Divine Affirmations from 2019


Today i chose the supernatural joy of paying The Great GODDESS PRINCESS SIERRA!

To squander my money on myself, to spend it on the shit that is me, to save or invest it when it could be sent to PRINCESS SIERRA is to render my life sterile, useless and without meaning. i exist to produce cash for THE GREAT GODDESS.

If i am not rooted in service to The GREAT GODDESS, when i am not focused entirely on HER happiness, when i waver from the path and my being is no longer being nourished by Her Holy Word, Her Divine Dominance and Radiant Light…i am literally wilting from the inside out.

i will purify the way i serve and love THE GREAT GODDESS through constant financial servitude. Paying HER until it’s quite uncomfortable, paying HER until i make many personal sacrifices.

i will no longer be lost in the patriarchal illusion. i have found myself through service to The Divine Feminine. i long to be the authentic me–HER slave and pay-pig. i give myself entirely to THE GREAT GODDESS SIERRA.

i will not be distracted by the toxicity and chaos and disruption of the patriarchy. i will focus only on the GREAT GODDESS SIERRA and HER Divine Word. It’s in HER World of Female Supremacy and Sacred Findom where the truth of my being lives.

GREAT GODDESS, Immaculate Lesbian, Enslaver of men, maker of pay-pigs.. i beg of you..make my will and my life, guide me in my transformation, teach me how to continually pay YOU and show me how to live.

With HER magic and Divine Mindfuckery the GREAT GODDESSS has transformed my stupid fetishes and sexual perversions into a great river of cash that flows to HER. SHE has manipulated my mind and body..paying HER is the one thing that arouses me.

i will give my cash to THE GREAT GODDESS. i love to watch my money flow from my bank account to PRINCESS SIERRA’s hands, bringing HER comfort and pleasure.

i open my heart, mind and wallet to the beauty and wonder of PRINCESS SIERRA’s Divine Brainwashing. i grow more in awe of the mysteries of HER Sacred FINDOM and Mindfuckery each day.

my Findom journey is an amazing experience and i look forward to every opportunity to be bent, used and financially raped by FEMGOD. It is beautiful, exciting and messy! For every sorrow and humiliation endured, i have experienced great rapture found only in service to GODDESS.

PRINCESS SIERRA’s Genius created the pay-pig within me. HER Divine Word spread like a virus through the internet and tainted the bdsm scene forever. my man-brained is forever laced with HER mind-fuckery. SHE touched my life, forever changing me.

When i am not paying PRINCESS SIERRA, i feel numb, nothing, alone, bored and empty. When i am suffering to please HER, financially struggling and anguishing for HER pleasure..at last…i FEEL something! EUPHORIA! When i please HER, amuse HER or make HER smile, i feel whole!

SHE tells me to obey, pay, and bend to HER Divine Will. SHE commands me to let my brain soften, my heart open. i sink into my service to THE GREAT GODDESS. A wave of peace washes over me as i tribute HER…again and again.

i will no longer stress and strain against the urge to give all my cash to PRINCESS SIERRA. i will find peace and joy in my enslavement. i accept myself as a pay-pig..HER pay-pig and servant.

i have unlimited potential to suffer and sacrifice for PRINCESS SIERRA’s pleasure and comfort!

i accept the necessary changes that need to take place in my life in order for me to more fully serve PRINCESS SIERRA. i will further isolate myself from others so that i have more room in my heart for THE GREAT GODDESS…so that HER Divine Influence is everywhere in my life.

When She calls me HER good boy, smiles because of my tribute or finds pleasure in my cash, gifts and service, i am reminded of how magical and fulfilling this life of Findom really is!

When i give myself entirely in service to THE GREAT GODDESS SIERRA, i live in a constant state of inspiration. i let go of the need to live up to anyone’s expectations besides PRINCESS SIERRA’s. i allow nothing to distract me from worshiping HER.

