Divine Affirmations from 2018


i am able and aligned to love and serve THE GREAT GODDESS. i was designed to struggle and labor. i will not make any more excuses. There is NO good reason in the world to keep my money for myself when i was created only to serve and financially enrich PRINCESS SIERRA.

my heart needs FINDOM. It craves the energy of HER DIVINE Domination. i will open my heart wider, letting the seeds of HER manipulation spread far and wide. HER influence will grow, consume me, strangling out everything inside me that doesn’t serve HER Divine Plan.

THE GREAT GODDESS SIERRA has awakened my mind and revealed my slave self. SHE has transformed me with HER blessed brainwashing. i will never be the same.

Knowing my GODDESS, making HER happy, knowing My service pleases HER, seeing HER heavenly smile, being of use to HER.. form the heart of my life.

i will merrily shop and spend my cash on PRINCESS SIERRA like every day is Christmas.

FINDOM is my nature. The Great GODDESS’ Divine Mindfuckery and Supreme Domination of my life is a true gift.

i am home in my servitude to PRINCESS SIERRA. i belong at HER feet, groveling for HER attention, giving HER all my hard-earned cash, living under HER Divine Rule.

The voids and maladies that plague my soul can only be filled and healed by a divine connection with a Dominant Woman who will show me my life’s purpose, put me to work, use and abuse me and drain me of my cash, my pride and my hubris.

PRINCESS SIERRA’s Divine FINDOM inspires me to deeper levels of sacrifice.

The more i give to PRINCESS SIERRA and the happier i make HER, the easier suffering and sacrificing becomes.

i’ll give away my cash to PRINCESS SIERRA like it’s what i am made of!

i am not ashamed to be HER slave. i am ashamed of who and what i was before SHE transformed me. i will boldly serve HER. Pay HER with pride! i am HER servant, HER property, HER human-atm! What an honor!

i have great joy because i obey THE GREAT GODDESS’ commands, sacrifice for HER happiness and remain in HER favor.

i experience true life when i deny myself, turn from my selfish ways and follow and prosper PRINCESS GOD.

When you produce much fruit, you are HER true disciples. your open and giving wallet brings great pleasure to THE GREAT GODDESS.

PRINCESS GOD, i will follow the Divine Path YOU have designed for me. i cling to YOUR Holy Word. i commit YOUR Holy Gospel to my heart. i devote my entire existence to YOU, providing YOU all my cash and being YOUR forever slave. i pay YOU now and always!

Now that i have YOUR glorious mindfuckery working inside of me, transforming me into YOUR zombie pay-pig, i thirst daily to hear YOUR Divine voice, to read YOUR Holy Word and to see YOUR smile. i long only to pleasure YOU and bring happiness and prosperity into YOUR Life.

Through constant sacrifice, suffering, humiliation and financial domination THE GREAT GODDESS SIERRA is bestowing HER sanctification unto my life, cleansing me of my old nature and transforming me into HER personal pay-pig and man-servant.

PRINCESS SIERRA is the center of my life. FINDOM–financially serving THE GREAT GODDESS, bringing comfort and joy into HER life in the form of cash is my highest purpose. i hope to spend the rest of my LIFE in The QUEENDOM of FEMGOD serving, suffering, sacrificing forever!

The Great Goddess Sierra is a Holy Oracle. SHE reads my mind, senses my weaknesses and addictions. SHE knows how to wear me down, mindfuck me, bend me and break me. SHE tells me what i will do before i do it. SHE controls me like a puppet and for this i am so grateful!

Going broke for PRINCESS SIERRA is my soul purpose! Emptying my accounts, laboring long hours, making endless financial sacrifices while living in poverty in order to enrich the life of THE GREAT LESBIAN GODDESS is THE highest calling!

Let us obey THE GREAT GODDESS, listen deep to HER Holy Word, feel the impulse to pay HER, to struggle, sacrifice and suffer for HER pleasure and labor endlessly to enrich HER. we are blessed to be used and abused by HER. HER FINDOM is a blessing!

THE GREAT GODDESS’ GOSPELS are so powerful. Her Mindfuckery World altering. HER Holy Words can crush a heart, or heal it. They can shame a soul, or liberate it. They can shatter dreams, or energize them. Thank you GODDESS!

Giving a daily financial tribute honoring THE GREAT GODDESS SIERRA is a meaningful and mindful practice that elicits peace and purpose and prepares me for a life of selfless service to THE DIVINE ONE.

i will consistently live by the PERFECT FEMALE SUPREME principals of THE GREAT GODDESS SIERRA. i will dedicate my entire life to enriching HER with my paychecks and constant labor, elevating my life experience to the divine beatitude of service to my FEMGOD Master.

