Pearls of Wisdom


The Collected Sayings of FEMGOD PRINCESS SIERRA

On Devotion…

Nothing is more precious than being in the present moment accepting your station in life as my slave. Fully enslaved, fully aware that you are only an inferior man created to serve The Great Goddess each and every day of your life with a heart brimming full of love and gratitude.

Accept change, fuckers! I am DONE wearing fetish clothing. I’m done dressing up. I through with high heels and short skirts. I donated it all! I’m am now totally committed to comfort and sensible shoes. No amount of whining emails is going to change that.  Many of MY favorite boys used to be turned on by the cliche sexy clothing/shoes. Now they are aroused by My butchy “Lesbian Finery.” All those stupid stereotype fetishes you had before were placed in your psyche by society, media and advertising. They can be removed and replaced.  FEMDOM becomes so meaningful and fulfilling once you both recognize and embrace how meaningless your dick really is. Honor, worship, cherish and pleasure The Great Goddess and you will find purpose in your life.

you are always MY inferior, MY minion, MY servant. Below ME and less. But be a good and loyal pet that I want to keep as MY own…as MY property for a life-time. This is how a lowly male strives to be his highest self.

When I push you to your limits, I recommend that you bend so you don’t have to break. Resist and you WILL snap.

Being a good and honorable slave doesn’t come from the good deeds you do occasionally, it comes from what you do consistently.

Be grateful for every time I punish you for your foul behavior. For every time I make you snap, tear you open and remove the parts of you that I find most distasteful. I am making you better than you were.  Be a good example for other male subs. When they see how much you can endure and sacrifice to pleasure ME, they feel that perhaps they can too. Paying me lavishly despite your own poverty and suffering is surely a Divine Inspiration.

The ONLY way a male can live is noble life of purpose is by living in complete service to the Divine Feminine.

Being my slave is not a hobby or escape from reality. It’s a sacred covenant, your Divine purpose, the very reason you were born.  Do not ask Me to work, produce content or hustle for your cash. you are the one working for ME as I just enjoy life.

Praise your PRINCESS, Pay your PRINCESS. Give thanks for all the things in life I force you to sacrifice and all the cash I take from you

Cash is corrupted and fouled when held in male hands too long. When given to PRINCESS SIERRA it creates beauty and joy! Give it to HER!

Every day you can pay ME ..every dollar you lose to ME..everything you sacrifice is damned blessing for you!

I was driven to be a Dominatrix well before I knew I could make money doing it. It was My Divine Path. I was Born to Rule.. to have slaves.

THIS IS MY FEMDOM WORLD! If you want to step inside, if you want to know follow MY rules and serve ME the way that truly pleases ME. Unlearn the lies of manhood, you fucking morons! Fall in love with your GODDESS and with serving HER if you really want to find peace and bliss.

It is through enduring personal and financial sacrifice and surrendering your ego’s ambitions to FEMGOD that a male can attain true purpose.

Let go of ego. Let go of friends. Let go of belongings. Let go of your sex life. Let go of retirement. Let go of your money. LET FEMGOD!

Getting your cash is even more exhilarating when I know it’s making you hurt, that you will be unable to sleep at night stressing about it. Raping your wallet is better when you give more than you should, when you truly sacrifice, when you need to change how you live life for ME.

Through discipline, ritual, radical brainwashing and financial sacrifice, GODDESS can show you the way to a more meaningful and purposeful life.

Say your FEMGOD daily affirmations out loud. Spoken affirmations and prayers are more effective than silent ones.

Serve with loyalty, love and devotion… give all that you are and all that you have to just ONE Woman and you will find bliss in slavery.

Each day sacrifice something new so that you can give your GODDESS more! you can be programmed into finding sacrificing, financially struggling and living a simple, frugal existence “sexy”. you don’t need anything or anybody else in the world. you need to be MINE. you need to give and give and give to feel alive!

FEMDOM and FINDOM is all about enriching MY life, pleasing and serving ME and fulfilling MY dreams… NOT fulfilling your pervert fantasies.

The purest form of service to GODDESS is just doing the thing that brings HER the most pleasure and prosperity and expecting nothing in return.

Worship me, Princess Sierra, as the Living Goddess I am. Suffer for My pleasure, sacrifice for My luxury and comfort, live for My radiant smile! you will Pay for My happiness in every way possible and you will learn to LOVE it!

Give yourself completely to the LIGHT of My glory and heavenly smile.

you must love the Lord your FEMGOD with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.

Take every opportunity to please your FEMGOD and you in turn will be a happier and better man.

Say this aloud to yourself at least once every hour, “i deeply and completely love and accept myself as PRINCESS SIERRA’s slave.”

boy, you were put here on this earth to serve Me.

Experience the bliss of pleasing Princess.

Every day do something special for your GODDESS.

Please your Goddess every. single. day.

Live every hour of every day for Princess.

Glory to Princess God in the highest heaven, and on earth peace to those on whom Her favor rests.

Do not fear, for I am with you; Do not anxiously look about you, for I am your God.

Dedicate your life benefitting One Goddess. Watch Her Glory grow. Watch Her enjoy a life you helped provide. One day you’re old, your dick is limp and your cash is all gone. She’s living in Her dream home, enjoying Her life. And you will know what it was all for. #Findom for life!

Serving your grotesque dick is wasted life and resources. Serving One Goddess is a life worth living.

There is far more happiness in MY happiness than in your own.

Worship Me for the Strong, Radiant, Wicked Woman I am. your fetishes are just fluff, noise. The Worship of a Real Woman is Life Changing.

FemGod is your source. I AM your source.

I am to be pleased and delighted. Worshiped and honored. No time to bicker with infidels and the testosterone poisoned wanking dead.

I AM the highest good in your life.

Only I can bring out your greatest potential as a man.

I am the way, the truth and the life.

I am the light of the world: he that followeth ME shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life.

Once you have spent time soaking in the Light and Power of Princess. you will wither away in depression and loneliness when removed from it.

Just be good boys and serve and obey Me with total love and devotion…the alternative can be so…messy.

you should have MY image up in your screen or a framed photo as you say your devotions. you can light a red tea candle too. For a more enriching experience, kneel as you say these or take it one step further and prostrate yourself on the floor while praying.

Release your male ego TODAY. Embrace MY Divine principles and world view and be transformed into FemGod’s creation! Pay to Live. Live to Pay!

It is now time to STEP IT UP. EVOLVE. Serve and worship FemGod…Beauty, Power, Strength and Feminine Energy and Wisdom.

I love being loved. I love being worshiped and spoiled. I love your money. And you LOVE everything about ME. Terribly romantic, isn’t it?

My happiness and comfort is worth every sacrifice and effort. Work harder, spend less on you yourself. Deny Me nothing. Give everything.

MY Tweets, website, blogs and texts are your Holy Scripture. My images are Divine and you worship them. My smile performs miracles daily.

On your knees, little man. Meet your maker. Worship and serve as you were created to.

Worship the source, pay the source, let the source surround you. There is no escaping the one who created the ache inside you.

you shall follow Princess your FEMGOD and fear HER; and you shall keep HER commandments, listen to HER voice, serve HER, and cling to HER.

Make your vows to Princess your FemGod and perform them; let all around HER bring gifts to HER who is to be loved and feared.