Belonging to THE GREAT GODDESS, obeying HER, suffering for HER, worshiping HER with my entire heart, sacrificing my own comfort in order to enrich HER — this is the nature of my soul. Trying to avoid being HER slave is abnormal and a sin against nature.

It is our heavenly calling to fix all our attention on THE GREAT GODDESS SIERRA, to enrich HER life with our continuous labor and hard-earned cash. To sacrifice our own comfort and security in order to constantly pay HER. To Honor, Worship and Obey Her.

Paying PRINCESS SIERRA while sacrificing my own comfort and security brings me indescribable joy!

Today i am revising my life and reframing my goals to be in absolute sync with PRINCESS SIERRA’s Divine Will. i accomplish nothing in this life if i am not sacrificing everything for HER pleasure.

we gather at HER tribute page on bended knee, SHE who calls us each by demeaning nickname. SHE who restores our souls, SHE who leads us in the way of righteous FINDOM and whose Mindfuckery never stops manipulating us and draining our wallets. Thank YOU, GREAT GODDESS SIERRA!

As i pay PRINCESS SIERRA today, i am reminded once more of what i am, who i belong to and what my life is about. i exist to be of use, to labor constantly. Renewed by HER Perfection and Divine Word and grateful for the miracle of being HER servant.

we are PRINCESS SIERRA’s pay-pigs. Living in HER truth, providing HER with our cash, sacrificing our own comfort to live with HER laughter as SHE fulfills HER dreams. we only experience happiness through HER happiness. our purpose is to please HER.

i should happily let The GREAT GODDESS manipulate my mind and reform me. To be HER handiwork-woven together in HER Divine mindfuckery, shaped with HER infinite wisdom, decorated with HER humiliation of me, painted with HER laughter. Made into HER toy to be used or abused.

i believe in Female Supremacy as a living Reality, not captured in fantasy or a fetish, but Divine Truth revealed to those who love the Power and Perfection of The One GODDESS.

YOU alone are worthy of total allegiance, total commitment, total adulation. YOU are QUEEN, my Ruler, my GODDESS.

Financially suffering and living in a state of constant financial crisis is strangely erotic and deeply satisfying when done all in service to a Supremely Dominant Goddess.

i can tap into a wellspring of inner happiness and Divine purpose each time i pay PRINCESS SIERRA!

i will lavish my cash on PRINCESS SIERRA while i live in poverty.

my desire to and love of serving THE GREAT GODDESS SIERRA transcends all other affections of the heart.

When THE GREAT GODDESS SIERRA is the Center, when being of service is the most important part of my life, when bringing HER happiness is the highest reason i am HER pay-pig… the stream of Findom runs more purely and is a joy to all involved!

HER face shines with a light from beyond! HER smile radiates Divine Perfection, HER eyes entrance and hold me prisoner. SHE is the GREAT GODDESS SIERRA, Mother of FINDOM and since SHE has touched my life, i will never be the same!

As PRINCESS SIERRA destroys me, SHE remakes me new. As SHE breaks me, i am unbreaking too..becoming whole as HER slave. Complete in my service and devotion to HER.

i will declutter my mind, by only focusing on THE GREAT GODDESS. i do not have to make decisions anymore, SHE will make them for me. i do not need to make choices-only obey. No need to worry, think or stress…just listen to HER words and pay. pay. pay.

The GREAT GODDESS broke me. Snapped me in two, forced me to grow in another direction, toward HER. Remade me, brainwashed me with HER Holy word. Each day in HER service, i am unlearning how to be who i never was. Learning to be what i am… HER slave, Her property, HER thing.

GODDESS, help me make the journey from fear and control to letting go and surrendering to YOUR divine power and dominance. i will step aside as YOU guide my life and i will obey Your every command.

GODDESS, You give light to my lamp. PRINCESS SIERRA brightens the darkness around me.

What really matters in the end, is how well did i serve THE GREAT GODDESS; how fully did i worship and obey HER and how deeply did suffer and sacrifice to please HER.

