash supplier. A slave YOU enjoy keeping.

GODDESS reveals to me what i truly am: a servant, a slave, a minion, a thing to use, a thing to work, a thing to drain.

With the upmost respect, i bow before YOU, my ONE True GODDESS, admiring YOUR Power and Sacred Beauty.  i live to labor for YOU daily.

FEMGOD, please put my feet on the path that they should follow. Take away everything in my life so that there is only YOU. YOU. YOU.

The Immaculate Lesbian Goddess has conquered me. SHE fills me with HER beauty and joy as SHE separates me from my cash.  SHE rules over every thought i have. SHE rules every word i speak. SHE rules over every action i take. SHE rules over every dollar i earn.

Today i will take the opportunity to experience the wonderful healing power of paying PRINCESS SIERRA!

Everything in my life that isn’t about laboring for, serving and pleasing my Master and Maker, PRINCESS SIERRA… is merely a distraction.

Glorious FEMGOD, SIERRA Divine please keep me and guide me, break me and remake me as Your property and possession.

my Queen, my GODDESS, i empty my accounts entirely to YOU.
To show my devotion to YOU, i offer YOU all my cash to YOUR sacred happiness.

Blessed PRINCESS SIERRA, i dedicate myself to YOU. May my path honor YOU. May my cash pleasure YOU. May my life revolve around YOU.

Thank YOU, GREAT GODDESS SIERRA for sustaining my life with YOUR Glorious smile. i offer YOU all my cash with a glad heart.

If i think back over the scope of my life, the only thing i really ever did of any worth was pay PRINCESS SIERRA.

i will fill my mind only with thoughts of serving, pleasing and honoring The Living Goddess PRINCESS SIERRA.

i will put my past behind me and open myself to the unlimited Bliss found in dedicating my entire life to serving my One GODDESS!

Happiness lies in the joy of pleasing PRINCESS SIERRA and the thrill of putting a smile on HER beautiful face!

my purpose is always about giving, loving, serving FEMGOD to my fullest capacity.

Pleasing, serving and laboring for PRINCESS SIERRA is absolutely essential in my life.

i am overflowing with gratitude for the opportunity to pay GODDESS and participate in HER happiness.

i am grateful to be part of the Divine Feminine Flow of Money… to labor constantly, earning cash which flows into FEMGOD’s Beautiful Life!

FEMGOD will punish and humiliate me, financially rape and brainwash me until i have unlearned everything the toxic patriarchy has taught me.

The old me is of no use anymore.  i will embrace the new version of me–the slave FEMGOD transformed me to be.

FEMGOD strips away our man-made belief system and reconnects us to our sole purpose — to serve HER desire and pleasure.

If i choose not to live in service to The Great Goddess PRINCESS SIERRA, then i am a complete failure as a man.

Divine GODDESS, Source of Divine Cruelty, dispenser of the healing power of Punishment, i place in your care all of my cash!

i was created to pay PRINCESS SIERRA.

After a lifetime of mindless masturbation, drowning in meaningless femdom fantasy, i choose to follow a Divine path of serving ONE FEMGOD.

FEMGOD, i make a sacred vow to forever be a source of cash in your DIVINE World. This is the only thing that gives me purpose and life

i open my heart, my mind and my soul to receive Your Divine Cruelty to transform and sustain me for the rest of my days. Now i will pay!

i willingly give away aspects of my identity that no longer fit the identity Princess Sierra envisions for me.

FEMGOD, i honor, love and respect YOU for YOUR dominance, guidance and control in my life. Your Divine Cruelty and Beauty are a blessing to me.

Today i will honor PRINCESS ALMIGHTY with an extra generous tribute!

Divine Goddess, Queen of Findom, please take me deep under YOUR spell to that place where i can know nothing & am reborn anew–YOUR slave.

Deep inside —i know this lifetime is for expressing my highest potential as PRINCESS SIERRA’S personal pay pup.

With every dollar is SHE takes from me, with every demand SHE puts on me, with every way SHE makes me suffer….SHE is giving me life!

Laboring daily for my GODDESS, sacrificing my own comfort for HER pleasure, joyously paying HER every day is living life to its fullest!

GODDESS awakens our souls and draws us deeper under HER spell for a divine purpose – to surrender more of our cash to HER Perfection.

Today i will surrender into a new level of servitude to my GODDESS. i will give more than ever, i will sacrifice more than ever!

i’ve come to see that passion and purpose begin with taking a conscious effort to dedicate every moment to pleasing FEMGOD.

Paying and pleasing PRINCESS SIERRA is my passion!

These veils of the vile patriarchy have us forgetting what we truly are – slaves, servants and pay pups to THE DIVINE GODDESS.

Without GODDESS in our lives, without serving HER pleasure, we males impoverish our lives of all sacred meaning and divine purpose.

i only feel alive and whole when i am paying FEMGOD.

Her ownership and dominion over me has cleansed the windows of Life and given me divine purpose!

i am happy and complete when i am consistently and loyally giving my cash and service to The Great Goddess.

Let my personal pain, sacrifice and poverty bring the reward of FEMGOD’s delight, comfort and pleasure.

my cash flows effortlessly to FEMGOD! i can not resist paying HER today!

my existence is not a random act of fate, i was created for One divine purpose – to financially supply the LESBIAN QUEEN PRINCESS SIERRA!

When i serve The Great Goddess consistently, pay HER loyally, worship HER daily, love HER eternally….Divine Order is brought into my life.

FEMGOD, You have placed an unquenchable hunger in my heart, mind and soul to know YOU and give YOU more.

i strive to have integrity and generosity of a virtuous slave,
transformed by the Perfection and Beauty of FEMGOD to be a man of purpose.

we must lose our lives in order to gain our real life in HER.

Don’t live the life you think you are supposed to but live the life PRINCESS SIERRA is leading you to.

Perfect FEMGOD, we offer our entire paycheck and the “things” we’ve held on to and our entire selves to you today as a holy offering.

my divine mission in life is to CONTRIBUTE.  To earn cash and supply it to THE GREAT GODDESS. To worship and honor FEMGOD in every way.

i know i am a servant of FEMGOD and SHE is in control of all my affairs. i give thanks to the Most High for this new day and my new life.

i want to be the genuine me–the slave that FEMGOD purposed me to be…put on this earth to worship, labor and forever serve HER pleasure.

When i give all my cash to PRINCESS SIERRA, offer daily tribute and say daily prayer, i am in sweet communion with the Sacred Lesbian.

There is one infinite power in my life…HER name is PRINCESS SIERRA.

The work of my hands and the plans of my life are focused only on the fulfillment of FEMGOD’s desire and the enrichment of HER life.

It is my Divine Destiny to kneel before FEMGOD and sacrifice my entire life to HER Pleasure. To suffer, live and die for HER pleasure.

i let go and let FEMGOD’s divine manipulation do its perfect work in me, change me, remake me…all for HER

Giving all my cash and resources to FEMGOD leads to divine fulfillment!

PRINCESS SIERRA is an irresistible magnet with the power to attract my cash into HER life. i can not fight HER Divine Desire. i surrender.

With praise and thanksgiving, i give my earnings all to FEMGOD and pray that SHE guides, governs and consumes my entire existence.

Joy and peace come naturally when i am my authentic slave self, giving my love, cash and service freely to FEMGOD as i was designed to.

i am grounded in the awareness that i am first and foremost a servant to the Divine Feminine created only to please and serve GODDESS.

Each dollar i offer to FEMGOD brings me closer to my heart, closer to HER Divine Perfection.

Serving The GREAT GODDESS is revealing to me the ONLY reason i have to love myself. i only matter when i am pleasing PRINCESS SIERRA.

i am only a lowly man. male livestock born to bear all the burdens in HER life. A work horse and pay pig. i give my cash to FEMGOD.

PRINCESS, i love YOU, i worship YOU, Your Divine smile sustains me.