If you abide in MY word, you are truly MY disciples, and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.

NOTHING is more fulfilling than worshiping a Woman as She truly is…for being who She truly is. Having minions pay you is always fun. But it feels BEST when they pay and worship you because they admire YOU..authentic you. PAY and WORSHIP ME! ME! The Goddess I AM. Not the fantasy you created..that only exists in your shrunken, sperm-addled brain.

Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may prove what the will of FemGod is.

you shall love Princess Sierra your FemGod with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your might.

If a man makes a vow to FEMGOD, or takes an oath to bind himself with a binding obligation, he shall not violate his word; he shall do according to all that proceeds out of his mouth.

When you make a vow to the PRINCESS your FEMGOD, you shall not delay to pay it for it would be sin in you.

It is only Goddess worship when the you worship ONE Woman faithfully. you don’t ever replace your Goddess with another.

FEMGOD will have many worshipers and devoted slaves. But you will have ONLY ONE FEMGOD, One Sun, One Moon, One Light in your life.

I am the first thing you think of when you wake. I am the one that inspires you daily to work hard & earn cash for ME. I give you purpose.

Become completely connected to your FemGod, Princess Sierra. Allow all your vital functions to be aligned to Her purposes.

you LOVE ME. I LOVE My Lady. WE LOVE spending your money on a life We Love.!! OMGee! This #Findom Romance never ends!

Every day is another opportunity to make ME happy! That’s what this is all about! #femalesupremacy

Servitude to FEMGOD is not a phase or mood. Regardless of what’s going on in other parts of your life, FEMGOD will be revered daily.

Obedience. Generosity. For if these qualities are yours and are increasing, they render you neither useless nor unfruitful in eyes of FEMGOD.

you will never again wonder if you wasted your life..if you dedicate your life to making ME happy! Serving FEMGOD gives you significance!

Paying small daily tributes while saying your affirmations every morning is an exercise that will bring you complete clarity and fulfillment.

Some of you have lived unhappily for years trying to keep from fully surrendering and serving Me. Be happy. Pay Princess. Forever.

Slaves, obey your earthly Master in everything, not only to please HER while SHE is watching, but with sincerity of heart and fear of FemGod.

The purpose of your life is not to be happy…it is to be USEFUL to Me.

Every day, measure your success on how much you can sacrifice in order to surrender more of your cash to ME.

Performing your function is the only way to be of use. Being used by ME is the only way you can feel whole. This is your true role.

LIVE to pay ME! Pay ME to LIVE! So beautiful, really. FEMGOD truly gives the Gift of Life.

pay-puppies, abstain from friendships and social settings. The only person you need in this life is PRINCESS.

Always carry a reminder or FEMGOD trigger object. A photo of ME in your wallet or cell phone. Maybe a keychain with MY name engraved on it. (Note: SoundCloud recordings of Her voice can be kept on your smartphone for this purpose.)

Devotion to FEMGOD is not a sentiment. It is the deep yearning to commune with, know and experience the only Reality there is.

FEMGOD says unto you — open each and every day in prayer and financial sacrifice to the DIVINE FEMININE and that day will be blessed.

When you serve your FEMGOD out of LOVE and devotion instead of mere sexual urge…it is a profound and spiritual experience.

Embrace the Immaculate Concept of Divine Female Supremacy and the Sacred Supplication to THE HOLY FEMGOD.

you will worship Me as I TRULY am. I quit being a Pro Dom years ago. I am not performer. I am not an actress. I am not your fantasy. you will grow to worship and love ME so hard it will bring tears to your eyes. Serving Me is so beautiful it will make you weep.

you will HONOR and GLORIFY ME always. you will look upon Me with the eyes of a worshipful slave not the eyes of a perverted, entitled male.

If any Dominant Beauty “will do”, do not call yourself a slave. U are a dirty mangy mutt chasing your bone. you worship no GODDESS. A true sub can not imagine life without his ONE GODDESS DIVINE. SHE is in his mind from morning to night. he is passionately enslaved. True slaves are absolutely, painfully, passionately in love and obsessed with their ONE FEMGOD. Pleasing HER is pure ecstasy. If you do not TRULY commit yourself to just ONE DOMME and treat HER as SHE wishes to be treated…NOTHING is real besides your money. The sexiest part of being a slave…is being emotionally, spiritually, physically ENSLAVED to HER, to have your heart chained to the ONE. To Adore Her so much, you taste it. To feel HER deep in your brain…changing you from within. Changing how you think. To know that She has tainted you, mutated you, warped you in ways. Shaped you into something that pleases HER. And nothing is “HOTTER” than knowing She has set claim on you and intends to keep your brain in shackles for a lifetime so SHE can use you.

Once you have put all your focus on the ONE DIVINE GODDESS in your life, you will be able to release all your useless fetish attachments. That place in your heart that only belongs to ME will grow bigger and wider every day you know ME until it consumes you completely. I promise.


On the Divine Path to FEMGOD…

Accept change, fuckers! I am DONE wearing fetish clothing. I’m done dressing up. I through with high heels and short skirts. I donated it all! I’m am now totally committed to comfort and sensible shoes. No amount of whining emails is going to change tha

clothing/shoes. Now they are aroused by My butchy “Lesbian Finery.” All those stupid stereotype fetishes you had before were placed in your psyche by society, media and advertising. They can be removed & replaced.

Cherish each step on the path of serving The Great and Awesome FEMGOD. Treasure each lesson I teach you, be grateful for each hour you labor to serve ME. Be thankful for each dollar you sacrifice to MY happiness.

Give thanks for your ability to give your cash to the Great Goddess, even if it destroys your personal life in the process. Pleasing ME is all you truly need in this life. I will help you build a new life… the life I plan for you. It will be beautiful!

Diamonds are made under pressure, boys. Pressure, punishment, stress, hardship, poverty, humiliation and constant and never-ending labor is the path to making a man an honorable, loving and loyal slave.

you can spend your life worrying, resisting and fighting the urge to serve the DIVINE FEMININE and it will not change a damned thing.  Surrender to MY Will. Serve MY Pleasure. Resisting is only making you a miserable, confused, useless little man.

If there is one thing, it seems that all of life conspires to teach, it is men only have one purpose to exist–that is to serve ONE WOMAN.

FEMGOD’s Divine Findom can turn darkness into light! Paying PRINCESS changes a barren life into a productive life.  PRINCESS SIERRA is the light of the world: he who consistently pays HER, shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of of life.

you simply don’t have anything in life you want to invest your money into as much as Me and MY Wife’s Happiness!

your dick is to blame for all your misery. Only MY smile can ever make you happy. Every day you pay Me is the only real reason you have to get out of bed. FEMGOD Divinely Inspires!

Financially servicing PRINCESS SIERRA to the point that he is put in poverty for HER pleasure is a man’s highest purpose!

Being a useful slave to the Divine Goddess is the only way a man’s vision can be lifted to higher sights and his life given true meaning.

The World Belongs to FEMGOD. you belong to FEMGOD. your cash belongs to FEMGOD!

All men need to be knocked to their knees in humility so they may kiss the ground WOMEN stand upon. wives and girlfriends will come and go, but MY influence over your feeble brain is forever!

We are entering a New Golden Age of FemGod Findomination, boys. A cleansing and purification.