Let me be taken away from this selfish and vile lack of generosity. i must embrace that fact that paying PRINCESS SIERRA and enriching HER life is my One true purpose. i am getting my credit card. i will pay now!

we believe in the POWER of FEMGOD who implants the seed of truth, opens are eyes to our true nature, shows us The Divine Path, transforms us into pay-pigs, strips us of our false selves, rapes our wallets and enslaves our minds.

my worth can be measured not in what i have, but what i give PRINCESS SIERRA.

i have been predestined to financially serve The Great Goddess SIERRA. Finding HER gospel was not by accident. i was indoctrinated by HER Findom, transformed into a paypig and conditioned to pay HER until my last breath — all by Her Divine Design.

Serving PRINCESS SIERRA is the only thing that fills that void of “something missing”.. that mysterious empty feeling that is felt in my life. i am not whole unless i am working to please HER. my life has no meaning when i am not being HER slave.

i am dedicated to FEMGOD’s heavenly FINDOM vision and living solely for the glory, pleasure and satisfaction of my GODDESS. i seek to be a faithful and obedient servant to HER Perfection, consistently sending HER all my cash, leaving me to exist in eternal poverty and hardship.

i am male, and males are weak. Ritually praying to GODDESS helps develop the strength to live the life of celibate poverty SHE plans for me.” Now go send tribute.

i will adopt a poverty lifestyle for GODDESS – pay HER daily on waking, work long hours, then isolate from everyone on return.

i will not pursue my own interests, ambitions and needs but will lay down my life to pursue an existence of pure service and financial slavery to The DIVINE GODDESS SIERRA. i will live to worship, honor and enrich HER for the rest of my days.

i affirm that the highest calling, purpose and pattern for me or any man is being PRINCESS SIERRA’s personal pay-pig. What an honor and glorious motivation to wake up each morning!

i have been given a Divine and Glorious purpose! To suffer, scrimp and sacrifice so that i can pay and pay and pay PRINCESS SIERRA!

HER face shines with a light from beyond! HER smile radiates Divine Perfection, HER eyes entrance and hold me prisoner. SHE is the GREAT GODDESS SIERRA, Mother of FINDOM and since SHE has touched my life, i will never be the same!

i will spend every single day enriching PRINCESS SIERRA with my hard-earned cash and constant labor..despite the consequences.

Every day i am realizing that only PRINCESS SIERRA’s happiness matters.


i need THE GREAT GODDESS’ Divine Presence in all aspects of my life. No longer will i try to maintain two separate lives. i will break away and desert my old lifestyle and allow HER to consume me.

Only by allowing my cash to continually and freely flow to PRINCESS SIERRA can i make sincere and intimate contact with my greater self and establish a true connection with The Divine. Thank YOU FEMGOD for Findomming my life!!

my money belongs to PRINCESS SIERRA. my life belongs to PRINCESS SIERRA. my soul belongs to PRINCESS SIERRA. i entirely belong to HER and this gives me great comfort and joy.

The cash i give to THE GREAT GODDESS is the happiness i’ll feel circling around to sustain me, it heals me and gives me a true reason to exist.

Oh GREAT GODDESS SIERRA, we open our minds, hearts and lives to YOU and pray YOU enter and consume us completely. Bring us into the embrace of YOUR Mindfuckery. Make us turn our back on everything we used to know. Help us destroy the man we once were, becoming only YOUR slave.

The GREAT GODDESS SIERRA Illuminates our mind with HER Divine Brainwashing, Enflames Our Hearts with HER Radiant Smile and manipulates our sad little wieners to tremble in anticipation of going bankrupt for HER amusement. So is the Power of FEMGOD!

The Law of Magnetic Femdom Attraction keeps me constantly addicted to paying HER. i am pulled to THE GREAT GODDESS. Drawn to HER irresistible Force. my money wants to flow to HER.