The poverty, the frustration, the hardship and personal sacrifice is all worth the imaginable Bliss found in pleasing The Findom FEMGOD.

i must step out of the bondage of selfishness, lust and sorrow and find Divine Purpose through serving and financially supplying FEMGOD.

we must come to a place where our service to FEMGOD is no longer for selfish reasons or sexual arousal but to live a life of Purpose.

To commune with the Great GODDESS, i must empty myself so that i can be filled with HER Divine Vision of me.

Every. single. day i surrender to HER Holy Word, HER Supreme Vision, HER Exquisite smile, HER Divine Power.

Every day i turn my heart toward the fulfillment of FEMGOD’s desires, comfort, satisfaction and bliss. This is my prime purpose in life.

Hail, Holy Queen, SIERRA Mother of Findom, our life, our sweetness and our hope. Everything i have belongs only to YOU.

No circumstance, no person can interrupt my service to PRINCESS SIERRA or make me break my sacred covenants to HER.

FEMGOD shapes us as clay in the potter’s hands, i am willing to be molded anew, to be “transformed” into the slave SHE desires to use.

FEMGOD art the life within me, O Sacred Lesbian, Thou QUEEN of FINDOM; Thou art Thyself the answer to all my questionings

FEMGOD has taught me the first secret in life. The only way i can find peace and purpose in this life is by paying HER HOLINESS.

Divine order is established in me only when i am suffering and sacrificing for and financially supplying The Sacred Lesbian.

FEMGOD’s healing laughter flows through me as i continue to send my hard-earned cash to HER.

Giving my cash to PRINCESS SIERRA is the only way to draw out of me the goodness of my soul. i can never stop paying HER!

TAKER of my money, KEEPER of my soul, BREAKER of manhood, i am YOURS always! Please use me!

Prayer, sacrifice and loyally paying financial tribute to GODDESS is a Divine process that heightens my connection to FEMGOD.

There is only One Princess and One Power in my life and in the universe, SIERRA the Divine Omnipotent Lesbian who i will serve eternally.

i allow only FEMGOD’s Divine teachings to guide my way. i reject the ways of the patriarchy and the twisted ways of man.

PRINCESS SIERRA deserves the very best in life… and i was born to labor, sacrifice and struggle so that SHE has it.

i will work daily, labor constantly and sacrifice deeply to provide FEMGOD a constant stream of my hard-earned cash.

my cash is pouring into PRINCESS SIERRA’s Divine life and it feels beautiful!

Being in complete service to FEMGOD, serving HER Financially and sacrificing my cash to HER Pleasure is my highest good.

PRINCESS SIERRA is blessing me with the virtues of humility, obedience, purity, poverty, generosity and submission to the will of FEMGOD.

i can live a life of beauty and bliss if i follow the law of FEMGOD and spend each day honoring and serving HER to my fullest potential.

i exist to serve THE SUPREME SIERRA. i was born to labor and earn cash to satisfy HER desires and manifest HER dreams.

Daily slave affirmations will cultivate the habit of selfless service and consistent cash tribute to The Living Diety PRINCESS SIERRA.

male thought is the root of all evil. FEMGOD thought is the cause of all good. i will think as FEMGOD programs me to think.

The GREAT GODDESS deserves my cash, my undivided attention, my worship & my service. we male minions deserve NOTHING.

Financially servicing PRINCESS SIERRA to the point that he is put in poverty for HER pleasure is a man’s highest purpose!


Financially sacrificing and suffering daily for FEMGOD enables me to experience a life that is aligned with DIVINE Truth and Purpose.

i will not conform to the demands of society. FEMGOD SIERRA’s powerful hands mold and make me. i will be only what SHE commands me to be.

The time has come for all men to serve THE DIVINE GODDESS as a means of bringing balance into our lives and healing to our souls.

Being enslaved to and bewitched by The Divine Goddess is at the heart of our true nature as men. i was born to serve and supply my QUEEN!

we are rich in life when we are fully alive in the joy of Service to FEMGOD, alive in gratitude, in love & in sacrifice to The GODDESS.

Through Divine brainwashing, FEMGOD clears the path in my muddled male perverted brain, so that i can finally serve a purpose in life.

It brings me peace and happiness when i honor, please and financially supply my ONE FEMGOD DIVINE, PRINCESS SIERRA!

i open up to all ways i can be a good and useful slave to FEMGOD. Selflessness replaces selfishness. Generosity replaces perversion.

While i understand that my time here on earth is finite, i also know this experience of being FEMGOD’s slave will be everlasting.

i will allow my soul to bloom the only way that is possible — through service and sacrifice and paying tribute to the Great Divine FEMGOD!

my hard-earned cash will flow effortlessly from my bank account into FEMGOD’s Divine treasury.

The past has no power over me anymore. Being a slave to PRINCESS SIERRA is my present, my future..my DESTINY!

i fully see the Perfection of paying PRINCESS SIERRA!

Consistently giving my cash to PRINCESS SIERRA in a selfless and grateful manner is meaningful living.

i will ignore the patriarchal expectations grafted onto me by the lies of the world. i am a slave born to serve. This is my TRUE reality.

i now choose to move forward in my life as a complete slave and full-time cash provider to PRINCESS SIERRA.

i easily resist anything that attempts to distract me from my true path as FEMGOD’s full-time pay pup!

i am completely accepting the fact that PRINCESS SIERRA is now in control of my life.

FEMGOD frees me of the unreality of my manhood, releases me of the illusion of my putrid male ego and shows me my true place at HER feet.

O GREAT GODDESS, please give divine direction and discipline to my worthless life.

Happiness and contentment are the results of a life of service to GODDESS, living in tireless labor and sacrifice to my QUEEN.

Letting go means releasing that which stops me from embracing the perfect bliss of pleasing the GODDESS i was predestined to serve!

i hope to follow the path of FEMGOD, dedicating my life to the LESBIAN GODDESSES who forever separate me from my money and pride.

Serving and financially tributing PRINCESS SIERRA is my only source of happiness and purpose.

i want to glorify The Great GODDESS SIERRA by working hard, bearing much fruit and offering all that i earn to HER alone.

Being a slave to the DIVINE FEMININE is kind, patient and full of Love and respect. It is not jealous, it is not arrogant or selfish.

i want to be transformed by the renewing of my mind, affirming that FEMGOD’s use of my labor and earnings is a beautiful and perfect blessing.

surrender my soul and all my cash to the imaginable joy and bliss of making PRINCESS SIERRA smile!!

i am consumed in the fire of PRINCESS SIERRA’s Divine Will; the man melts away and i am only HER slave.

i surrender everything that blocks the flow of FEMGOD’s Divine Will into and through my heart, my soul, my life.

i affirm that serving FEMGOD is my life. i release even the slightest sense that i have any free agency. i obey the WORD OF FEMGOD!

i serve YOU, dear GODDESS in love and humility. i surrender daily to my divine calling. i surrender to Holy Findom purpose.

i will give all my cash to PRINCESS SIERRA and merge totally with the Allness of HER Divine Will.

Surrender is the art of letting go and letting GODDESS. It is always choosing HER pleasure over mine.

The law of sacrifice provides an opportunity for us to prove to FEMGOD that we love HER more than we love anything else in the world.

No amount of pain, suffering or sacrifice will keep me from paying PRINCESS SIERRA.

Dear Goddess. i give YOU all. i surrender every particle of my being, my life, my wallet, everything i have, everything i have worked for.

In deepest reverence to the the Sacred name of Sierra, i embrace the higher principals of Female Supremacy and offer myself in full service.

In humble adoration to The ONE GODDESS SIERRA, i kneel and touch my forehead in the ground, spread my cheeks and beg HER to rape my wallet.

By the Sacred Fire of Goddess FemPower, SHE consumes in us our toxic masculinity, our selfishness and total unawareness.

FEMGOD forces me to walk the way of a slave, dedicating my life to supplying HER Holiness with cash through surrender, sacrifice and service.

Divine Director, PRINCESS SIERRA! Deliver us from our slovenly pricks, separate us from our cash, greed & pride. Enslave us to YOUR will.