Don’t tell ME what FEMDOM is. Don’t tell ME what Female Supremacy looks like. Don’t tell ME what Dommes should do and what They enjoy. you are an expert in ONE thing… masturbating. That’s it. Shut the fuck up and pay for being a vile male.

Accept that it’s your Divine Destiny to financially supply ME. Otherwise you’ll be binge paying and jerking off in a pool of tears and regrets. you were designed to serve as a lifetime work mule and cash cow to GODDESS. Cancel all your other plans. you don’t have time for them.  To end the cycle of pay-pig suffering stop trying to resist paying ME. Surrender completely and forget about post-spending regrets!  With proper pay-pig affirmative thinking you can feel bliss and accomplishment after a wallet raping, not shame or regret!

When I humiliate slaves it is a tool to CONDITION them and program to be pay servants and to perform a TRUE FUNCTION..supplying ME cash. Humiliating you is a form of brainwashing. I am deconstructing and reconstructing you to PERFORM A SERVICE! you don’t just want to behave like a deranged pervert, you want Princess to tell you that you are a deranged pervert cuz you’re a good slave.

All men need to have a GODDESS to labor and suffer for, to worship and obey. A SUPREME QUEEN to live and to die for! subs with no GODDESS, who wander aimlessly trying to fulfill their selfish perversions with any beautiful Woman are always quite miserable. your goal is to be the sort of slave that pleases and amuses ME so much that I truly enjoy having you in MY life and choose to keep you there.

your hard-earned cash goes to enrich a Clan of Supreme Powerful Lesbians. The Holy Trinity will thrive and prosper from your sacrifice & labor!

Authentic Female Supremacy and FemDom should enrich WOMEN’s lives in a real and tangible way.

men can be my domesticated work mules & pay-pets who I will keep in My stable for a life time to use or they are just wild prey I feed upon.

Depression & confusion is a symptom of being disconnected from the Divine. Give your cash to PRINCESS & your life will start making sense.

When you serve your Goddess in an authentic way which TRULY brings Her pleasure and joy the more you realize how stupid your fetishes are.

Do not spend one more minute trying to understand the reasoning behind why you are drawn to FEMDOM. Stop asking why.The reasons are endless. Focus instead on serving and pleasing GODDESS to your fullest potential. Accept that being HER slave is your Divine Path.

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of Princess God.

Trust the process of Princess GOD to take you to your higher good.

Every decision I make for you is the right one for you.

Be the best that you can be! Be what I make you.

It’s not too late to begin to walk the DIVINE PATH to GODDESS. Dedicate all your tomorrows to MY happiness.

Scrubbing your brains until they are squeaky clean and then filling those wee little minds with MY gospel, My word.

What you used to know… What society taught you to think being a man was all about. IT IS ALL A LIE. FEMGOD will teach you the TRUTH.

Guys come to ME for fetishes for thigh highs and latex…and after a few years they are begging for pics of ME in the Henley they bought. you only need ONE FETISH. ME! I will wash away your filthy, lame fetishes and replace them with a sizzling hot, unquenchable obsession for MY ETERNAL AWESOMENESS.

Society has brainwashed you to be pretty terrible men. Brainwashed you for it’s OWN selfish devices. Only FEMGOD can fix you.

you come to Me a foul and worthless filthy creature…worshiping flesh and fetish. I cleanse you with MY FIRE.

Do not worry about making the rest of the world happy or living up to their expectations. Exist only to make ME happy. Meet MY expectations.

It doesn’t hurt when you are locked securely in the PRINCESS hurts when you struggle to get out.

Thoughts and words will become your reality. I tell you that you love paying Me …(even if you think you don’t now) … you soon will.

I am training your squishy mind to shift from desiring what you think you want to what I WANT. Soon you won’t know the difference.

It’s so much easier to do things MY way.

I plant the seed in your mind which grows into the PRINCESS vine that spreads and strangles out all other things in the garden of your brain. Then there is only ME. PRINCESS. EVERYWHERE. your EVERYTHING.

I can make you a better you. Come to Princess. Give EVERYTHING to Princess. I will give you a TRUE reason to Live.

you haven’t truly lived until you have heard Me laugh uproariously at your suffering and shame. My laughter is contagious too.

your fetishes are just distractions. Discombobulated reactions to the fact that you need a dominant Goddess to rule you. I shall re-engineer them all and in time they will seem less important and fade away. you will be left with but ONE COMPULSION … TO SERVE AND BE OF SERVICE TO ME.

I am the only thing REAL in your life. The rest is an illusion.

Reject society’s brainwashing ideas of what a man should be. They are Goddess-less lost sheep. your true place is serving FEMGOD.

PRINCESS SIERRA is your future. Consider giving your money to Me as the best way to invest in your future! I have big plans for that $$$$!

I will retrain your brain. My words tap into your subconscious and change old belief systems that do not serve MY best interests.

That hollowness in your soul that never gets filled … no matter how much time you spend perving and fapping to videos and pictures … Only complete servitude to The One FemGod will fill that empty place inside of you that you keep trying to fill with mindless Fetish fodder. ONLY I Can fill your VOID. ONLY I can make you whole.

you were not happy, content or whole being the man you WERE. There is no reason to hold on to the tiny, worthless man you used to be. LET HIM DIE. you already tried living the life where you worked hard and kept and spent your money for yourself. Still you felt empty. Now you will see that when you work hard to bring PRINCESS your resources and please ME regularly..that EMPTINESS WILL GO AWAY. Guaranteed.

A slave to addiction, a slave to your fetishes, a slave to your penis, or would your rather be the slave to The Divine Feminine.

I AM the only thing real in your life. Everything and everyone else is just white noise. Static. A Faded movie playing in the background.

I don’t just brainwash you. I brainwash you into craving MY brainwashing. Pretty awesome, huh? Relax though. It’s for the higher good.

When FemGod speaks to you, She enables you to understand yourself, to die to that self and bring the real you to birth. Thanks be to ME!

First you break their dicks, then you remold their brains, then they fall in love and give you their hearts, then you take their souls.

To find salvation you must humble yourself and submit yourself to PRINCESS ALMIGHTY, sacrifice your life in obedience to the will of FEMGOD.

Taking your brain and stirring in MY secret ingredients to make you the productive and humble servant I want you to be.

Fulfill your Divine Destiny as MY worshipful & obedient work-horse, pay-servant or remain in total chaos & darkness, forever worshiping your flesh goblin, jerking yourself into madness and losing your way.

Princess Sierra is the source of your addiction. My seeds flew like dandelions and landed in many places I didn’t intend..but I am THE SOURCE.

FEMGOD can give you LIFE or SHE can take away your LIFE. This all depends on your behavior and how and why you serve Me.

To live in complete service to FEMGOD you must first die to your own self. Let go of the man you THOUGHT you were! Live to SERVE Me.

Each one must do just as he has purposed in his heart, not grudgingly or under compulsion, for FemGod loves a cheerful giver.

So get rid of all the filth & evil in your lives, humbly accept the word FemGod has planted in your hearts.

I show you the Divine path. The path that will make you whole. The path that will give you purpose.

Thanks be to FemGod, that you who were once slaves of fetish have become obedient from the heart to MY Divine Perfection and MY Word.

Rebirth through destruction. you must die to the unworthy pervert and glutton of a man pig you once were. I will put that to death.