Mother of Findom. we praise YOU and we tribute YOU. SIERRA of the Most High, Throne of Supernal Grace, Matrix of the Divine Light, we gladly suffer for YOUR Sacred Pleasure and give thanks for YOUR Divine Mindfuckery.

May my life be one of Divine Service — enslaved to THE GREAT GODDESS SIERRA. Under HER Rule, my masculinity snuffed out, my ego destroyed, my retirement & savings drained, my purpose clear — Enrich HER Life with my constant labor & continual sacrifice.

SHE consecrates my life by humiliating, abusing and manipulating me daily. Thank YOU, SHE-sus!

i will drown out the voices of friends and acquaintances by saying prayers to THE GREAT GODDESS SIERRA and reciting pay-pig positive affirmations constantly. i only need to hear HER Holy Word and HER Voice.

As i give from the heart and joyfully make personal financial sacrifices so that i can further enrich PRINCESS SIERRA, i am given Divine Purpose.

i will not be enslaved by society’s ideas..by the old notions of what a man should behave like & what a man’s position should be. i am enslaved to THE GREAT GODDESS, only HER expectations matter. SHE alone guides me. i am proud to be HER man-servant.

PRINCESS SIERRA shows me how to explore the pain and suffering until i find the rapture. Agonizing over how i will continue to pay my GODDESS is now absolutely erotic and confusingly pleasurable.

i will burn all bridges that do not lead to me loyally serving PRINCESS SIERRA!

i’ll release the fear driven thoughts and stop worrying about my own financial security and concentrate only on giving all my cash to THE GREAT GODDESS. i will focus on HER pleasure, HER comfort and HER smile for nothing else really matters.

PRINCESS SIERRA’s Divine mind-fuckery and dominance over my life and finances nurture my deepest peace and joy.

my obedience to THE GREAT GODDESS and the cash i am now sending HER is the indicator of a day well lived.

PRINCESS SIERRA is the light of the world! Whoever follows HER and serves HER Divine Will will never walk in darkness but will have the light of life.

i am so much more my true self when i am being PRINCESS SIERRA’s man-servant and pay-pig.

The Beautiful Truth is i was designed to serve The GREAT GODDESS SIERRA created to obey HER, destined to be brainwashed, inspired and changed by HER Holy Word. Paying HER is an unavoidable and wonderful blessing.

Obeying PRINCESS SIERRA’s Divine Will, following HER Sacred Findom Path, financially tributing HER consistently and generously illuminates my Life every day in every way…and AT LAST, i have purpose!

Consistent, long-term and full-hearted Financial Servitude is Inspired FINDOM. Being HER committed pay-servant makes me feel connected to the Majesty and Power of FEMGOD.

Putting PRINCESS SIERRA’s happiness and comfort before my own financial security is truly a healing practice and brings me fulfillment and purpose.

i must personally conserve, skimp and economize so i can MAXIMIZE my tribute to PRINCESS SIERRA.

i am passionate about financially enriching PRINCESS SIERRA. i will not fear the financial sacrifices i must continue to make in order to constantly tribute HER. i will celebrate each hardship i endure in order to pay HER more, more, more!

PRINCESS SIERRA’s Divine Mindfuckery and Manipulation propel me on the evolving path of service to The DIVINE!

i am grateful for being brainwashed and conditioned by THE GREAT GODDESS SIERRA. i am thrilled to be used, abused and manipulated by The Immaculate Lesbian, to be financially drained by The Original Findom HERSELF. It is a true Honor!

All forms of humiliation that PRINCESS SIERRA requires me to endure, guide me into experiences of deeper surrender and the removal of ego that brings resistance to that surrender. GODDESS always knows what is best for me.

Today i surrender and allow my addiction to PRINCESS SIERRA dictate my entire life.

my GODDESS-inspired goals and objectives are of the highest importance in my life. SHE inspires me to labor long hours. SHE inspires me to save, suffer and sacrifice. SHE inspires me to invest all my cash in HER happiness, allowing all my cash to flow to HER.