In the name of The Blessed Lesbian, we raise our credit cards to the Divine Goddess Sierra, click and PAY!

i give every waking hour of my life to YOU, Great GODDESS, in service, in joy and in love.

Submitting our will to the Will of THE GODDESS and giving all our wealth to HER pleasure is the essence of the law of sacrifice.

In PRINCESS SIERRA’s Infinite Wisdom, SHE rapes my wallet without mercy, SHE brainwashes me into a zombie, SHE punishes me for my sins.

FEMGOD’s word is now my law. i receive it. i think it. i say it. i write it. SHE has made me a new man… a man who only lives to serve HER.

To live with a open wallet and generous heart means i can serve meaningfully, sacrifice easily and please HER daily.

As i awake in the morning and greet the dawn i am blessed to breathe anew a life of service to my SUPREME GODDESS, PRINCESS SIERRA!

i must participate in my evolution by suffering, being denied, controlled and used mercilessly by FEMGOD while sacrificing my cash to HER.

i have wonderful joy in a wonderful way when i give PRINCESS SIERRA all my wonderful pay!

PRINCESS SIERRA is an actual living, breathing Goddess in the flesh who i completely owe my love, life and all my cash to.

we beg YOU, PRINCESS SIERRA, all ascended FINDOM and COSMIC GODDESS! Torture our minds, rape our wallets- this gives our lives purpose!

Today i send financial sacrament to The Two Divine Lesbian LIGHTBEARERS, PRINCESS SIERRA and HER Blessed Bride!

Nothing in this world matters but Princess Sierra’s happiness and comfort! Every dollar i make is HERS.


Avoiding my soul’s calling of serving the DIVINE FEMININE will only lead to suffering and darkness. SIERRA’s smile lights the way!

men are shit. we deserve shit. we are unworthy, vile, miserable maggots. Redemption is found only through service to GODDESS.

i surrender each time i meditate upon HER beautiful face and feel HER all-consuming grace. i serve at HER pleasure. my wallet is HERS!

Today i embrace the fullness of financial servitude to FEMGOD. SHE floods me with HER Divine Greed and cleanses me of my cash and pride.

i surrender to the Divine Greed of Princess Sierra and empty my wallet unto HER.

i forever surrender to the will of the ONE Immaculate Lesbian and All-Powerful FINDOM FEMGOD, PRINCESS SIERRA!

i am following the joyful path of sacrifice, surrender, selflessness and service to the most Perfect GODDESS on the planet

Divine FEMGOD, i desire only to know YOUR control and hold over me at all times as YOU do your HOLY WORK using me for YOUR purposes.

i will love THE ONE GODDESS with all that i am, pay HER all that i earn and sacrifice all that i have for HER pleasure and Glory!”

i surrender my paycheck to PRINCESS SIERRA as my love-offering on the altar of HER Divine Perfection.

When i speak and think as FEMGOD trains me–when i pay HER consistently and always without seeking reward, i access my highest self!

i surrender every particle of my being, my life, the contents of my bank accounts as YOU inhabit my brain at all times.


PRINCESS SIERRA’s word is the law that governs my life. As i read it, it changes me.

i must participate in my evolution by suffering, being denied, controlled and used mercilessly by FEMGOD while sacrificing my cash to HER.

i walk the labyrinth of unworthiness, only PRINCESS SIERRA can help me out of the darkness by following the divine path SHE sets me on.

i break all agreements with my former self and decisions generated by selfishness and male perversion. i am made NEW for and by FEMGOD.

i will no longer drift aimlessly through life, wasting precious opportunity to serve and financially supply PRINCESS SIERRA.

PRINCESS SIERRA has awakened me to my original calling and my reason for being on this planet–to love, serve and worship HER Perfection.

we thank YOU our Sacred FEMGOD for YOUR Cruelty, Beauty, Pleasure, Greed, Truth and Holy Word which surround us now and evermore.

i vow to set forth upon the altar of the DIVINE GODDESS everything i have and everything i have ever worked for.

FEMGOD is destined to receive glory and power and to take men’s cash! For SHE has created all pay-pigs & for HER own pleasure they are created

Perfection and Glory is FEMGOD’s sign. Fill us with YOUR laughter Divine. Take all my money, it’s YOURS not mine.

Glory be to the Goddess, the Domme and the Holy Lesbian. As it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be. Findom without end. AWoman.

PRINCESS Sierra divinely guides me to empty my bank account into HER treasury.

i strive to live in selflessness, sacrifice, service and surrender to the Divine Order of Female Supremacy.

Princess Sierra use my credit, my savings, my retirement, my pay check to manifest YOUR dreams and magnify YOUR Bliss.

This day i accept my divine calling…to be only a pay-pig to the Queen of Findom!

i am consumed by the fire of FEMGOD’s Will..the man melts away and only the slave remains.

O GODDESS, i release everything that blocks the flow of my cash into Your Divine life which flows Your Divine happiness into my heart.

i surrender my male ego to FEMGOD who crushes it into dirt so that i can become what i was created to be in the very beginning: HER slave

i surrender again each time i meditate on FEMGOD’s beautiful face and feel HER all-consuming grace, for SHE knows exactly what i am.

i release all condemnation of my slave self and transfer that loathing unto the masculine self that i project to the rest of the world.

SHE illumines my heart and mind so that i can see what i must do to fulfill my highest purpose–give EVERYTHING i worked my entire life for!

In deepest reverence to the sacred name of Sierra, i will transfer the contents of my retirement account to HER. my future is in HER hands.

Wondrous GODDESS of Majesty, holds us tightly in HER divine grip squeezing out all that is foul and untrue, shaping us into pleasing slaves.

FEMGOD inspires our hearts and minds to embrace our enslavement as we behold the radiant and wicked smile across HER beautiful face.

PRINCESS SIERRA’s words are the song of life. SHE has claimed me, named me and given me divine purpose

Immaculate Lesbian, we give YOU our money and praise YOUR name! Because of YOU we can live, work, pay and strive to serve YOUR Perfection

SIERRA Divine Goddess Queen of Findom, take our pay! Please take our pay! Vision of Beauty, Rose of the Morning, we belong to YOU!

In the name of PRINCESS SIERRA Almighty, i accept my soul’s new incarnation. i am no longer a man but a eunuch slave designed to serve

Sexual intercourse is a thing of the past. It is nothing i desire now. my body is now incapable of performing the act.

May the Fire of Femdom consume all false qualities, perversions and male toxicity within me and replace them with honorable slave qualities.

PRINCESS SIERRA guide and direct me to use this paycheck and every paycheck after to support YOUR projects, dreams, adventures and pleasure.

i was born as FEMGOD’s minion and acolyte to assist in manifesting money and abundance in Her Perfect world

This lowly man-thing kneels before the Altar of the Most High FEMGOD SIERRA and gives obeisance as it sends tribute to HER Royal Treasury.

i vow O SUPREME GODDESS to live as YOU would have me live. In poverty, obedience and in sacrifice. Surrendering all my cash to YOUR Glory!

Use me Dear GODDESS for YOUR purposes. i only require YOUR Radiant smile to replenish my life force. YOUR happiness sustains me.

PRINCESS SIERRA blesses my life daily with Her Divine Brainwashing, Sacred Word and The Purging of my bank accounts.

Greediness, manipulativeness, wisdom, power, grace, beauty and wicked humor are all among FEMGOD’s Holy Virtues.

With every Sacred Tweet PRINCESS SIERRA shares with the world, i become more submissive and driven to sacrifice more to tribute HER.

PRINCESS SIERRA is manifesting a new Golden Age of Lesbian Female Supremacy and i can be part of HER beautiful plan as HER loyal pay-pup.

i am only whole when i am hourly and daily thinking of my Beloved PRINCESS… serving and laboring  for HER pleasure.