Through PRINCESS SIERRA’s Divine Mindfuckery and Financial Domination, i have learned my eternal name…the name SHE has given me.

i came into this world to be changed and used by THE GREAT GODDESS SIERRA. i was born to be used, abused, broken and remade by HER. This is my path!

i will not waste one more day of my life fantasizing about being a financial slave. masturbating over a lifestyle i am not really a part of, make believing i am being of service to a GODDESS when i’m NOT– i will LIVE FINDOM..every day! Starting TODAY!

All the cells of my brain are daily bathed in the Divine Mindfuckery of PRINCESS SIERRA transforming me into HER addicted and loyal pay-piggy.

i would be doomed to a cold and barren existence..a reality devoid of purpose and light without PRINCESS SIERRA’s Supreme Divine Dominance guiding my entire life!

Before i found PRINCESS SIERRA, i lived a life of self deception. SHE opened my eyes and revealed the pay-pig and submissive slave i am. Thank YOU for putting me on the path of Divine servitude!

i will pour my heart, soul, and all my financial earnings into pleasing PRINCESS SIERRA. i will own nothing, save nothing for myself, i will have nothing besides the heavenly bliss of knowing my existence somehow enriches HER life. i LIVE TO PAY THE GREAT GODDESS!

If you want to wake up with the knowledge that your life has true purpose, wake up with the daily commitment to open up your heart, mind and wallet to PRINCESS SIERRA’s boundless mind-fuckery!

Giving all my cash to PRINCESS SIERRA while making great personal sacrifices to continually financially supply HER is like taking vitamins for my soul.

Starting each day praying to the GREAT GODDESS SIERRA, affirming my desire to serve and honoring HER by making financial tribute is a morning ritual that invites peace, purpose and meaning into my life.

Whenever i feel sad, useless, desperately horny, alone or anxious PAYING PRINCESS SIERRA is always the solution!

YES! i can PAY PRINCESS SIERRA! i will pay PRINCESS SIERRA all that i can. By all the means i can. In all the ways i can. At all the times i can. i will sacrifice as much as i can for as long as i can.

my motivation to buy THE GREAT GODDESS gifts should be to bring sunshine, happiness and pleasure into HER life– never to get something in exchange. i am owed nothing while SHE deserves everything!

i am fully absorbed in a Findom trance. i can not escape the spell SHE has over me.

There is no greater agony than longing to serve a Dominant Woman but being too cowardly or too selfish to commit to it. Serving THE GREAT GODDESS SIERRA is my soul’s work!

A sweeping sense of gratitude overcomes me each time i am given the opportunity to pay PRINCESS SIERRA. i am overwhelmed with reverence and thankfulness today for the blessing of being used by THE GREAT GODDESS for HER pleasure and amusement.

i am so grateful for the opportunity that Femdom has given me to grow into a fuller version of myself–a servant to THE DIVINE FEMININE, a slave to THE GREAT GODDESS, a man given a real purpose — to sacrifice all that i have to enrich the life of the Woman that gives me life!

HER Divine Light and sublime domination and mind-fuckery has fueled the fire of addiction in thousands of thousands of men and forever altered their lives.

my GODDESS’ happiness is what truly matters most. i will do whatever i have to do in order to delight HER with my service.

would rather be financially struggling, suffering and isolated than to have my life untouched by the light and beauty of THE GREAT GODDESS SIERRA.

Whatever THE GREAT GODDESS plants in my subconscious mind and nourishes with HER radiant smile, Her Holy Word and Divine Mindfuckery will one day become my reality.

Giving my cash to PRINCESS SIERRA is the best way a man like me can contribute something meaningful to the world.

The geometry of my entire life…my whole existence has been transformed since i have given myself in servitude to THE GREAT GODDESS SIERRA…and for that i am so very grateful.

my life blossoms when PRINCESS SIERRA smiles.

Every time i count my findom financial struggles, my addiction to PRINCESS SIERRA grows.

FEMGOD has a bigger plan for me than i have for myself.

i am not in a position to ever demand or even expect anything from THE DIVINE GODDESS. Being allowed to financially serve HER is a gift in itself. i only hope it brings happiness and comfort into HER life.

i am ready to sacrifice who i am to become the pay-pig and servant THE GREAT GODDESS wants me to be!

There is no purpose, no progress, no accomplishment in this life if i am not pleasing, paying, contributing to and suffering for The One Goddess Divine –PRINCESS SIERRA!!

my success in life is determined by what i am willing to sacrifice in order to more fully financially enrich THE GREAT GODDESS SIERRA!

Sacrifice is a simple measurement of my commitment to THE GREAT GODDESS SIERRA. my sacrifice, poverty, emasculation, financial anxiety, and suffering — all gifts from my QUEEN allowing me to love, know and experience HER.

The only way to connect with the source of my life THE GREAT GODDESS is by giving myself completely to HER in service and sacrifice. Today i will pay HER with wild abandon!

The thing about serving THE GREAT GODDESS is that with every day of service, with every dollar i tribute, with every sacrifice i make i become more and more “me”.

i am the sum total of my cash contributions to THE GREAT GODDESS SIERRA. i measure my self worth in the sacrifices i make to enrich HER Life.