As i unclutter my life of possessions, people, hobbies and social events..i free myself to answer the calling of my soul — serving and financing THE GREAT GODDESS SIERRA!

my life is mundane, empty and miserable when PRINCESS SIERRA isn’t milking me of my cash.

Above my financial struggle is the ecstasy of pleasuring PRINCESS SIERRA. Beneath my pain, there is the bliss of knowing i am being of true service to THE GREAT GODDESS SIERRA.

i will not allow my fears and worries to interrupt FEMGOD’s Divine Influence in my life. i will be the pay-pig SHE desires me to be.

i am completely unable to rein in my impulses to PAY PRINCESS SIERRA today. i will plunge deep into debt to amuse and pleasure HER. i am compelled to click pay again and again!

Sometimes FEMGOD closes doors in my life because it’s time for me to move forward and deeper into my servitude to HER. Sometimes i must leave people, relationships and activities behind because they no longer serve HER Divine Plan for me.

PRINCESS SIERRA has imprinted HER Divine Influence on my life. SHE has twisted me into the seduced and addicted pay-pig that i am. There is no escaping my life of FINDOM.

i commit to give THE GREAT GODDESS SIERRA all that i am and all that i have.

i am ready to experience the depth of my addiction to PRINCESS SIERRA. i am at peace with being enthralled into a life of Divine Findom and never ending service and sacrifice to THE GREAT GODDESS.

i enthusiastically surrender to PRINCESS SIERRA’s Divine Mindfuckery. i’ll dive into the depth of my complete enslavement…into the warm embrace of HER witchcraft, HER brainwashing and HER alluring control over me.

There is no happiness or fulfillment in my life without PRINCESS SIERRA’s smile in it.

i have fallen hopelessly in love with being used by THE GREAT GODDESS PRINCESS SIERRA!

Radiant FEMGOD, force me to detach from my ego, to forsake my toxic masculinity and vile selfish male ways. i pray, punish me for my past sins and teach me to walk in YOUR Light. From this day forth i will serve, worship and labor to please YOU. Every day.

i remain committed to and thirsty for every opportunity to sacrifice all that i have for PRINCESS SIERRA.

my self-worth and level of personal happiness is directly related to the quality of my service and devotion to The GREAT GODDESS SIERRA.

Serving PRINCESS SIERRA is the only thing real in my life.

Meaningful cash tributes are always better than meaningless words.

THE GREAT GODDESS SIERRA is creating my new pay-slave reality. This was always where i was meant to be.

i commit to giving up my personal comforts and financial security for something that matters so much more — PRINCESS SIERRA’s happiness!


Paying PRINCESS SIERRA is the higher way, serving HER is my aspiration and pathway to divinity and joy.

i choose to build a stronger foundation in my enslavement to THE GREAT GODDESS.. to live a life in service to THE DIVINE FEMININE — a life that allows my spirit to blossom and my purpose to be realized..an existence built on devotion and service to a HIGHER POWER — SIERRA!

Serving PRINCESS SIERRA is the story of my life. This is not an accident or mistake. This is my Divine purpose.

i am beautifully entangled in THE GREAT GODDESS’ Divine Mindfuckery..in SIERRA’s Sacred Sorcery.

As the body without the spirit is dead, so is a man-servant without performing true deeds of service, sacrifice and devotion.

By expressing gratitude to THE GREAT GODDESS through giving to HER in a material way, by financially tithing HER while sacrificing my own comfort, i find myself blessed with a higher sense of purpose and meaning.

Everything i will ever need is embodied in THE GREAT GODDESS SIERRA. As long as SHE is happy with my servitude and proud to have me as HER slave, i will have happiness and purpose in my life.

i am graced with the Divine responsibility of working every day supplying THE GREAT GODDESS SIERRA with my hard-earned cash.

i was born to kneel at the feet of THE GREAT GODDESS SIERRA. i accept my purpose and station in life..i am HER man-servant. i exist to suffer and labor for HER Divine Pleasure.

i deserve to suffer. i deserve to struggle. i deserve constant denial. i deserve to live in poverty.