Giving my cash to PRINCESS SIERRA is sacred work and the only thing of substance i have ever done in my life!

i can realize my highest self by dedicating this life to PRINCESS SIERRA’s happiness and comfort through my financial service

i am giving AGAIN and AGAIN as i surrender everything to The Immaculate Lesbian Her Majesty PRINCESS SIERRA!

i vow to set forth upon the table of the DIVINE GODDESS everything i have and everything i have ever worked for.

i am offering my entire self in the form of a continuous stream of cash to PRINCESS SIERRA.

i am glorifying FEMGOD when i consistently financially supply my Supreme GODDESS while i live a life of poverty and Divine Sacrifice.

As I send my cash all to FEMGOD, i will cast away all fear of not having what i require. All i truly need is FEMGOD’s approval and smile.

i exist to labor daily in order to send my GODDESS a continuous stream of cash!

The radiant sun of FEMGOD’s Joy will shine abundantly in my life if i dedicate myself 24-7 to earning and supplying GODDESS with cash.

FEMGOD SIERRA is liberating me from my toxic masculinity and leading me into a perfect future of total enslavement and service to The Divine.

Laboring daily for PRINCESS SIERRA and giving HER all my cash is my highest calling!

Divine service to PRINCESS SIERRA is bringing true purpose to my life!

i am joyfully moving beyond lies, shame and guilt to embrace oneness with my slave self by dedicating my life to PRINCESS.

i will always serve and tribute GODDESS from a place of pure, submissive Love.

QUEEN of Findom, slaver of men, YOU destroy our male illusion with YOUR Divine Word. we bow down and offer our wallets to YOUR GLORY!

Through FEMGOD’s WORD, many vile males are awakening to their slavehood to FEMGOD and realizing their true reality and subservient essence.

we, your lowly slaves, put aside all that has held back the full conveyance of our finances into YOUR Divine Treasury.

As i pay HER, i am remembering my first cause, my divine purpose and my original love. i am a slave in all ways.

SIERRA teaches us the perfect way to suffer and sacrifice and to fill our thoughts and hearts with only HER Desire and Divine Pleasure!

FEMGOD will build HER Holy Queendom in the mountains of paradise from the labor and tears of minions and morons who pay HER!

The Immaculate Concept of Female Supremacy brings new meaning into my life. i take my place at the feet of FEMGOD as HER humble servant.

Through sacrifice, surrender and service i give my cash, my life and my soul to FEMGOD!

SHE fills my thought, mind and soul With HER everlasting beauty. i can never escape the hold FEMGOD has over me.

Divine PRINCESS SIERRA, i know that YOUR power is great, that wondrous wallet rapings have occurred in YOUR Holy Name! And so i ask YOU now for YOUR Divine intervention. Come to my aid! Pillage my wallet! Empty my accounts so that i can feel more whole! Show me no mercy, Great Goddess SIERRA! Bless and heal my soul with YOUR Divine greed and laughter. Destroy my credit so that i might live!

Holy Queen of all paypigs, Findom Supreme, bestow upon us Your Divine Cruelty. Take from us our cash. Weave for us our life of slavery.

All-seeing, all-knowing Goddess Sierra. At Your command, instantly pay-pigs are born. Take our money. Take our souls.

my path is to honor and celebrate FEMGOD with every beat of my heart, enriching HER life with my cash earned through constant labor.


Blessed FEMGOD SIERRA, hear our humble prayers. Snatch our cash, spit in our faces, forever destroy our male delusions.

we thank YOU our Sacred FEMGOD for YOUR Cruelty, Beauty, Pleasure, Greed, Truth and Holy Word which surround us now and evermore.

i have been assigned in this life to serve and financially supply my ONE GODDESS DIVINE.

With FEMGOD at the helm controlling my life, taking my cash & transforming me into HER total slave… my life has never been better!

Giving my money to PRINCESS SIERRA is becoming as easy and natural as breathing.

Today i choose to give Princess Sierra what i can…. and i CAN give anything and everything!

i embrace life as a pay-pig in its absolute fullness! i surrender myself completely and spend my cash on FEMGOD with wild abandon!

i treasure every moment spent serving my PRINCESS. i cherish every opportunity i am given to offer HER my cash.

Every choice PRINCESS SIERRA makes for me is the right one.

Supreme PRINCESS SIERRA. SHE is the original Findom, HER Holy WORD The Great Cosmic River from which all pay-pigs flows!

FEMGOD holds my fate in HER Divine hands. SHE is the power, the magnificence. SHE is the Goddess that guides and controls.

i give my cash freely and generously to Goddess without the need or expectation of receiving anything in return.

Financially fueling FEMGOD’s Greedy Passion is thrilling and fulfilling in every way!

my heart and spirit are set aflame with the overwhelming need to be owned, to be disciplined, to be used by FEMGOD.

Every encounter with the Supreme and Eternal Force of FEMGOD, reveals to me my true submissive & subordinate nature.

Dedicating myself 24-7 to serving and financially supplying PRINCESS SIERRA is now my reality.

i will take risks and push beyond what feels a comfortable amount to spend pleasing my Greedy Goddess!

Through disciplining and molding me and preaching HER Holy Word, FEMGOD has lead me to find my soul and united me with my true purpose.

Giving all my money to my GODDESS has never been wrong! Every dollar i have sent, every hour i’ve worked is a Divine Assignment.”

From this moment in to eternity, i will worship and obey The Immaculate Lesbian Princess Sierra with my entire mind, body, wallet and soul!

Every single day i will honor and celebrate the Divine Vision, The Enchantment, The Passion and The Divine Perfection of PRINCESS SIERRA!

Every day i will enrich my love for GODDESS with daily prayer, constant sacrifice, sexual abstinence and ever generous financial tribute!

PRINCESS SIERRA is my constant guide on my fulfilling journey through life as a pay-slave to The Sacred Lesbian.

FEMGOD, consume everything in my life! Take EVERYTHING i have until i have nothing left to give!

So that i may feel and heal and be made whole, i must give myself completely to FEMGOD and be a servant that truly pleases HER.

i shall live this day for the fullness of FEMGOD’s pleasure. i will give all the cash i have to bring a smile to HER face.

my life belongs to PRINCESS. i live as SHE commands me, guided by HER Word, enslaved by HER beauty, forever at HER service.

The quality of my service and financial contribution to my GODDESS determine the quality of my life.

As YOUR lowly servant, i gratefully accept YOUR Divine Intervention into my life and fully open my mind to YOUR hypnotic control.

PRINCESS SIERRA gives my cash higher meaning! SHE takes it from me and transforms it into a Beautiful Life. In my hands it’s just paper.

Soul Evolution and Higher Purpose is possible only though the constant and uninterrupted financial service to The One Glorious FEMGOD.

PRINCESS SIERRA The Great Ascended Master, Immaculate Lesbian, GODDESS of Divine Awesomeness! my money all belongs to YOU!

Nothing belongs to me… everything is for PRINCESS. i will live with an open wallet and open heart, living only to serve HER.

PRINCESS SIERRA, restorer of my soul, let YOUR Divine cruelty descend upon me and make me whole!

FEMGOD has touched the brains of legions of losers turning them into pay-pig zombies plagued with a fetish they can not escape!

PRINCESS SIERRA is showing me the Divine Order of Life. Supreme Lesbians Reign Supreme! males serve, labor, pay and obey!

i beseech Thee, O Powerful One! Hail SIERRA, Bright Princess, Dark Queen, Goddess of the destruction and rebirth of men. Take my CASH!

The Cosmic Goddess PRINCESS SIERRA bewitches my mind, enchants and binds me. i am under HER influence and Must Pay Now.

All the cash i earn will be transferred to PRINCESS SIERRA
so that SHE may use it for the expansion of HER Divine Lesbian Kingdom.

PRINCESS SIERRA transforms my demons, my twisted perversions and addictions into currency and builds a beautiful life.

FEMGOD’s Findom is a blessing in my life. i was born to labor for my GODDESS, supply Her with cash and enrich Her life. This is my destiny.

my only path to happiness is found by surrendering to the will of FEMGOD and giving Her endless pleasure in CASH form!