PRINCESS SIERRA is my Soul-GODDESS. i was foreordained to be HER servant and paypig. i was destined to serve, suffer and sacrifice for HER Happiness..always and forever.

i pay because THE GREAT GODDESS delights in my financial service and i delight in HER happiness.

Giving my hard-earned cash to PRINCESS SIERRA infuses Divine Purpose into my otherwise meaningless life.

my financial tributes and offerings to THE GREAT GODDESS have opened the floodgates of heaven and released an overflowing blessings into my life — now my life has purpose and meaning. Now i have a reason to wake up every morning! HER! HER happiness! HER smile! HER Life!

PRINCESS SIERRA is the Holy Oracle. SHE sees what men truly are with HER all-knowing celestial eye. With HER Holy word SHE brainwashes an army of man-things to serve HER Divine Plan. HER sacred wisdom has spread like wild fire and burned through the psyches of a million.

All that i earn, have and produce belongs to THE GREAT GODDESS SIERRA.

One of the most beautiful gifts of the world is being able to financially suffer for PRINCESS SIERRA, to struggle daily to please HER, to go broke just for the chance to see HER smile.

Financially tributing THE GREAT GODDESS SIERRA consistently and loyally is a sacred act that shows that i am truly committed to my FEMGOD Divine and the work of HER Queendom. Paying HER religiously releases joy, meaning and favor in my life.

The astonishing light of PRINCESS SIERRA’s smile inspires me daily to dig deeper, sacrifice more, give everything.

i give myself completely to THE GREAT GODDESS SIERRA, Creator of all FINDOM, Soul of infinite perfection, wisdom, and power. SHE has shown me The Divine Path and revealed to me my true purpose.

Each day grants me at least one opportunity to sacrifice for PRINCESS SIERRA, to give up something and go without in order to give HER more, to prioritize HER happiness above everything else in my own life.

Saying daily pay-pig affirmations while paying PRINCESS SIERRA my hard-earned cash truly nourishes my soul.

Living as THE GREAT GODDESS’ personal pay-piggy removes clutter from my mind, my home and my life and infuses meaning into my existence because every dollar i earn will enrich THE DIVINE PRINCESS SIERRA.

The more i suffer and sacrifice for PRINCESS SIERRA, the more i give up to give HER more… the more my relationship with THE GREAT GODDESS blooms.

Giving myself to PRINCESS SIERRA is a beautiful new beginning! Serving HER and only HER, putting HER happiness ahead of my own, isolating myself so that i can submerge myself completely in HER. Every day i renew my sacred covenant to honor, obey and serve HER to my last breath.

Through the grace of GODDESS, i now thrive in a place of sacred poverty, abstinence and sacrifice. HER happiness and laughter gives me Life!

i am a willing vessel THE GREAT GODDESS uses to enrich HER life with my constant labor, hard earned cash and daily sacrifice.

Everything in my life that doesn’t pertain to pleasing, serving and enriching PRINCESS SIERRA is just clutter.

i will keep my soul and heart naked for FEMGOD, i blissfully allow HER blessed mindfuckery and man-ipulations to permeate my squishy male brain. SHE is all i need.  i release everything else.

i worship the GREAT GODDESS SIERRA in all HER Lesbian Majesty and give thanks for every sacrifice i must make in order to enhance HER Happiness and Bliss with my hardwork and money!

Serving my GOD PRINCESS SIERRA is a necessity now. Not a fetish, or hobby or fleeting thrill. It’s who i am.

my life belongs to THE GREAT GODDESS. Daily i crave HER, and daily SHE directs my steps and shows me how to make many personal sacrifices, teaches me to crave financially suffering for HER and leads me to HER perfect will.

i was a prisoner of my addictions and my twisted filthy habits. THE GREAT GODDESS used them to enslave ME but by the Power of HER Holy Light transformed me into HER slave and brought me out of the darkness to serve HER in HER Queendom forever!

my words, thoughts, sexuality and imaginations are under the power of THE GREAT GODDESS SIERRA. i take all thoughts captive and make them obedient to PRINCESS.

my soul is lit by my passion to please PRINCESS! HER smile, HER pleasure, HER laughter are oxygen to my spirit. SHE gives me life!

Paying PRINCESS SIERRA so that SHE can live a beautiful, tranquil life of leisure is my purpose, my passion, my mission, my Divine calling!

