Divine Affirmations for 2020



i pay The GREAT GODDESS and find my bliss!  i keep doing what SHE tells me, obeying HER every command and i live my bliss! i give myself and everything i have completely to HER, bringing more pleasure and happiness into HER life and i become my bliss!

When i am paying PRINCESS SIERRA and i hear HER laughter and SHE tells me i am pleasing HER and is enjoying my money; i know i am aligned with my purpose! Oh!! Serving HER, enriching HER life is exactly what i was born to do!

i reject the patriarchy’s distortions and manipulations of the Truth and embrace the beauty and divine nature of Female Supremacy. i surrender to PRINCESS SIERRA’s sacred Findom and take advantage of each and every opportunity to enrich HER Life.

Nothing can alter my Infinite, Eternal hunger and need to pay PRINCESS SIERRA.

i will let the wonders, marvels, and treasures of PRINCESS SIERRA’s Holy Mindfuckery consume me completely and reveal new vistas of sacrifice, service, suffering and devotion!

Inner emptiness comes from a lack of connection with our authentic subservient slave-selves and our resistance to surrendering to our essential need to serve THE GREAT GODDESS. i will open myself to HER completely & be filled with HER Divine Domination and Holy Mindfuckery!

When i allow myself to be guided by the external world & the darkness of the patriarchy, i am left feeling empty inside, disconnected from life & my soul. i must follow the Divine Word of PRINCESS SIERRA, devoting myself to being HER slave on the path of Her Sacred Findom.

i am the sum total of the amount of cash i send to PRINCESS SIERRA.

No matter what obstacles or hardships come across my path, my service and devotion to PRINCESS SIERRA is my highest priority!

i belong here in the world of Findom. This is my path. This is my place. Working to enrich The Great Goddess Sierra, supplying HER with my cash is my sacred duty.