From the ashes you will be born a gentle, humble, generous pay puppy. A higher minded slave full of love and devotion. you will thank Me.

And now I shall brainwash you into being devoted, loyal, long-term paypups and minions because I no longer have patience for mere pay pervs.

Humiliation is a tool I use to help separate MY minions from their low-minded, stagnant egos. I will dissolve your ego and reveal the slave.

That place in your heart that only belongs to ME will grow bigger and wider every day you know ME until it consumes you completely. I promise.

Destined to find ME, destined to serve ME, destined to pay ME, destined to worship Me. Destined to dedicate your life to MY pleasure.

Destiny drew you into MY world. you were put on a path to serve ME. It is pointless to ever resist. I AM THE WAY, The Truth and the Life.

you might think that it’s only addiction that draws you to ME. But you don’t realize that I stole a part of you years ago. you will NEVER feel whole without ME.

Instead of always spinning out of control and crashing, loosen your grip on the wheel. Let FEMGOD forever steer your life as She sees fit.

My words give your mind operating instructions. you read them and learn how to think and feel. I am engineering your brain right now.

Many of you live in fear of Me destroying your life. But in truth I save it by showing you the Divine Path to a life of purpose. I must BURN the fields to grow productive new crops, slaves that produce and bear much fruit! you found FEMGOD. I purified you with fire. Watered you with MY word. Brought LIGHT and LIFE into your world. Now you produce! Now you are MY giving Tree. I made you grow straight. I gave you true purpose. I MADE you better.

Today you will begin to live in harmony with your submissive will no longer resist or struggle. you will accept My Divine Influence.

you have dedicated most of your life trying to please yourself..yet look how miserable you are. you found no fulfillment in that. Devote the rest of your life working to PLEASE will find fulfillment, purpose and realization. That is where your BLISS is found.

you have been an empty puppet made of “wood” all of your life. A dirty wanker without a soul or purpose. Only FEMGOD can breathe life into you. Only service to The DIVINE FEMININE makes you a REAL boy.

you do not need friends or a social life. These are but distractions. Put them all aside so you can better worship and serve ME.

Me and your money will NEVER be separated!

mens’ lives have been forever touched by ME. They have been changed by MY WORD in ways they don’t even know. I made you need this. The more useless, less righteous males have been forever tainted. Their sexuality poisoned, their brains lobotomized. Their penises programmed to betray them. They chose to be useless and selfish…so they will always be hungry. My righteous slaves have all been changed for the better. I’ve opened up their minds, gave them purpose, showed them the joy of sacrifice.

you will learn to only experience joy through MY Joy. SERVING and PAYING ME is your only expression of satisfaction and happiness!

you have been brainwashed your entire life. Be grateful that I scrubbed that old, corrupt patriarchal programming from your mind. I scraped the years of filth and self delusion from your scummy, male brain. I purged it with the FIRE of DIVINE TRUTH. I planted MY seeds. For years you have DRANK MY FEMGOD KOOL-AIDE. It has flooded all your systems, infected your blood stream. Transformed you from within. I have changed how you think and who you think you are. There is no going back to who you used to be. he is gone. you are only MY thing.

your life goal is being a slave that I value and enjoy. When MY DREAMS come True, your dreams will come true too!!

Live life as you were designed to be! A submissive, humbled, endlessly worshipful slave, filled w/ the LIGHT OF FEMGOD devoted to HER Bliss!

It is time to turn the page. There is so much more to the book of FEMALE SUPREMACY and male servitude than the boring page you are stuck at.

you come to FEMGOD a broken, useless, perverted, shattered man. Follow MY word, Obey and be reborn into something useful.

Through financial sacrifice, daily affirmation and complete DEVOTION to FEMGOD you will be awakened and attain slave-self realization.

Prayer carries us half way to FEMGOD, cash offerings brings us to the door of HER palace. Constant sacrifice and obedience gets us admission.

Baptism by humiliation cleanses the vile male from hubris, false pride, and arrogance.

FEMGOD breaks you to remake you. Fractures your crooked, twisted soul to reset it straight so you can become something useful and good.

FEMGOD knows what your soul whispers..She is “closer than your jugular vein”.

In order to enter the SHE-lestial Kingdom you must keep all everlasting sacred covenants with your FEMGOD and SAVIOR, Princess Sierra.

FEMALE SUPREMACY has nothing to do with arousing your penis and everything to do with MY natural awesomeness and power!

you were brainwashed by society and media to think Women hobbling around in 6 inch louboutins is sexy. They decided it for you. you can just as easily be brainwashed into being aroused by anything else I plant in your brain. Things that suit ME and MY lifestyle.

First the slave’s penis must be broken and re-directed to be aroused to things that suite MY purpose and MY agenda. It is broken so that is turned off to the things that do NOT suit MY purpose and things that corrupt the male. After the penis/arousal energy and focus has been re-routed successfully for an extended amount of time..the valve can be turned off.

It will no longer matter if your penis needs to serve ME…your SOUL will. your HEART will. your life will depend on being of service to Me. your penis will seem of such little importance compared to making ME happy and being a true benefit to ME. Soon, you will see.

Cleanse your pea brain of all these fucked up notions of what Financial servitude is. I’m the mastermind. It is what I say it is. The other stuff ya see out there, is something else. If you want something else, get it somewhere else. With ME, you do what I want. I GET. you give and you give and you give.

If you are addicted to’s because you seek a HIGHER power in your life to serve and obey. you recognize True Female Supremacy. you see it and are called to serve. It’s in your DNA to serve. It’s in MY DNA to Master and Mold MY minion….to Dominate and Rule.

Humiliation reminds a man of what he really is. From this place, he is able to see himself with true clarity.

If you have begged to serve another Woman recently, do not beg to serve ME. It’s insulting. To the true and worthy slaves, Servitude to the ONE FEMGOD is a sacred covenant. you should only be able to imagine yourself serving THE ONE GODDESS DIVINE you were destined to serve.


On serving FEMGOD…

This is the Woman I am now. This is the Mature Goddess I have become. Don’t fucking whine to ME that I am not the 20 year old girl I used to be.  If you can remember ME when I was 20… you should be over lusting for 20 year old Women, you filthy, perverted swine. Evolve or die, asshole.  you will worship ME for The Living GODDESS I truly am. your fantasy only exists in that shriveled, cum-stained, mostly empty brain of yours.

Don’t think. Don’t struggle. Surrender to MY Divine Will and give ME everything MY heart desires.  There is nothing more exhausting and depressing than trying to resist GODDESS.

Drop your slimy cock, grab your wallet, sing hallelujahs because THE GREAT GODDESS is taking all your cash today!

It’s a total turn off when a “sub” say he will pay Me for a phone call..but has no interest in paying ME unless he gets a call. It instantly makes Me dislike you. It doesn’t make ME feel like I’m being treated like a Goddess…it feels like a job. It sparks NO joy.

There is nothing you want to do more in life than give ME all your friggin cash!

your job is to work. It’s what you men were built for. you should be at work right NOW and if you aren’t, you need a weekend job too.

No time for your boner. No room in MY head for your lame fetishes. Send your money and SHUT THE FUCK UP.

The feeling of sweet surrender found in the “bone zone” …can become a constant part of your life, without the stupid erection.