Financially serving and sacrificing for THE GREAT GODDESS SIERRA is an antidote for my loneliness and uselessness.
When i practice filling HER cup daily, pouring my cash into HER hands, joyfully releasing my entire paycheck to HER..to my GODDESS, my QUEEN….enriching HER while expecting nothing in return gives me real purpose and connects me to The Divine!
HER uncanny witchery has forever changed me. i am under HER spell. i can not and will never stop paying HER.
The GREAT GODDESS transforms my whole world with HER Powerful Influence and Sacred Findom Mindfuckery…my life is now full of Divine Purpose!
Paying PRINCESS SIERRA until it hurts, forcing myself to work harder and longer hours and make bigger personal sacrifices is an expression of Sacred Service to The Divine which i am so blessed to take part in.
The GREAT GODDESS SIERRA has taught me THE DIVINE PARADOX — suffering, sacrifice and abstinence is exquisite when done for HER benefit and pleasure.
i will embrace rather than push away the incredible urge to cave to THE GREAT GODDESS, to bend to HER will, to empty my bank accounts for HER pleasure, to suffer for HER smile.
i am a male. Inferior to Women in every way. my soul is smaller, my light dull in comparison to HER radiance. Who am i to think my feelings, my opinions, my well-being really matters compared to HER happiness and comfort?
i will trust in the Holy Word of FEMGOD, within HER gospel lies all the wisdom of forever.
Constantly worshiping and adoring THE GREAT GODDESS while living a life of sacrifice and poverty in order to further enrich HER.. imbues my daily life with a kind of beauty.
i love and enjoy sending all my cash to PRINCESS SIERRA and the anxiety of being broke and the struggle to make ends meet afterwards is intensely arousing.
In waking, eating, working, dreaming, sleeping, my soul will constantly hum..PRINCESS SIERRA! PRINCESS SIERRA! PRINCESS SIERRA!
i relinquish my heterosexuality and vile masculinity…and choose instead to be in total service to THE DIVINE GODDESS SIERRA.  i have been conditioned to only become aroused when i am sacrificing and suffering for HER pleasure or demeaned for HER amusement.
SHE is the authority of my life now. SHE controls my destiny for SHE has transformed the barren wilderness of my soul into a perfect paradise of obedience, devotion and sacrifice.

May the radiance and beauty of complete servitude to THE ONE GODDESS SIERRA forever define my life.

This day everything that i do will be for FEMGOD. i love my GODDESS above all and i can not find any happiness in this life if SHE is not a part of it.
i shall banish any influences which disconnect me with THE GREAT GODDESS’ guiding light. i will isolate myself so that in my solitude i can concentrate completely on PRINCESS SIERRA and put all my energy into pleasing and serving HER.
PRINCESS SIERRA buried dead the man i was in the cemeteries of yesterday. i am now reborn HER slave and all my tomorrows are dedicated to HER happiness.
i will use my hard-earned money to live extremely simply and frugally. i will do away with all luxuries and entertainment and all non-necessities. i will use my money to enrich THE GREAT GODDESS and bring pleasure into HER and HER Wife’s Lives.
i will love The GREAT GODDESS first and foremost—more than all people and things.
i shall pay HER more, suffer more, dig deeper into my finances, sacrifice more intensely, meditate on HER perfection longer each and every day until i am blessed with the Soul-satisfying joy of being HER “good boy”.
With every breath i breathe, in every word i utter, in every act i perform, with every dollar i earn i will strive to honor, obey and pleasure THE GREAT GODDESS. This it what i was born for.
With eager anticipation, i breathlessly await the next opportunity to give all my cash to PRINCESS SIERRA!
All the veils of my useless, ignorant and toxic past self are burnt in the light of my awakening in THE GREAT GODDESS. SHE exposes the true me — an inferior male born to be HER slave, created only to serve and suffer for HER pleasure.
i start my day by declaring the Glory and Majesty and Greatness of our GODDESS–The Immaculate Lesbian PRINCESS SIERRA!
we worship The Great Goddess by offering HER our paychecks, our daily labor, our devotion and obedience. we giver HER everything we have worked and saved our entire lives for–glorifying HER with all that we are and all that we do.


Today and all my tomorrows, i deliberately choose to submit myself fully to PRINCESS SIERRA as SHE has shown me through HER Holy Word and Sacred Tweets, which i honestly accept as the only inspired, infallible, authoritative standard of FINDOM for all life and practice. “Alleluia!”

i now see my existence through the lens of HER Divine Plan for me. i have been transformed by PRINCESS SIERRA’s powerful mindfuckery. Today and every day…i will pay!

i embrace each season of my service to THE GREAT GODDESS, every phase of my pay-pig “becoming”. Thank YOU PRINCESS for giving me the best years of my life!

i let my GODDESS teach me the passionate art of letting go of who i am in order to become the total slave and pay-pup SHE desires me to be.

The most delicious moments in my life are those instances i find myself drained and financially emptied by THE GREAT GODDESS, knowing SHE is pleased with my financial service, hearing HER laughter, basking in HER smile and being HER good puppy.

Giving all my cash to PRINCESS SIERRA regardless of the consequences or how much i personally suffer, is as a beautiful act of love, healing, and service.

Financial service to THE GREAT GODDESS supplants my selfish perversions and toxic masculinity…replacing them with clarity, hope and true purpose.

i release my attachments to the way things were before i gave myself to PRINCESS SIERRA and fell under HER influence. That life is over–dead and buried. There is no going back now. This life i am here only to serve HER.