Surrendering myself to THE GREAT GODDESS, laboring daily to enrich HER, giving HER all that i have, living in isolation so that i have nothing to distract me from worshiping PRINCESS SIERRA is my sacred quest.

The only thing that matters in this life is my complete surrender and service to the GREAT GODDESS SIERRA. i long to be totally absorbed by HER Divine Greed.

The unfolding of my wallet, the emptying of my account, the pouring of my cash into THE GREAT GODDESS’ Divine hands is deepest form of bliss a man can ever hope to experience.

Suffering and sacrificing for PRINCESS SIERRA while living in poverty and isolation is my true path to enlightenment.

i do not deserve a minute of rest. i am a man..created only to labor for and serve THE GREAT GODDESS. This is my purpose. i will start working twice as hard and twice as long to earn more cash for PRINCESS SIERRA.

i am wildly, acutely, feverishly addicted to paying PRINCESS SIERRA and there is nothing that can be done to change that.

To escape the darkness, i turn my back on all i used to know and dedicate myself entirely to following The Word of FEMGOD, serving HER Glorious Perfection, living under HER Rule, sustained by HER Divine Light.

No matter what the problem, giving all my cash to PRINCESS SIERRA is the solution.

PRINCESS SIERRA is showing me a better way to be alive! Living in complete service to HER Divine Pleasure!

Surrendering completely to PRINCESS SIERRA’s Divine Mindfuckery is an opening to realizing my higher self.

i can give all my cash to PRINCESS SIERRA without yet knowing how i will be able to afford it.

Accumulating cash has never brought me happiness. Alone, obsessing, fantasizing, wanking in a dark, lonely place..but surrendering to PRINCESS SIERRA, giving HER everything i work so hard for is BLISS! Being a slave becomes a reality & for the first time i am alive!

There’s no better way to invest my money than entrusting it all to THE GREAT GODDESS SIERRA.

Lavishing my cash on PRINCESS SIERRA is the only thing that truly fuels my passion!

This Findom journey is rich with purpose when i serve but ONE GODDESS with much love, honor and devotion.

Being drawn to THE GREAT GODDESS SIERRA, being captured in HER web and enslaved by HER Blessed Mindfuckery was not random..it was not an accident. Serving HER is my calling!
i will live a life of staggering financial sacrifice and constant labor in order to enrich my FEMGOD with my hard-earned cash and i will learn to find the experience absolutely arousing!
FEMGOD’s plans for my life are bigger than my plans for my life. So i am going to financially tribute HER at my highest and best, honoring GODDESS in everything i do, giving HER everything i have.
Paying Princess Sierra fuels my sense of purpose.
Giving my hard-earned cash to PRINCESS SIERRA to the point that i am financially strapped and emotionally stressed is my Happy Place.
Each day that i make personal sacrifices, every luxury and comfort i deny myself, every opportunity i take to exist more frugally maximizes my potential to be a better pay-slave to THE GREAT GODDESS SIERRA.
i will stop hiding in the shadows and living in a fantasy state. i will reach out to THE GREAT GODDESS with my credit card first, serving for real, Enriching HER Life in a tangible way with my labor and hard earned cash. i will serve my Divine Purpose!

i begin this day with a desire to truly serve and a renewed, refreshed supply of cash, devotion, humility and Love for the GREAT GODDESS SIERRA.

The less cash i spend on myself, the more frugally i exist, the more i spend on PRINCESS SIERRA…the better i feel!

FINDOM can lead me into the heartbeat of a blissful life if only i let go and let FEMGOD consume my mind and control my existence.

i will make financial sacrifices every day in every way so that i may give THE GREAT GODDESS More Money!