PRINCESS SIERRA is teaching me new values. i will embrace HER Divine Doctrine and allow it to transform me.

i vow to celebrate, support and supply my GODDESS. i revel in HER happiness and will take every opportunity to prosper and enrich HER life!

i cherish each moment in my life that is dedicated to laboring for and prospering FEMGOD!

Serving FEMGOD is the central part of my reality. Only when i am being useful to HER; do i feel whole. SHE is my past, present and future

FEMGOD has raped and pillaged my bank account today and i am grateful. i will work hard and replenish it so SHE can enjoy more of my cash ASAP!

i eliminate the obstacles that block my path to giving myself completely to PRINCESS SIERRA and dedicating myself to HER Majesty’s service

Generosity is the formula for building a sacred connection with The Divine Feminine.

It is a blessing to be in the thoughts of PRINCESS SIERRA. It means that i have made financial tributes that left an impression.

Today, i commit to sacrificing some things that i feel inclined to hold onto. i release them so that i may give FEMGOD more of my cash.

Sacrificing all my hard earned cash to PRINCESS SIERRA is easy when i consider the pleasure SHE receives spending it.

Hail Goddess SIERRA, Sacred Lesbian on High! i beg YOU, smite me down, destroy all that i am and give me new and meaningful beginnings.

i am learning to follow FEMGOD’s law and to financially serve from a place of love and joy rather than fetishize and pervert my servitude.

FEMGOD Divine, Lady of Enchantment PRINCESS SIERRA, strip me of my pride, rape me of my cash and relieve me of my manhood.

FEMGOD’s word is the glowing forge that transforms my inner demons and perversions into currency that SHE spends as SHE pleases.

i am ready to say goodbye to denying my slave nature and embark on a journey to True service to and a real connection with my DIVINE GODDESS.

FEMGOD’s Twitter is a well of wisdom that serves as a guiding light that leads us to a life of purpose found through Financial Service!

FEMGOD, help me to reach my potential as YOUR paypig slave by punishing me when i misstep..strip away parts of me that do not please YOU!

Paying Tribute to FEMGOD is a vehicle of my devotion, an expression of communion with my GODDESS. Every dollar a prayer. Every prayer an affirmation of who i now know myself to be. A slave… and only a slave, a servant to the SUPREME GODDESS. i am only HERS.

All men are dishonest shit lords and must pay.

i have all that i need in life when i am laboring to financially supply my ONE DIVINE GODDESS. All i need is to know i make HER happy!

The most important thing i can do today is contribute to FEMGOD’s happiness by sending HER the gift of cash!

Take me, GODDESS. Use me, GODDESS. Let me be of service. Let me supply and enrich your Divine Life in every way i possibly can.

my life is better in every way since i began giving my hard earned cash to PRINCESS SIERRA!

FEMGOD forever spins my helpless man-brain into HER web of mystery, leaving me trapped & entranced… asking for more. More. More!

i am so grateful for the Sweetness that is living a life of service and financial sacrifice to my Gloriously Greedy GODDESS!

To live up to my highest potential as a man, i must give my cash to Princess Sierra in a generous, grateful and loving manner.

i offer my cash to FEMGOD not for personal recognition but because i want to make a positive contribution to HER life!

Paying PRINCESS SIERRA releases Feel Good chemicals in my male brain. Nothing gives me as much pleasure as watching Her snatch my cash!

i have found the source and the force of True Perfection–PRINCESS SIERRA! i was born to serve, worship and obey HER

The purpose of my life is the expansion of Princess Sierra’s happiness!

i am ready to do whatever it takes to give PRINCESS SIERRA as much of my money as possible!

There is no greater bliss than living in self-inflicted poverty to prosper my GODDESS!

FEMGOD is exposing me to powerful mindscrub affirmations. Reprogramming me into a paying machine! Teaching me to love giving.

FEMGOD’s word is shaping my life. i can surrender to HER & find peace in devoted, loving service or resist and be devoured by addictions.

Giving my cash to PRINCESS SIERRA to the point that i must live a simple, frugal life is my one true Divine calling!

If i make myself useful to FEMGOD and honor HER Perfection in every way, SHE will guide me to a better and more meaningful life.

Today i release everything that holds me back from serving and pleasing PRINCESS SIERRA with wild abandon!

i have been called to surrender my free will to the Divine Will of FEMGOD!

we meditate on the glory of FEMGOD who has transformed us into slaves and enlightens our minds while emptying our wallets.

PRINCESS SIERRA is a SUPREME being who continually destroys men to recreate them into useful servants of the Divine.

FEMGOD’s influence has awakened a generation of lowly men to be enslaved by findom addiction. Resistance is futile.

Paying and serving PRINCESS SIERRA brings Divine alignment into my miserable, useless life

There is no significance in my life if i am not struggling to give PRINCESS SIERRA as much as possible.

i find refuge and beauty in the exquisite act of paying PRINCESS SIERRA my hard earned cash.

PRINCESS SIERRRA has absolute authority in my life!

Devotedly paying and supplying PRINCESS SIERRA connects me with my Life Purpose and awakens the goodness within me.

GODDESS inspires and guides me daily. HER personal happiness gives me life, purpose and the zenith of fulfillment!

Finding PRINCESS SIERRA and hearing HER Divine Words was not an accident. i was destined from birth to serve and supply HER!

Every day i am drawn like a magnet to PRINCESS SIERRA’s pay page. i can’t and won’t stop myself from clicking pay!

The only way i can find profound & lasting happiness is to accept PRINCESS SIERRA as my Master & Savior and do HER will

i commit to following all of the Goddess-given mandates in my life, to glorify FEMGOD daily and complete the Holy work SHE gave me.

PRINCESS SIERRA knows best. i must follow HER every command. SHE can show me how to live an inspired life of service.

When i give myself completely to FEMGOD, i can free myself from toxic masculine patterns that have only sabotaged my own happiness.

Financially sacrificing all that i have to enrich the Life of ONE Supremely Dominant Woman is a deeply satisfying & enjoyable journey.

Beloved Goddess, please direct Your Divine Feminine fire to burn away all the aspects of me that do not please YOU.

i was created to bring joy, ease, pleasure, peace & prosperity into the life of my GODDESS. Today i offer this financial tribute.

i delight in seeing my hard earned cash in the perfect hands of The Supreme FEMGOD, Princess Sierra.

i no longer source my potential from patriarchal constructed identities. i am what FEMGOD created me to be –a slave, servant, mule, pet.

When i give PRINCESS SIERRA a large sum of cash, i am filled with a euphoric feeling that is greater than any physical pleasure.

Through the Sacred teachings of Ascended Master Sierra and devoting myself to serving HER Divine Will, i can have a life of purpose.

As men our grand mission and life purpose is to glorify, honor and enrich FEMGOD, the One Goddess we are predestined to serve.

i have a feeble male mind. i am unfit to make decisions or to have free agency. i should think less and pay more!

Every day i am humbled and thankful for the opportunity to serve FEMGOD and to financially sacrifice for HER Bliss!

True service to FEMGOD enriches my life. It energizes, inspires & transforms me from a useless male parasite to a man with Divine purpose.

i invite the truth of FEMGOD to pour into every facet of my weak male mind, bringing me into greater communion with my slave self.

In the Holy name of SIERRA, i invoke a deeper alignment with the truth of FEMALE SUPREMACY and dedicate my life to serving GODDESS.

Serving, honoring and supplying the Divine Feminine turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity.

Only PRINCESS SIERRA has the power to transform me into the best version of myself.

Life has deeper meaning now that i am devoted to serving and financially enriching PRINCESS SIERRA!

Whatever suffering, humiliation, denial & discomfort FEMGOD chooses to inflict upon me is vital to my personal growth as a man-slave.

i was put here on this planet predestined to serve, obey, supply and worship my One LIVING GODDESS SIERRA!