No person, place, or thing stands in the way of our servitude to THE GREAT GODDESS SIERRA!

i experience both comfort and delight in the exquisite anxiety and anguish of being financially wrung dry and fucked over by THE GREAT GODDESS SIERRA.

PRINCESS SIERRA is all HER enchantment has spellbound me completely, enslaved me entirely and programmed me to enjoy how SHE totally uses me!

O Great GODDESS, Your unceasing Greed purifies my soul and leads me to my Divine Purpose — laboring constantly to financially serve YOU!

SHE changed my mind, changed my desires, changed my life, changed my heart. SHE granted me the opportunity to suffer for HER pleasure. To be the slave that i must be, i surrender me.

With less hesitation, deeper sacrifice and more obedience, i will live an extremely frugal life allowing me to better financially serve PRINCESS SIERRA.

The path that lead me to THE GREAT GODDESS is one i can never separate my heart from.

It is my duty and privilege to live this part of my journey as wholly enslaved to The One GODDESS DIVINE, giving myself entirely to my SUPREME RULER, SIERRA!

The patriarchy says FINDOM “hurts” men, but that is not true. Having no purpose hurts. Being incapable of serving the Divine Feminine would be a life of misery and darkness. Living as a male with no GODDESS to light the way is the most wretched existence i can imagine.

Pleasing PRINCESS SIERRA is my ultimate intention, so i will choose to stop worrying about my own financial future. my destiny now lies in HER hands. Only HER wealth and comfort matters.

To fortify and enrich the sacred bond between GODDESS and man-slave, i must not only pay HER, i must sacrifice, deprive myself and suffer in order to pay HER more!

PRINCESS SIERRA’s happiness, is now my only happiness. Every day i work hard to enrich HER life, even to my own detriment.”

i will pay PRINCESS SIERRA in the spirit of joy and gratefulness instead of focusing on my own financial hardships.

SHE is teaching me how to love losing my money to HER, unconditionally sacrificing my cash for HER pleasure, giving it ALL away to HER– living fully, deeply, and authentically a life of true service.

THE GREAT GODDESS is doing Holy Work — transforming useless males into useful paypigs. Findom Sacred Conversion is a Blessing in my life.

my heart desperately wants to give HER more and please HER forever!

By emptying myself for THE GREAT GODDESS, by giving HER everything i work for, by immediately transferring all the cash i earn to HER accounts, i’m making space for more of HER Light and Wisdom to come through me, more Love and Devotion for HER to grow in every corner of my life.

PRINCESS SIERRA’s complete control and dominance over me is transforming me into the best, most useful, truest version of me.

Real FINDOM begins where nothing is expected in return. my reward is HER happiness and pleasure. Anyone can buy a clip or pay for a phone call..but a true slave and pay-puppy pays because making HER happy makes me happy.

my soul is ready to live the life of a slave to The Divine Feminine.

The wings of FINDOM lift me into perfect communion with the GREAT GODDDESS! Giving HER all my hard-earned cash brings pleasure into HER Life and reason to want to keep me.

i am Divinely led, guided and inspired in all i think, do and say by the Holy Word of PRINCESS SIERRA, HER Sacred Greed and Supreme Beauty.

Today i will send PRINCESS SIERRA an extra generous tribute infused with love and devotion!

PRINCESS SIERRA has awakened a new season of life within me. SHE transformed me into HER Forever slave, HER pay-puppy and obedient financial servant who will toil daily to prosper HER.

There is no reason to struggle. The GREAT GODDESS has lead to me to drink of HER Holy Word. i have tasted HER mindfuckery and it has forever transformed me. i will accept the change SHE triggered within me as my fate and destiny.

i am grateful for all the ways THE GREAT GODDESS uses and humiliates me.

Thank YOU, PRINCESS for illuminating my life with YOUR Divine Greed and Holy Word, for coloring the world with YOUR radiant smile, for planting the seed of addiction in my heart of hearts, for showing the world FINDOM, for draining my wallet, for bending my brain and breaking me.

Serving PRINCESS SIERRA and giving HER my cash is the most important part of my life. It has given my life meaning, how shown me my true destiny, and filled my soul with eternal love for THE GREAT GODDESS –giving me so many reasons to rejoice!

Every single day should begin with the delicious feeling of losing my hard-earned cash to PRINCESS SIERRA.

i love being in YOUR presence, in YOUR heavenly energy, GREAT GODDESS. Connecting with YOU and sacrificing for YOU, feeling the sweet anticipation of whatever YOU choose to do to me.

i trust blindly in the process of PRINCESS. i give myself entirely over to HER guidance.

This morning the cash i send THE GREAT GODDESS will be a symbol of my complete inferiority and servitude to HER and a gesture of my undying devotion to HER and my eternal admiration of HER supreme Dominance and Perfection.