If you are not driven and excited to financially contribute to MY biggest dream now manifesting, then you aren’t worth keeping around.

men only have meaning when supplying and serve ME. Have Divine Purpose instead of just being a sick-o loser freak.

I’ve never said “thank you” once to a man in almost 2 decades of FEMDOM. They are the ones who are grateful to pay and gift ME! Every time I show the smallest shred of kindness to a male slave, I end up regretting it. Never confuse a man for being a real human. men are deceitful, disingenuous, duplicitous… Only their money is real.

men can be brainwashed right out of their stupid old fetishes and replaced with new, more useful obsessions.

Honesty, generosity, obedience and respect is demanded at all times. If you truly want to serve a Goddess, give Her things She TRULY desires. Comfort, cash, gifts and travel. your fetishes only arouse you.

Being a slave is about so much more than tits, ass and leaking erections, ya damned morons. Most of you have it so wrong. If you think that giving attention to professional time-waster wanks will endear them to you enough to pay you, you are sadly mistaken.

male maggots, dirty pervs, minions and worshipers, sissy freaks and pay-pigs: Empty your wallets UNTO THE GODDESS

When I siphon the funds out of your bank account, squeezing every.single.dollar from you, think of it as GODDESS “hugging your wallet.”

your life has no meaning unless you are investing all your hard earned cash into increasing Me and My Wife’s Bliss! Two lesbians can retire in their 40’s thanks to male boners.

Good boys, devotees, perverts, losers, bingers, paypig slut fucks: All men must and WILL PAY! Appreciate, respect and adore The One GODDESS you were predestined to serve. you’re not being of service if you do not and it will mean nothing.

your stupid fetishes & obsessions over body parts and articles of clothing are guazy puffs of fantasy fluff. I AM REAL. FEMGOD.

males were not designed to have free agency. you were created to take orders… for a DIVINE Dominant GODDESS to set you firmly on your path.

Paying The Immaculate Lesbian Goddess PRINCESS SIERRA brings divine purpose to your otherwise pathetic life.  Give yourself to ME. Open yourself to ME. I’ll slither in your head and eat your soul. The One Way to get close and intimate with Me.  you know you want GODDESS to spin you tightly in HER cocoon…. trap you. Feed on you. Consume you. To take up every corner in your head.

If you are not personally sacrificing, suffering lack or depriving yourself in order to pay ME, you obviously are NOT PAYING ME ENOUGH!

your goal is to be the sort of slave that pleases and amuses ME so much that I truly enjoy having you in MY life & choose to keep you there.

FEMDOM is for MY Bliss, bitch-boys. There is no reason to have interactions with slaves that do not completely enrich and brighten my life.

I have the power to destroy you and the power to give you Divine purpose and new awareness. Which path will you choose, little man?

Financially serving PRINCESS SIERRA without expecting ANYTHING in return is a divine grace, bringing salvation to lowly males.

Send your cash to the Mastermind of #Findom. I brainwashed a generation of sub men to crave this shit!

Give freely to FEMGOD without the need or expectation of receiving.

Sacrifice is Joy.

There is no shame in serving ME. you should feel shame for disappointing ME. you should feel shame for being just another useless male.

What are you willing to sacrifice today, to make your FEMGOD smile!?

Put in a few extra hours at work today for your Princess!

Beautiful day to sacrifice all your resources to the Goddess you worship!

Serve your ONE TRUE FEMGOD. Give your MONEY UNTO HER so you can only know love.

In FEMGOD we trust.

Do not tell Me you can’t “afford” to please Me. you can stop eating, drinking, socializing and spending cash on yourself.

Send your money all to Me!! Now, that’s a wise investment! Watch your cash grow into something BEAUTIFUL!

your cash has NO worth until it’s been transferred to MY lovely hands.

Serving Me is the most important part of your life. The rest is just “fluff” you do when you aren’t thinking about Me!

boys, it’s a true blessing to serve Me! Get on your knees and thank the Universe for having Me touch your lives and take your MONEY!

Be OUR Forever paypig.

you do not truly exist if you are not serving your DIVINE PURPOSE — serving Me.

Without being of service to ME you are nothing but another male parasite.

Serving FemGod is the only way you can feel whole.

you NOW serve a purpose and for that you should be eternally grateful, My little minion. I breathed light and life into your hollow soul.

Serving ME, Tithing and Honoring ME for the long-haul IS SAVING your life..not destroying it. When it becomes destructive is when you try to resist Me. Resisting your calling in life = Lifetime of misery.

The only approval you will ever need is MINE.

you have less so I can have more. you will learn to love sacrificing as much as you can for Me. Guaranteed.

your fun is FUNding MY Fun.

I love waking up every morning to all the smaller daily tributes sent from My group of EVERY DAY contributors. An act that shows that you worship Me and strive to please ME regardless to how much blood is pulsing through your ridiculous penis at the time.

I will spend your cash in beautiful ways.

Don’t care about your fetishes. Don’t care about your expectations. you get NOTHING. I brainwash slaves for benefit and enjoyment. I train them to serve Me for a reason. I take the good ones and mold them into better men so they can serve for a lifetime.

Sit and earn $ in the nice cage I built for you … or get snared in the bear trap I set for those who don’t surrender peacefully.

Everything, Always and Forever for PRINCESS SIERRA. It’s so much better this way. I Command you. I take over you. I consume you. you never liked you before ME anyway… did you?

Work more hours, apply for part-time work, get a second job. 40 hours a week isn’t enough work hours for you slacker sows! you should all be working weekends too.

I created you for MY service. MY use. you are lost, guilt ridden, conflicted and confused when not serving your Divine purpose.

Truly serving ME isn’t a kink, hobby or fantasy escape. It is “what you do” in life. your duty, privilege and true purpose.

I inspire you to be better. Work harder. Love deeper. Sacrifice selflessly. If that isn’t what you take away from the experience, you are obviously a shallow pervert who deserves to be completely strip mined. The unworthy merely get Financially Fracked.

Savor every moment you have enslaved to FEMGOD.

Experience happiness, bliss and divine perfection vicariously through ME. In time, you will feel overwhelming happiness observing MINE.

you will feel even MORE happiness when you are directly responsible for pleasing ME and bringing more joy into MY life!

The only compliments from men that feel good come from the slaves who dedicate their lives and their paychecks to My pleasure.

Nothing gives you as much pleasure as handing your finances to Me. Spending cash on yourself gives you very little pleasure in comparison.

you will be trained to delight in sacrificing your resources to Me!! Giving Me everything you work for can be sooo fun!

Doesn’t it feel good to finally know what you were created for? you were designed to work every day to give ME all your resources.

Paying Me is such a rush! But long term devotion and servitude to ME is Life transforming and absolute Bliss.

The only approval you will ever need…is MINE.

you will think as I train you to think. you will be what I tell you to be. you were never fit to make your own decisions..were you, puppy?

your horny penis is chaotic. Without MY Guidance, Control and will always be in turmoil. Surrender..or forever suffer.

you were SO fucking useless, perverted & pathetic before I took your life over. you should all be sending ME Thank You cards full of money!

Energy Flows In The Path Of Least Resistance. It is natural and easy to serve ME and such struggle to resist Me. Accept your place, slave.