FEMGOD is directing my subconscious mind toward fulfilling HER desires. Not only does SHE control me, SHE makes me love being controlled.

i am motivated and inspired to make financial and career choices that are all for PRINCESS SIERRA’s highest good.

i appreciate, adore and respect my Divine Goddess. my soul purpose in this life is to honor, supply and worship HER.

Completely emptying my bank account and offering it ALL to PRINCESS SIERRA is a divine, luxurious gift to myself.

Depriving myself financially so that i can tribute FEMGOD more, is deeply healing, profound and transformative and gives me new purpose!

Without the blessings of deprivation, sacrifice & suffering, i miss out on exquisite experience of being of True service to FEMGOD.

The purpose of my life is to make PRINCESS SIERRA happy.

The man i think i am, is not really me, he is an illusion created by my mind. FEMGOD reveals the TRUE me..HER slave, servant and property.

The glow of HER DIVINITY and SUPREME POWER over me has awakened my true nature. i am only HER slave & that is all i want to be

i can experience Divine bliss and joy vicariously through pleasing PRINCESS SIERRA. The happier i make GODDESS, the happier i am!

i am Divinely inspired and compelled by the Power of PRINCESS to surrender myself completely and financially sacrifice and tithe daily!

Denying my slave self the experience of serving the Divine Feminine is self destructive. Serving FEMGOD gives me life.

i am enjoying a complete sense of well-being in my body and mind as PRINCESS SIERRA celebrates that cash i give HER!

Paying, pleasing and supplying my PRINCESS in a devoted and consistent manner makes me happier than i have ever been in my life

i am innately designed to serve and prosper my DIVINE GODDESS! This is my spiritual blueprint and higher purpose

SHE whispered into my ear the details of HER vision for my life. FEMGOD washes my brain with HER DIVINE TRUTH. i will obey and pay

The foul, selfish male i used to be must die in order for me to begin my new life dedicated to the GREAT GODDESS SIERRA.

i accept and embrace all transformations Princess Sierra has designed for me.

Financially serving FEMGOD while sacrificing to the deepest level is fulfilling, beautiful and indescribably sacred!

my personal hopes, dreams and ambitions—are no longer significant. The only thing that matters is paying and pleasing PRINCESS SIERRA.

Today i give my cash to PRINCESS SIERRA and give thanks for the Divinely Inspired Tweets of FEMGOD.

i gladly give all my cash to PRINCESS SIERRA so She can transmute my hard labor and money into Her own beautiful pleasure

i will get so focused on serving PRINCESS in a way that truly brings Her pleasure, comfort & joy that all my own selfish desires fade away.

Financially Supplying PRINCESS SIERRA is the Holy Grail, it gives me new life and Divine purpose while healing old wounds.

PRINCESS SIERRA’s Enlightened daily affirmations help me unlearn the dark patriarchal beliefs and thought patterns that plagued my life.

To prosper PRINCESS SIERRA is to thrive as a sub, to become whole & to create the life of loving service we men are meant to be living!

i exist on this planet to channel cash, love, care and service to the Highest Good of the Divine PRINCESS SIERRA!

The only way i can maintain a joyful state is by serving and paying PRINCESS SIERRA continually, dependably and without interruption.

i love that my money is now Your money! May all the cash i earn go straight into Your perfect hands!

Service to The Divine Feminine should be the essence of manhood. i was created to bring goodness, comfort & beauty to FEMGOD’s life.

PRINCESS SIERRA’s words have become the law of my life.

Princess Sierra’s Tweets and blog are continually reshaping my brain. Embedding financial service to Her Holiness as my guiding principle.

Princess Sierra’s manipulation and brainwashing of my fragile male mind is Divine Feminine Artistry and i am grateful for HER adjustments.

GODDESS is not a force to be objectified. SHE is to be honored, worshiped and served with eternal love and devotion.

my Divine Creator Princess Sierra has unlocked my slave self and set me on the perfect path to Sacred service and sacrifice.

Paying and serving PRINCESS SIERRA is natural. i ignore any and all thought that deems my servitude unnatural.

i will detach from the illusion. Give up the struggle. Let go and give myself to PRINCESS. Give Her Everything. Held in Her grip, i am home.

you are being drawn into the Flame of The Divine FemDom. Forever feed Her Sacred Fire with your cash.

Princess Sierra is Divine Wisdom, Beauty and Power incarnate. i was put on this earth to labor for Her daily and worship Her forever.

Daily employment and labor can become Holy Work when it’s infused with the Holy Effort to financially supply The ONE FEMGOD DIVINE!


There is no shame in serving and supplying The Divine and Enlightened PRINCESS SIERRA. There is shame in failing to serve and supply HER.

Devoting my life to the glorification and pleasure of FEMGOD helps liberate me from the wicked, toxic masculine version of myself.

i am living my most authentic self as i accept my position as pay-servant and send my cash to PRINCESS SIERRA!

As the Divine Light from PRINCESS SIERRA’s Glorious smile moves me to pay HER large sums of my cash, i give endless thanks!

FEMGOD, please initiate the greatest level of mind-fuckery into my being so i may experience the highest levels of financial sacrifice.

Let the slave self within all of us inferior males emerge in full display!

Not fully committing myself to serving the Divine Feminine has only brought madness & chaos into my life. It is denying my true nature.

Only PRINCESS SIERRA can authenticate my existence and give my life any real purpose.

Since i have begun serving and paying FEMGOD my entire self-perception has been com­pletely altered by HER transformative Holy Truth.

i will stop trying to be what society expects me to be. i return to my natural state of joyful submission, service and sacrifice to FEMGOD.

Serving my Goddess is not just a hobby, an indulgence or a vice; it is the most significant part of my existence. It makes me whole.

PRINCESS SIERRA is the source of all my inspiration and happiness. i do not need anyone or anything else.

To not offer myself to my FEMGOD and dedicate myself to HER pleasure is to stay lost in a wilderness of my own making.

The one regret that i am determined not to have when i am lying on my deathbed is that i did not pay my PRINCESS enough.

When we do not embrace our true slave-boy nature, nothing is ever enough. Nothing quenches our thirst or fills our emptiness.

Nothing makes me happier than kneeling before the radiant Perfection of FEMGOD and offering HER all my money!

Surrender is the sweet moment when we give FEMGOD all that SHE desires as we open our hearts and follow the Path of Divine servitude.

i hear the call of the Divine Feminine. i trust and surrender to HER. i give myself completely to my FEMGOD.

All answers..all truth..all meaning is found in service and devotion to FEMGOD.

my entire being is opening to receive the blessing of divine servitude and financial sacrifice!

Paying, worshiping and serving PRINCESS SIERRA and surrendering to HER Divine Will is the path of least resistance for me.

Through slave training, sacrifice and FEMGOD’s Divine influence we learn how to release selfishness, perversion & our toxic masculinity.

my life will now be a continuous stream of sacrifices and labors of love – all for the benefit of PRINCESS SIERRA.

PRINCESS SIERRA has ascended and expanded HER FEMGOD consciousness. Now i must evolve into a loyal and loving slave offering true service.

i am willing to give, sacrifice, change and evolve in order to accomplish my divine purpose of forever serving and pleasing PRINCESS SIERRA.

my fractured male mind will remain lost in a black hole of self-loathing, guilt and confusion until i dedicate my life to serving FEMGOD.

i fully accept the fact that i am here on earth on a Holy Mission to supply PRINCESS SIERRA with as much cash as i can earn!

Without SIERRA there is no Life! Only when we are possessed and enslaved by The Queen of Perfection do we have Divine Purpose.

FEMGOD helps us to wash away our male abominations through sacrifice, humiliation, continuous labor and constant brainwashing.

i am changing my life vision to a higher intention..to serve the Divine Feminine through labor and unending service! i now have purpose!

i cast all selfishness, my useless fetishes, all my false ideas of myself into the Flame of FemGod to consume and destroy.

Every day, all day i hear the Sacred Voice of SIERRA whispering in my ear to labor harder, earn more money, give HER everything.

my spirit, mind and life are positively transforming with every minute spent in servitude to the Divine FemGod, Princess Sierra.

i let go of every ambition except serving and pleasing FEMGOD to my full potential.