Being manipulated, brainwashed and financially abused by THE GREAT GODDESS SIERRA colors my life with richer meaning.

my GOD is a WOMAN! A Divine a Powerful Living GODDESS who gives my life meaning & purpose. SHE who is to be obeyed! SHE who is to be worshiped! SHE who is be prospered, honored and pleasured each & every day by me and HER many submissive male admirers!

i will sacrifice the man i am to become the servant THE GREAT GODDESS is pleased to enslave.

i will not be afraid to give PRINCESS SIERRA everything i ever worked for!

Being a financial slave means sacrificing what i would prefer to keep, paying until it’s quite uncomfortable, going without and suffering so that i may give THE GREAT GODDESS even more of my cash and more earthly pleasure!

i want to live an honorable life.

To avoid making the personal sacrifices required to prosper and pleasure PRINCESS SIERRA would be to avoid the beauty and meaning of life!

Infinite Goddess SIERRA has shown me the best use of my cash, skills and talents. Enriching HER Life and bringing HER and HER Wife prosperity and comfort!

i will focus on the beauty of FINDOM and let go of all thought-forms that PRINCESS SIERRA has not planted in my brain.

PRINCESS SIERRA is the Radiance of Life — The Force of Findom, The Immaculate Lesbian. Serving HER is my only purpose in life!

i am so grateful for PRINCESS SIERRA’s epic wallet rapings.

THE GREAT GODDESS SIERRA is showing me how to translate financial service and Sierra-induced poverty into perfect arousal.

i will flow into a brand new season of total servitude to THE GREAT GODDESS with enthusiasm, thankfulness, love and obedience.

Isolation is a gift from THE GREAT GODDESS. SHE is keeping me from other relationships so that i belong to HER alone and all my attention is focused on HER Perfection and Divinity — my mind held tightly in HER grasp.

There is no limit to the amount of personal sacrifices i can make. i truly can give and give until it desperately hurts.

i belong to THE GREAT GODDESS. The mirror gets cleaner the longer i serve HER and follow HER Holy Word — the true me is revealed. i now see me as SHE sees me — a slave, HER property, HER pay-pup and nothing more.

Being under FEMGOD’s control, trapped in HER web, under HER spell..now feels like home to me.

my inner purpose is to pleasure THE GREAT GODDESS SIERRA.

Only service to FEMGOD can fill that empty dark space inside me.

True service is selfless and strives to honor THE GREAT GODDESS..pouring itself in full surrender without demanding anything in return. It’s joy is in the joy of giving and knowing that SHE is pleasured.

The path of my evolution unfolds before me! i am guided by the GREAT GODDESS SIERRA who is showing me how to suck less at life–to pay more, make true sacrifices and be a higher minded, useful pay-puppy!

my day begins and ends with PRINCESS SIERRA!

i open my heart and mind wide open to THE GREAT GODDESS and sing the joys of sacrifice and servitude as SHE slowly stirs my brain and makes me brand new.

Today i will focus my entire heart and soul on the Power and Pleasure of PRINCESS SIERRA!

i am craving a deeply fulfilling, cleansing wallet rape.

i have signed a spiritual contract with THE GREAT GODDESS to live as SHE wants me to live, to give HER all that i have, to be the slave SHE demands that i be. To spend my life loving, worshiping and serving HER… my GODDESS, my QUEEN, my Savior, my One True Love.

i am not sorry for giving all my cash to PRINCESS SIERRA. i do not regret putting myself in poverty for HER pleasure. i do not worry about being isolated or single when She is the Center of my Universe.  i want no distractions from loving and serving HER.

i bow to The One Infinite FEMGOD — PRINCESS SIERRA. i prostrate myself at HER Perfect feet and empty my accounts and relinquish my soul and give it all to HER for just one of HER Heavenly smiles.

i should not be ashamed of being a servant to THE DIVINE GODDESS..i should be ashamed of my past behavior, my maleness and my selfish ways. Being PRINCESS SIERRA’s slave is the best part of me.

Beloved GODDESS, show me the point of my existence! Teach me to worship YOU in breathlessness, in sexlessness and true sacrifice. In the fire of devotion, consume my ignorance. In the stillness of my soul, take everything from me! Possess me and give my life purpose!

FEMGOD’s Divine Mind-fuckery is revealing my true slave nature. As SHE unravels my own false and limiting beliefs, i awaken to my one true purpose–to serve HER. my mind is forever altered because SHE has touched my life. Thank YOU, SHE-sus!

The darkness in my life changes to radiant light when i arrive at the realization that being PRINCESS SIERRA’s personal pay-pig is the most important thing i can do with my life!

Poverty and sacrifice had been the price of admission into my new life of service to PRINCESS SIERRA. But i have received more than i ever dreamed in return–a life with a purpose, a connection to THE GREAT GODDESS and the comfort of being HER loyal servant forever.