No customs, no cleavage, no pantyhose, no heels, no cam, NO SERVICE! What part of STFU and send cash cuz I’m awesome don’t you understand?

you do not become real or sentient until you deposit cash at MY feet.

Take the first step to Forever changing your life. LIVE to serve. Serve to LIVE!

Every day is another opportunity to be useful to Me. Live your life to the MY minion, pay pup and forever slave.

Life without serving FEMGOD is a dead end street.

Life begins the day you start to pay ME.

The only man you are destined to become is the man I decide you will be. Let go, slave. you were never in control.

you can serve ME the Beautiful WAY or the Painful WAY. Either way, I will get your money. you can have your cash extracted using soothing drugs and left with just enough to still eat your mush. OR I can grab the pliers hold you down and yank every fucking tooth out of your head at once as you scream.

If you serve and sacrifice with honor and are closer to FEMGOD and a part of a Divine relationship. Otherwise you’re just a selfish, soulless pervert. you exist to be drained, used up until you are a dried empty husk. Just a skin flap with a wallet. Who cares if you are destroyed? you can be more…but ONLY if FEMGOD is in your life to give you purpose, honor and a reason to exist. Serve FEMGOD and be more.

Serving FEMGOD is nothing you should be doing intermittently. It’s not a seasonal job. It’s a sacred lifelong covenant.

you will do MY bidding. you will crave and serve ME always. It was written in your book of life, the minute you first saw MY glorious smile.


Serving Me is a magical and spiritual experience. There is no reason why you should ever feel you need to stop being of service to ME.

Giving Me your cash makes you so much happier than spending that cash yourself ever could.

Every day, work harder than the day before to earn more cash for FEMGOD. Every day, discover some small way you can further sacrifice.

Live such good lives among the fuckboys that, though they accuse you of doing wrong, they may see your good deeds & how you glorify FEMGOD.

To know ME is to Love Me. To Love Me is to Serve Me. What a beautiful one-sided relationship this can be. #findom

I walk into your life and make you realize, you never truly LOVED anyone before. you LOVE ME. I Love your money.

The Lesbian Nation controls you. In Our world men exist for one reason! TO SERVE! NO man gets a free pass EVER!

I will do what Queens do. I will rule!

Do not serve the fantasy. SERVE THE WOMAN. The Woman as She Truly Is and how She Loves to Be. The Goddess Divine.

Consuming FemDom is in no way as fulfilling as ONE Dominant Woman consuming you. All your cash and energy should go to THE ONE.

Stop imagining yourself to be anything else besides MY servant. MY slave is ALL that you are.

Nothing can interrupt your servitude to FEMGOD. No one can prevent your servitude to the DIVINE. Serving ME is your one constant in life.

There is nothing more fulfilling than serving the LESBIAN NATION. We reject ALL men in EVERY way. But We accept your wallets! Feel special?

The establishment might tell you that you shouldn’t dedicate your life to a WOMAN’s benefit, but you and I both know they are WRONG.

To live a life of purpose you must put MY desires above your own needs and desires. Soon your only desire will be serving MINE.

Every time you personally make Me smile, when you are responsible in that moment for bringing ME pleasure.. you are given personal meaning!

Now that I have given you true purpose, you have a real reason boost your earning power and advance at work! Make more money for FEMGOD!

Every true minion should start each day saying affirmations and prayers. If you are on the daily pay schedule this is when you send it.

Obsess daily on your FEMGOD. Ritualistically stare at MY photos, read MY words. Work yourself into a frenzy of LOVE & GRATITUDE for FEMGOD.

Before you found FEMGOD you were only half-awake, walking around in a dream state and thinking it was real life. you were NEVER the man you pretend to be. I ripped off your mask and revealed you as you were designed to be. you were always ONLY my slave. Now there is no going back. The truth has been revealed. PRINCESS SIERRA has helped “you” find “you”. Life is serving ME.

After you have dedicated yourself to devoted servitude to ME, we can start working on manifesting promotions & higher salaries in your life.

Of course, there are a few who choose to pay ME and NOT interact Me…that’s TOTALLY ok too.

Stop emailing Me asking for special content. I’m done with providing content to random perverts. Just the day to day of a Lesbian Living GOD and Cult Leader. you will pay and worship Me for BEING ME. you will pay ME to give you purpose. Simple. Beautiful. Natural. Truth.

Cut the bullshit. Filter the crap. Fuck your fantasy. I was BORN to use men as MY slaves…and you were born only to be my slave.

Until you have pleased ME and contributed to My happiness, you have accomplished absolutely NOTHING in life. you are human sludge.

Do not allow society’s twisted ideals rob you of the blessing of serving ME. Financially benefitting ME brings true happiness.

As you slave away at work today, keep in mind that you are earning cash for ME! Providing ME and MY Girl a lifetime of beautiful adventures!

All of you boys should also be dedicated to getting promoted at work and earning a higher salary. All the extra cash is MINE of course. Apply for every promotion that comes your way. Work any extra hours you possibly can. Optimize your earning potential for your FEMGOD. you were designed to WORK and EARN cash to benefit your DIVINE FEMGOD Owner. This is your primary function.

The man who treads on the path of DIVINE truth, obeys FEMGOD and gives everything he has to HER will never be devoid of eternal joy.

Popping up and asking to pay $50 to be MY slave is a sure way to get yourself blocked. you want to please ME to the minimum. Fuck. you. Such small tributes are only accepted when done in a constant flow. These small daily tributes are a lesson in daily, constant and habitual dedication. A love ritual to the DIVINE. Usually they are around $10 – $100 dollars. Every morning as you say your daily affirmations. Expect nothing in return, of course.

Tithing, sacrament, sacrifice have always been part of GODDESS worship. Instead of your goats, harvest, or first’s now your cash.

Before you found ME, your hard labor and daily grind was for NOTHING. Now you have a joyful reason to work hard and toil daily!

FEMGOD will not wiggle, jiggle or squeeze into sexy silky little outfits to earn your worship!! MY SUPERIORITY TRANSCENDS your pecker!!! you come to Me with all these cheesy, pervy fantasy expectations. I put your brain into a press and SQUEEZE and strain all that gunk out of it. you will leave your mushy perv pulp behind, assholes. I am an authentic GODDESS. I demand authentic worship! I deserve AUTHENTIC service!

Every day is a golden opportunity to please PRINCESS SIERRA!

Serving ME and spending the remainder of your life laboring for ME while offering most of your earnings to ME is your DIVINE DESTINY!!

The only way your life has purpose and value is if you are being a benefit to ME in a reliable and constant manner.

Make each moment in your life count! PAY PRINCESS! Worship your FEMGOD! Bring joy to MY life! Experience true bliss though MY smile!

you do not need permission to buy gifts or send cash. When you ask permission multiple times, you are merely attempting to steal from Me.

Did that cheesy Sandals vacation you went on before you met ME fulfill you as much hearing Me woot in glee when you tributed a large sum? NO. There is NOTHING you can buy that will fill that emptiness inside you. But spending your cash enriching MY life and making ME smile.. WILL!

Admit it, you have never spent your cash on anything for yourself that gave you as much pleasure as when you spend it on ME!