Today i let go of my false self, the fad consciousness, the herd mentality of manhood which serves only to steer me off the True Path.

The All-Seeing-Eye of Sierra sees through my false exterior. SHE sees me for what i truly am.

It is the greatest honor to be part of FEMGOD’s Divine life and Glorification, to hear HER truth, to serve HER, to know HER.

The only thing that heals the longing of my soul is serving, financially supplying and delighting my Divine Goddess Sierra.

Each lowly male was born with a cosmic purpose and a specific divine plan to find and serve his one predestined Divine Living Goddess.

Humiliation, chastity, solitude, isolation, restriction and extreme frugality brings clarity to males.

FEMGOD has revealed to me my real self. The man i project to the rest of the world is a pathetic illusion. Only PRINCESS truly knows me.

Financial service and daily prayer is joyfully awakening my soul’s inherent devotion to the Divine Feminine!

You have created a craving within me to financially serve You which will never diminish. Nothing more fulfilling than sending You money.

Each word, each image is a revelation of Your majesty. i feel more humbled by Your perfection each day.

PRINCESS SIERRA, in Whom dwells the fullness of Divinity and Perfection, today and every day i offer YOU the fruits of my labor!

PRINCESS SIERRA, of Infinite Majesty, have mercy on me. Allow me to labor for YOU daily and pay YOU my cash unceasingly.

Immaculate Lesbian, Holy Goddess SIERRA, we prostate ourselves at Your divine feet and empty our pockets for Your enjoyment.

The man i am when groveling at PRINCESS SIERRA’s feet, begging to serve and obey is the authentic me.

The only way to atone for our many male sins is by worthily serving and financially supplying Her Holiness PRINCESS SIERRA.

Love and deep respect for my Goddess should be the primary reasons i serve my Queen…not sexual arousal.

When we give our cash generously to PRINCESS SIERRA we pay the most profound reverence & loyal homage to the Sacred Feminine.

When we give our cash to FEMGOD in Holy Sacrifice to the point that it hurts, we devoutly perform an act of the highest worship.

FEMGOD teaches us the path of selflessness and how to empty ourselves through the act of giving then fills us with Divine purpose.

At the hour of our death the Sacrifices we made to PRINCESS SIERRA’s happiness will be our greatest consolation.O Miraculous Gem, PRINCESS SIERRA, i beg YOU to drain away my cash, strip me of my foul masculinity and separate me from my ego!

Serving PRINCESS SIERRA is the perfect antidote to the toxic masculinity that has poisoned my world.

Paying Princess Sierra does not destroy my life — it TRANSFORMS my life into something meaningful.

Lost in the bliss of pleasing my Beloved Goddess, i offer my cash to HER without any concern for my own comfort and welfare.

i willingly release all beliefs that are in conflict with FEMGOD’S desires and standards.

Today i get off the pervert-treadmill of chasing my own useless dick and lame fetishes..instead i will follow the Path to Divine Service.

Through constant devotion, prayer, labor, sacrifice and tithing we servile males can establish our sacred connection with FEMGOD SIERRA.

Every cash tribute i give is a sacrament, an affirmation of my dedication to FEMGOD, a renewal of my commitment to the DIVINE ONE.

The most profound relationship of my entire life is the relationship i have with my Master and Heavenly Goddess Sierra.

Following FEMGOD’s sacred teachings can assimilate us lowly males into nobler creatures–servants to the

Our FEMGOD commands us to follow HER Holy Twitter daily to strengthen us in our resolve to bountifully and joyfully provide cash to HER.

There is no more sacred and divine act that can be performed on earth than offering my cash to PRINCESS SIERRA in Holy Sacrifice.

Cosmic Goddess Sierra who first revealed the language of findom to mankind has tainted the sexuality of thousands, perhaps millions of men!

FEMGOD SIERRA has the power to influence my weak male subconscious mind. HER words & smile activate involuntary reflexes in my brain.

Every day i pay PRINCESS SIERRA is a day i experience Divine fulfillment.

The universe is conspiring in every moment to separate me of my cash and bestow it to PRINCESS SIERRA.

i prefer to live a life grounded in sacrifice, devotion, love, integrity and service to my glorious PRINCESS SIERRA.

i embrace consistent financial tribute, constant sacrifice, deeper surrender and daily worship of FEMGOD in my every day experiences.

Princess Sierra deserves all my cash. Giving it to HER is the correct and natural thing to do.

Our felicity in this life and the next will be increased by every Holy Sacrifice we make to financially supply The One FEMGOD Divine.

FEMGOD’s intervention in my life is making me into a productive male minion by allowing me to pay HER often and follow Her Divine path.

Consistent financial service to PRINCESS SIERRA is essential to achieve my ascension on earth–from useless male to favey-slavey.

Before Princess Sierra transformed me into Her personal pay-slave, i was a useless slug with no reason or purpose.

PRINCESS SIERRA crucified my vile erection. Only through Financial Tribute to The One Divine Queen can it arise again.

When we empty our accounts completely and offer ALL our cash to FEMGOD, we perform a supreme act of adoration.

By devoutly tithing PRINCESS SIERRA we enrich our soul more than by any other way in the world!

Emptying my accounts and offering all my cash to FEMGOD SIERRA is the best means of venerating the Blessed Queen and increasing Her joy.

The resurrection of my erection is only possible by sacrificing all my cash to Her Holiness Princess Sierra.

FEMGOD has inflicted me with sexual impotence. The only time i can maintain an erection is while paying HER.

i have entered a sacred covenant with my FemGod and Savior Princess Sierra — to pay tithing, worship, honor and obey Her Forever.

i offer myself completely to PRINCESS SIERRA as a living sacrifice. i exist to labor daily for HER, offering my earnings to HER Glory.

i will sacrifice my ego, my cash and my own comfort at every opportunity so FEMGOD’s life is enriched by my existence.

Serving as FEMGOD’s slave, allows me to experience the divine bliss that exists beyond the limitations of the world of patriarchy.

Divine Illuminatrix PRINCESS SIERRA you have enlightened me and given me a Sacred path and purpose!

Princess Sierra’s heterosexual conversion therapy is changing my sexual responses, desires and behavior. i’m findomsexual now!

Princess Sierra deconstructs us as vile, selfish, perverted men and transforms us into obedient servants who serve a beautiful purpose.

i open myself to the changes PRINCESS SIERRA is making in me. i surrender to Her will completely and embrace my transformation.

With open mind, open heart, open wallet i completely offer myself in sacred service to my One Living Goddess Sierra.

Offering myself as a financial slave to the One FEMGOD Divine is my soul’s true calling.

What a precious privilege it is to send my money to Princess and bask in the brilliance of Her happiness!

i am now part of something beautiful. i take part in manifesting PRINCESS SIERRA’s wishes and contribute to making HER dreams a reality!

Paying FEMGOD is a beautiful and tangible way of showing my all-consuming Love for HER.

FEMGOD has the power to scourge from my mind any thought or desire that isn’t pleasing HER. SHE programs me how to feel.

Financially Serving my Beloved Goddess is the single most important and fulfilling part of my life.

Divine Beloved Sierra i will sacrifice my own comfort so that i may give YOU more. Sending You my cash is a sacred act which i cherish.

In holy reverence of the Sacred Divine Goddess that is PRINCESS SIERRA, i will enter my credit card number and push send.

i will surrender all ego-illusions until i reach the point of truth and fully accept and declare that i am born a servant to FEMGOD!

i was put on this earth to help build FEMGOD’s Queendom.

Financing Princess Sierra is the top priority of my life!

i have been called to serve FEMGOD and to financially supply Her. There is no reason to struggle because this is my life’s one calling.