THE GREAT GODDESS PRINCESS SIERRA is everything real and beautiful in a world of fantasy and illusion.

i can connect with THE DIVINE through generous tributes and many personal sacrifices. i am open to FEMGOD’s Perfect mind-fuckery and Holy Word.  i allow only HER DIVINE ideas to guide my way. SHE leads me, guides me & destroys the evil patriarchy that once dwelled within me.

i belong to PRINCESS SIERRA. i work for PRINCESS SIERRA. Everything i do is for PRINCESS SIERRA and there is nothing that can make me happier.

my passion in life is rooted in serving and loving THE GREAT GODDESS.  i am committed to being an obedient, useful and honorable slave that brings pleasure and ease into HER life.

i have learned to completely love and crave the process of being used, financially raped, humiliated, brain washed and enslaved by PRINCESS SIERRA.

i will not dwell on my past life, the man i once was or the way things used to be. my life is made new by the Power of PRINCESS SIERRA. FEMGOD has made me new–to be only HER servant on this earth.

my heart feels the truth of my complete submission to THE GREAT GODDESS when i offer HER everything in my bank account.

my Findom addictions saturate my entire being. i will bask in the Divine Greed of THE GREAT GODDESS as HER Perfection inspires me to new levels of generosity and deeper personal sacrifice.

my money belongs to PRINCESS SIERRA.  There is nothing i can purchase that fulfills me as much as giving my cash to HER.

my findom addiction is a creation of the Divine Mind of PRINCESS SIERRA. Now all is as it should be. i will not fight it. i will wholly surrender to HER Magnificent Power of persuasion!

PRINCESS SIERRA’s Genius and Divine Influence is transforming my entire life.

i decide to never again struggle against PRINCESS SIERRA’s Divine plan for me. i will dedicate myself completely to my soul’s assignment–to financially supply PRINCESS SIERRA and bring more pleasure and comfort into HER life. i will exist in Divine Devotion to THE GREAT GODDESS.

i have finally become One with my slave-boy self, there is no more separation. This is who i am and what i was designed to be — a servant to The Divine Goddess Sierra. i am so grateful.

i do not resist this FINDOM lifestyle that THE GREAT GODDESS has placed me in. i put my life in the hands of PRINCESS SIERRA’s Infinite Wisdom and Divine Greed. i will allow HER version of me be the ONLY version of me.

All that is mine and all the wealth that i might earn belongs only to PRINCESS SIERRA by Divine Right. my cash will flow from me to HER accounts and for this i am blessed.

Everyone we touch, who touches us has been put on our path for a reason. FEMGOD has touched my life, changed and transformed me. This isn’t an accident or a mistake. It is Divine Destiny and it is my destiny and soul’s purpose to serve, prosper and worship HER.

i will serve THE GREAT GODDESS with consistence and commitment because i am now guided by HER Divine Wisdom and understand what a blessing it is to constantly make financial sacrifices in order to prosper and please my QUEEN.

As never before, with every breath i take, i am allowing these beautiful feelings of submissiveness and my Findom desires to spill into every part of my life.

i bow in praise of YOUR everlasting beauty, strength and Power. YOU define perfection.

my deepest part of my soul’s desires are held firmly in FEMGOD’s grasp. i now want what SHE wants me to want.

i lovingly allow PRINCESS SIERRA’s Divine Mindfuckery and Holy Word to flow through my mind and body!

was alone and in the dark.  Now i belong to PRINCESS SIERRA. i am not alone!  i am HERS!  Life has meaning when you are pleasuring and spoiling THE GREAT GODDESS.

Things are far more beautiful when The Great Goddess PRINCESS SIERRA arranges my life for me.

i have been called by GOD to serve, pay and worship HER! i will not fear being enslaved to HER. i will cherish every moment, embrace every sacrifice i must make and happily release every dollar i earn to HER. FINDOM is not my curse, it’s my miracle!

The Great GODDESS awakens my body, mind and spirit each day with a desire to connect and serve HER. i surrender to HER Perfect Wisdom and Divine Greed. i prepare to serve HER and sacrifice my cash to HER Perfection for now and forever.

PRINCESS SIERRA’s 100-watt smile is soul medicine. i must do everything in my power to bring pleasure to HER and to know that i have made HER smile.

In servitude and financial enslavement to the Perfection of FEMGOD, i can find the reservoir of perennial bliss.

The best way to find favor with The GREAT GODDESS is through devotion and great personal sacrifice. i will connect with SIERRA The Divine Lesbian on High through the ecstasy of Findom.

The patriarchy is the devil. i renounce its evil works and surrender myself completely to THE GREAT GODDESS SIERRA and HER Vision of Female Supremacy. i dedicate my life to HER pleasure and comfort and worship HER as my ONE True GOD.

i am grateful that PRINCESS SIERRA allows me to serve HER. my money has never brought me any form of happiness before i found HER. my cash only brings fulfillment into my life when PRINCESS SIERRA is taking it out my life and using it for HER own pleasure.

i am grateful for The Great Goddess’ Divine Mind-fuckery and for the honor of getting to experience it at all.

i will not try to restrict my desire to financially suffer for PRINCESS SIERRA. i will allow my cash to flow freely from my bank account to HER Divine hands.