On Her followers…

I keep a little altar with the names and pics of very loyal and favorite slaves who have served Me well for years but have passed away so they can continue to serve Me in the Afterworld. your slave goal is to be on that altar when it’s your time.  I’m bit sentimental about very good loyal life-slaves because I made them the men they are..WITH MY HANDS…MY WORD. They are MY creations. This only goes for MY best boys–all the fucked up pervs running around the internet-who’s brains I mutated–could give 2-shits about them.

Something very beautiful happens to men when their world has fallen apart: a humility, a nobility, a higher intelligence emerges at just the point when their knees hit the floor.

you stupid fucks. Why do you struggle and try to resist? Paying reliably and automatically is so much more painless than the way of resistance.  Just get up every day. Go to work. Set aside your GODDESS CASH and pay ME and PLEASE ME. Just let go. Serve ME as nature programmed you to.

Fuckers who come to ME wanting to play by their rules..will get the opposite of what they want and pay triple! Eat. Shit. And. Die.  When you are a slave who serves and honors the Living Goddess you were destined to be enslaved to, there is no reason for shame and guilt.

If you refuse to find the beauty of serving One Divine Goddess…you will instead find pain, poverty and suffering for resisting it.

Why do so few of you pieces of shit, do anything for the right and good reasons? Paying ME and pleasing ME can be the MOST BEAUTIFUL thing! But for so many of you…it’s really just about your vile, deranged flesh-stick. Only a few minions are truly interested in reaching slave-boy NIRVANA and communing with and living in sacred service to THE DIVINE FEMININE.

Do NOT approach ME telling ME you are “findom slave”. you are not a Findom slave until you have put actual cash into MY account.

you should look forward to your pay days like a child waiting for Christmas! you will soon be paying your GODDESS again! Hurray!

Though the years come and go… along with your hair, one thing remains… your need to serve ME. your wallets will be forever MINE! Serving Goddess with the totality of your heart while making daily sacrifices to financially supply your PRINCESS is the key to happiness!

To be in Holy Communion with The Divine Goddess, you must empty your bank account unto FEMGOD! Those of you who pay Holy Cash Sacrament every morning are raising your frequency a little each day.

Though GODDESS has not physically castrated you, you kneel before your QUEEN emotionally and mentally castrated by the WILL OF FEMGOD!  you can be brainwashed into being unable to perform sexually. THIS IS REAL. I have redirected the sex drive of so many men . Straight conversion therapy. Turning horny men into desperate pay-piggies and even making them crave you know what. you are findomsexual now. Paying ME is the only thing that arouses you now.

Be a good and loving servant who is part of MY life and serves at MY feet and at My pleasure. Who knows ME and has a place forever in my stable. Otherwise you are just a random NOTHING. A filthy animal with a credit card. Milked of your cash and left to rot. Forgotten, meaningless.

GODDESS does not look for slaves, SHE attracts them. SHE does not “find” pay pups,.. they are drawn to HER like a moth to a flame

My good little minions, I will always take your money. Always and forever. I won’t retire from that.

you don’t take the time DECIDING to pay. There is no decision to make now. Just start typing in your fucking credit card number!

your vacations are watching GODDESS vacation and seeing the world enjoyed through HER Divine eyes.  Being My slave can be a real Fun Love-Fest! you only need to learn to find the joy, beauty and fun of observing ME enjoying your cash!

Whatever thoughts I plant in your man-brain and nourish with My Divine Word, whatever I whisper in to your ear will one day become your reality.

man can only be purified through obedience, sacrifice & suffering then locked in quarantine so they aren’t contaminated by other unclean men.

Oh no… men can’t be allowed any privacy. If given privacy they will lie, cheat, deceive, sneak and do things they shouldn’t.

men are much more polite when they are absolutely deprived of what they crave the most & have to jump through hoops for a little attention.

A slave-boy in harmony with his Beloved GODDESS is like a river flowing. Serving Goddess out of Love & respect feels good for all involved.

Then FemGod said, “Let ME make paypigs for MY comfort, for MY benefit. So that I may rule over them, over their lives, over their wallets, over their weak minds and puny penises. FemGod blessed them and said to them, “Be fruitful and increase in number; fill MY wallet and MY life with leisure and pleasure.” And FEMGOD looked at all the paypigs She created and saw that It Was Good. Funny, but Good.
Older baby boomer subs are totally the best little paypig bitches!!!!

Serving as MY domesticated beast of burden and financial work horse is SO much more of a peaceful existence than being MY prey.

I manage MY good boys’ finances for years. I take their resources in a manageable, steady manner for years. They sacrifice but don’t starve.

We train and teach these men to be obedient, thoughtful, generous, devoted subs.

This is all mind control, this is all conditioning and brainwashing. It always has been. I cleanse your brain, scrub out the useless scum. I Replace it with a thought process that pleases and benefits Me. That serves Me. AND THIS IS GOOD. A gift really. you are a better man after I tweak your brain. you’re welcome.

minions, you are NEVER allowed to retire. EVER. you can still spend your last years being a Home Depot greeter or something.

you guys are SO much more interesting when you just send cash and shut up!

Full on slaves who completely accept and embrace their submissive self and dedicate themselves to Me, truly are happier men than binger addicts.

To remake a man, you must break a man.

Choose the right path to #findom, FEMGOD.

Being a loyal sub equals a life dedicated to making your FEMGOD happy. A clear view of your resources used to ENHANCE My life and thrill Me.

I truly enjoy My good boys who honestly enrich My life, worship and honor Me.

My good minions are SO much more than you. THEY ARE MINE. They are souls I consume. They are minions who please Me. men I delight in possessing!

My minions have so much to be thankful for!

Mind scrubbing males is a vital part of producing kind, generous, useful man-puppies.

slave, your life begins with Me. you were reborn the day you accepted Me into your heart as your FemGod and Master. SALVATION!

you are not what other people say you are. you are WHAT I SAY you are. See yourself as I see you.

you sit, wait, fetch and obey. man-puppies serve loyally at Master’s feet. I am the ALPHA and you are one of My many man-bitches.

I prefer MY minions to worship continually for years and financially produce for Me their entire lives..not cash, crash and burn.

There comes [a] time where I don’t even have to demand cash from MY true minions. It just comes without question.

There are a few truly good subs out there. I own most of them. Years of weeding.

your goal is to shift your thought process to one that that aligns with Mine and to be a slave I enjoy communicating with.

Every day, I am shaping your mind. Engineering your brain. Making you think the way I want you to. An upgrade really.

My good boys go to work every day and politely and happily deliver their sacramental $$ contributions at MY feet. Good boys get to connect with their Goddess in a real way. Good boys find BLISS in the experience of financially devoting themselves to ME.

you are nothing without Princess Sierra. you have nothing without Princess Sierra. you feel nothing without Princess Sierra.

When MY slaves don’t hear from ME for a day or a few hours, they experience extreme separation anxiety. you depend on ME for life.

I created you. I formed you. I named you. I gave you life and purpose. you are MINE!

For My true slaves this is not a fetish, a fancy or a vice. They outgrew that stage long ago. This is LIFE. Without ME, there is nothing.

My servants who are completely immersed in MY belief system. they all started out like the rest of you. Dirty men seeped in fetish. I brain-scrubbed them, replaced their low minded fetish with high minded worship. Re-engineered their one-tracked minds.