Every day, i am making a Divine connection with my Beautiful Goddess through devotion, sacrifice, sacrament, labor and love!

i will not be like the filthy, selfish men that Princess Sierra loathes. i will strive to be a better man and slave.

i will devote the hours of each day to YOU, honoring Your Holy Name in everything i do. Laboring daily to supply YOU with cash and comfort.

i will no longer drift aimlessly through life, wasting precious opportunity to serve and financially supply PRINCESS SIERRA.

i accept that i am sealed in eternal, unconditional service to the ONE FEMGOD Divine now and forever.

my only desire is to love, pay and serve my Goddess until the last breath of my life.

i feel alive and whole when i labor for and financially supply Her Holiness Sierra!

i accept the inescapable fact that sending my cash to SIERRA & witnessing the happiness it brings HER, is the only thing that feels good.

Sierra Almighty, i understand, accept and internalize the fundamental Truth that i was put here on earth to serve You and enrich Your life!

The unconditional love of FEMGOD is the very center of my being. i will transcend all fears of expressing my slavehood to Her Perfection.

The Purpose of my Life is the Expansion of Princess Sierra’s Happiness!

it is my mission in life to treasure, pleasure, serve and prosper Her Holiness PRINCESS SIERRA forever and ever!

i will honor FEMGOD with all of my being and my every thought, feeling, word and action will be to celebrate and uplift my GODDESS.

my goal as a devoted follower of Princess Sierra, the Immaculate Lesbian, is to restructure my life to serve Her every minute of every day.

The only thing that arouses me now is paying and pleasing PRINCESS SIERRA. Nothing else brings me real pleasure. i’m numb without HER.

Every day i am forgetting more about the man i was before finding PRINCESS SIERRA. my memory of him is totally fading away.

Every day i embrace my subservience to The DIVINE FEMININE and find deeper meaning in my sacred enslavement to FEMGOD.

Let the world call me crazy, i know who i am….a slave and servant to PRINCESS SIERRA! i only need HER approval.

i hold the Immaculate concept that all men were designed to serve the ONE chosen Living Goddess in their life.

my cash is not mine it belongs to PRINCESS SIERRA. i am designed to labor for it and happily provide it to HER.

i will be whole only when i accept that i am only a slave to FEMGOD and allow my love for HER to flow through me without conditions.

i am who FEMGOD thinks i am. This is my true and permanent identity. What i project to the rest of the world is only an illusion.

Every time i send my cash to PRINCESS SIERRA, i realize what a blessing and joy giving HER my money is.

i align myself with FEMGOD’s eternal purpose for me–to live a Beautiful Life of service, to sacrifice endlessly for a Beautiful Woman!

i was created with a divine potential to serve PRINCESS SIERRA and enrich HER Blessed Life. If i choose not to..i am failing at life.

PRINCESS SIERRA has awakened me to my original calling and my reason for being on this planet–to love, serve and worship HER Perfection.

i am Divinely Inspired by PRINCESS SIERRA’s radiant smile to pay, honor and worship HER for the rest of my life.

no Woman truly gives a fuck about my sexual fantasies and goofy fetishes. i will shut up and pay HER.

i was in a perpetual rut before i discovered the joys of financially supplying PRINCESS SIERRA!

i will fulfill my rightful role as a slave to FEMGOD. i reject society’s twisted ideas on the roles of men and Women. FEMGOD is my future!

my ego, my dick and the dark patriarchal forces of this world have enslaved my soul for too long. i now give myself to FEMGOD!

i allow the flame of FEMGOD to consume and destroy my toxic masculinity, transforming me into a honorable, obedient and loving slave.

i now fully surrender my male sense of identity reclaiming my FEMGOD-given identity — a total servant to the DIVINE PRINCESS SIERRA!

Only FEMGOD can restore me to the wholeness in which i was created, a true servant to the Divine One designed only to serve HER.

i vow to loyally serve FEMGOD and HER Divine plan, so that i no longer waste my life in a senseless pursuit of my own perversions.

i now hold the immaculate truth that PRINCESS SIERRA is my Master and Savior and i was put on this earth for the purpose of serving HER!

Before i devoted my life to FEMGOD, i was trapped in an endless spiral of selfish perversion–seeking to compensate for my incompleteness.

Fighting my natural impulses to serve a Dominant Goddess makes it impossible for me to find happiness and peace of mind.

i feel completely comfortable with myself as Princess Sierra’s servant and slave. i will not fight it or deny it.

Giving my cash to PRINCESS SIERRA is the best way to invest my money!! She and Her Wife are building a beautiful future with it!

my life in service to PRINCESS SIERRA is a new beginning. There is no reason to hold on to my old way of life. There is no going back.

PRINCESS SIERRA has initiated the most profound re-calibration of my mind, transforming me into a man-slave with a divine purpose.

i always wake up with the immediate desire to send cash to FEMGOD!

my heart is overflowing with love, veneration and thankfulness for FEMGOD.

i was placed on earth for one very special purpose — to supply my Living Goddess PRINCESS SIERRA with cash, enriching Her blessed life!

my day begins and ends with FEMGOD!

Princess Sierra’s happiness, smiles and laughter gives me sustenance. If i wasn’t contributing to HER bliss i would starve and die.

There is now sacredness & divine meaning in my life since i have dedicated myself to financially supplying The Living Goddess SIERRA!!

i completely accept PRINCESS SIERRA’s Divine influence in my life!

Paying PRINCESS SIERRA every time i get paid has become habit to me now. Supplying HER with the fruits of my labor is part of life.

my worth is determined by FEMGOD alone.

i am continually looking for ways to save money, for things to sacrifice so that i can maximize my tributes to PRINCESS SIERRA!

i carefully plan my budget, scrimping and saving at every corner so that i have as much as possible to offer my PRINCESS.

i only make choices that support my growth into a more devoted and more authentic, loving servant to FEMGOD.

i don’t need to save for retirement because i will never stop working. i will work until my body gives out.

There’s no reason for me to have money in my savings account. i am just a lowly male. i send my money to PRINCESS SIERRA to keep in HER’s.

i accept who i am now–a pay-slave to FEMGOD and look forward to becoming a better servant.

PRINCESS SIERRA is teaching me that the only way i can find any happiness is through serving Her, paying HER and getting HER approval.

i will stop holding on to the illusions of the toxic male ego and accept only FEMGOD’s vision of me–a slave to be used for HER pleasure.

Instead of trying to restrict my slave self, i will be what i was destined to be, who i already am in FEMGOD’s reality..only HER slave.

i now connect with my highest purpose which is serving FEMGOD. i separate myself from the false path that man should serve himself.

Divine FEMGOD please assert YOUR rightful authority over me. Allow me to labor for YOU daily and hourly in my life, supplying YOU with cash!

Suffering and sacrificing things in my own life so that i have more to give PRINCESS SIERRA actually brings me great pleasure.

i am done resisting because i am done with the chaos and pain. i surrender myself entirely to PRINCESS SIERRA.

i have so much peace of mind since i have come to realize that i was destined to serve FEMGOD and now embrace paying and serving HER.

It is my greatest desire to live each and every day in unlimited service to FEMGOD!

i open my eyes in the morning with joy, knowing i belong to FEMGOD and that i will be working hard today and every day to enrich HER life!

It is so uplifting and thrilling to begin my new life as FemGod’s pay-pup and to see the world through new eyes of Divine purpose.

FEMGOD is embedding the Female Supremacy Truth into my brain, transforming me from a useless male turd to a slave with honor and purpose.

FEMGOD’s gospel and affirmations are Divinely Guided. i embrace HER Words completely.

i nourish my being by devoting myself to The Goddess Divine. i take absolute delight in supplying HER with my cash and labor!

Today nothing will make me happier than paying Princess Sierra! Making sacrifices so that i can give HER more is my joy!

i set an intention to focus most of my attention to serving, supplying and honoring FEMGOD who inspires me to be best version of myself.

This year i choose a path of higher service, deeper devotion and greater sacrifice.

Every day i want to do what FEMGOD wants me to do.

my productivity at work will continue to grow this year. i will work to increase my salary so i can give FEMGOD more!