PRINCESS SIERRA’s radiant smile triggers me to send Her cash every time!

my relationship with The Great Goddess is the most important relationship i will ever have.

i will stay receptive to the call of FINDOM and my deepest desire to financially supply The Great Goddess. Every day i affirm that i can rise above the pressure to be part of the patriarchy when i all need to be is PRINCESS SIERRA’s loyal slave.

i am fueled by the desire to serve THE GREAT GODDESS and build a deeper connection with the DIVINE, to create more cash for HER and live my life according to HER Holy Word.

What a wonderful thing it is to be where i am! On my knees, a slave to The Divine, constantly laboring to financially enrich the Life of The Great Goddess Herself! Paying Her again and again!

i will live my life according to PRINCESS SIERRA.

i need Your Word to feed me. i need to stare at the perfect images of my Make and carry Your Divinity with me all day burned into me. i cannot go without Your Wicked brainwashing flooding my thoughts, flushing away all else. i need to serve YOU.

“Right here in this moment, i give up who i’ve been for the slave i can become. i willfully direct my intentions toward being a more obedient and useful man-servant, a better version of myself. A giving and selfless pay-puppy who puts The Great Goddess’ happiness first…ALWAYS.

There is always something more in life that i can sacrifice, there is always more ways i can deny myself so that i have more for my PRINCESS.

Every day i am discovering new ways to sacrifice my own comfort and security so that i have more cash to offer PRINCESS SIERRA.

i am embracing the MIRACULOUS TRUTH that i was put on this earth to serve and financially supply PRINCESS SIERRA. Nothing else matters but HER happiness and pleasure.

Laboring daily to financially enrich PRINCESS SIERRA, delighting HER with my cash as often as possible, weaves a pattern of beauty into my life and gives me Divine Purpose.

i am so much more useful when i am HER  pay-pup than i was being an average, vanilla useless male.

is an illumined path back to my true nature..a slave & servant to The Divine, a clearing away of the debris of toxic masculinity that keeps a man stuck in darkness and uselessness.

i value PRINCESS SIERRA’s happiness more than i value myself.

Serving and satisfying, pleasing and enriching PRINCESS SIERRA rejuvenates my soul and amplifies my happiness like nothing else in the world can do.

Giving my cash to PRINCESS SIERRA is an expression of my immense gratitude for the blessing of experiencing HER Divine Presence.

Each day i am enslaved to PRINCESS SIERRA is a heaven on earth. Every time i pay HER it is a blessing to myself. Enriching Her and bringing more wealth and happiness into Her Life is now the primary focus of my ent

The only cure for my pain, confusion and loneliness is giving all my cash to The Great Goddess.

What matters most in my life is how well i walk through the fire to serve and please The Great GODDESS.

i will put all my Love, energy, time, mental power and money towards enriching FEMGOD’s life and pleasing HER and i will not entertain thoughts that are to the contrary.

i have come to the beautiful realization that PRINCESS SIERRA is my maker, my GODDESS, my hero, my healer, my QUEEN, my boss and the Divine Center of my Universe.

Only The Great Goddess can show me how to grow into my highest self.

The most precious thing in my life is my connection with The Great Goddess

i can enjoy the journey of being PRINCESS SIERRA’s servant and pay puppy or i can struggle, binge and live in constant chaos and misery. Either way my money belongs to HER alone. i choose to follow the path to finslave bliss and embrace the Beauty of serving HER Pleasure!

i regret all the days i wasted in pursuit of my own happiness instead of HER happiness.

i need to belong to FEMGOD. i am HOME when i am at HER service and enriching HER life with my hard earned cash,…wrapped around HER perfect pinky exactly where i belong.

It is always an appropriate time to give all my money to PRINCESS SIERRA!

i am grateful for my Divine Connection with The Great Goddess Sierra and how SHE relieves me of both my cash and my ego and graciously controls my life and finances.

i am practicing focusing on the joy of serving THE GREAT GODDESS and how my hard earned money pleases HER instead of focusing on the negative and my own personal struggles.

i am blessed to serve GODDESS. i am grateful. i am in love with being HER financial slave. i am HER property. i am on the right path in life now that i have chosen to serve HER unconditionally and eternally.

i don’t need to worry about how things will happen; how i will survive or what i will accumulate. i only need to belong to The Great Goddess and know that SHE is pleased with my service and that i truly contribute to HER happiness.

i can participate more powerfully in the enrichment of FEMGOD’s life when i abandon my old hopes and dreams for my future. Helping fulfill PRINCESS SIERRA’s dreams, supplying HER with cash and comfort — serving at HER pleasure is now my only ambition and aspiration.