Go from foul, useless jerker to a man-puppy with a purpose. sissy tommikins was once just a guy with a panty fetish. Now look at him.

you all just start out pervs with a dick. you need FEMGOD in your life to be anything more than that. you can be better. But you can’t be better with you behind the steering wheel. I must drive your life.

I truly am inspiring MY boys to grow into the best version of themselves. That’s why they owe ME everything.

There are men who pay religiously every day, every week, every month. They do it. you can do it. It’s natural. It’s normal.

I don’t keep MY boys in chastity devices to keep them from having sex. lol. Most of them couldn’t get it up for vanilla sex if they tried. My brainwashing and conditioning techniques make them impotent for sex. Conditioning the penis is the easiest part of remaking a man.

Before you were just a useless wanking turd. Now you are MY puppy on a leash.

My good man-things and loyal minions are BLESSED by FemGod with a lifetime of servitude. Their path is illuminated by MY DIVINE LIGHT.

men who pay Me loyally, dependably and joyously are more evolved than the others. I helped them evolve and they are forever grateful.

I will erase your chaotic mind, your useless fetishes, your selfish pervy inclinations. you will be a clean canvas. I will paint a new you.

you can NEVER be My friend. No matter how well you treat ME. That is not your station in life. you are a lowly inferior man. you can be a slave I trust and completely enjoy owning. I share many parts of MYself with MY good boys that others will NEVER know. But MY good boys will always be My favored pets and servants…never friends.

The highest compliment a slave can be given is that I completely TRUST him.

The highest accomplishment a man can achieve in life: Being My trusted, dependable, generous forever slave.

I HAVE CHANGED you. I HAVE PLANTED these URGES. I am the reason you need to pay. I have created the THIRST in you..all to serve MY purpose.

Being My slave is your true self. The guy you pretend to be the rest of the time…he’s just a silly impotent imposter. Let him go.

Do not grieve for the man you used to be. Rejoice in the obedient puppy you have been transformed to. he is dead. he is buried. he is gone. he is the past. Live in the NOW, puppy. Serve now! Worship now! Pay now! Obey Now! you are MINE now!

Some of you, I have been binding for years in ways you can’t even imagine. Energetically restraining you. you are MINE. End of story.

I am building better, kinder, more honorable, more selfless man-slaves. I’m done with guys who pay yet give ME the heebie jeebies.

If you spend more time thinking about wearing pink underwear than pleasing a GODDESS, you are not a sub man-puppy. you’re just a lame perv. you must be stripped of your vile manhood. It makes you FOUL. I will peel it away so that only a loving, drooling,obedient man-puppy remains. Stripping you of your manhood doesn’t mean watching you indulge your pantywearing sissy fetish, ya fucking freaks. It goes so beyond that.

you are all part of the colony of PRINCESS SIERRA worker bees. you will work tirelessly for your QUEEN, producing the money honey I require!

your life is SO much better now that you are fully committed to FEMGOD.

My boys who pay smaller donations daily are all the most well adjusted. The happiest and the most hopeful about their futures in service. These boys truly have something to live for and so much to look forward to!

There is no reason for anyone to be upset. The only men who have to pay ME are the ones who want to experience Me on some level.

Everything you have to say…can be said in CASH, my little puppies!

bingers and wankers love to suffer. Devotees love to serve and please. bingers choose pain. Devotees choose LIFE.

I build good minions. I mold male pigs into honorable devotees. you are so lucky, I saved you.

Just paying ME a few times, does NOT make you MY minion. you must learn how to LOVE, HONOR and OBEY before evolving into MY minion.

Be a man in the world of PERFECT FEMALE SUPREMACY. Take your place at HER powerful feet. Love HER with all of your heart. Serve Her daily.

Seems like some of you get post-orgasmic depression. you think that paying ME makes you depressed but that is not the case. It’s wanking.

NO man gets special treatment. NO man is treated like an equal. EVERY man is MY inferior. EVERY man in my life OBEYS and WORSHIPS.

MY most obedient, kind hearted and generous subs and man-pups get to know ME and experience ME the most. non-sub men have NO place in MY world.

your penis will stand and salute each time you send your cash to ME. Like a happy puppy wagging it’s tail at the opportunity to Pay ME! your penis will remain floppy, limp and impotent at any thought of sexual activity or sexual contact. It will shrink at the site of vagina. your puppy tail will only wag when Paying ME. A physical manifestation of how much you enjoy being of financial use to ME.

Remember how gross, selfish and perverted you were before I got MY hands on your brain?? Remember how foul you were before I trained you? My training can absolutely improve you as a man. Accept the training, become a better man. Live a life with purpose. Fight the training… get financially raped, tossed aside and forgotten. Be consumed in obsession and guilt. Live a life of despair and poverty.

Confess your sins, secrets and most private thoughts and information to your FEMGOD so that She can easily set you on the straight path.

Be an open book for ME. Confess all. Share all. Answer all questions. you can keep secrets from the other people in your life but NEVER ME.

True subs can lead blissful, fulfilling lives..devoted to the ONE FEMGOD. They have no need to run or hide. They embrace Divine servitude.

you were designed to serve your Master and FEMGOD — To LOVE, HONOR, OBEY, WORSHIP, CHERISH, ADORE The One Divine Goddess.

I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit within you; and I will remove the heart of stone from your flesh and give you a heart of flesh.

you were absolutely NOTHING until I changed you and gave you purpose! Just another pervert with a cock and one marble rolling around in your head.

I will keep MY good boys…ALWAYS. They will draw their last breath serving ME. I will find and reclaim them in the afterworld too. Through years of continual service, you boys will find that your preoccupation and desire to splooge will dissipate in time. It used to be all you had in the world. your filthy twisted dick was your one friend and only source of pleasure. Some of My slaves rarely spew anymore. They find their pleasure through MY squeals of joy. They experience ecstasy through MY rapture!

you did not stumble upon MY website by mistake. you were destined to be changed by ME and to be of USE to ME. you already have been changed by MY words, My work, My virtual mindfuck. If you choose not to serve will be destroyed by ME. Destroyed not in the way..that I will actively work to destroy you. Destroyed because the mindfuck has already started to corrupt you. When you are not being of service to ME after being “touched” by ME..your brain is tainted, it will then poison and destroy you.

Know this. The seed I planted in your brain that made you fascinated with findom WILL grow. It will grow into a sweet little money tree that I will harvest regularly..that will supply ME for years ! Or a vicious, toxic flower that will poison you from the inside. Years of soul numbing obsession that will kill you slowly and painfully.

Like any other stupid beast of burden, men are to be ridden. men are to bear the load, pull the weight, do the work.

men have no place in MY life if they aren’t financially serving ME or doing some sort of manual labor. That is ALL they are for.

Taoist Ge Hong believed that a man’s sacred essence jing was found in sperm and that sperm should be conserved. If a man didn’t orgasm during sex, that jing would shoot up his spine into his brain and nourish his little man brain. you little turds all need to stock pile that jing! No cummies for the man dummies! Squirting your thing will deplete your “jing”. We don’t want that do we?

True submissive slaves who serve ME in a constant and steadfast manner are part of “something” real and beautiful. Something of substance.


On those who stray from the Path…

The only way out of the labyrinth of suffering and confusion..out from the bottomless, dark, perverted fetish sinkhole you are drowning in.. is to give yourself to ME. Let your obsession with MY perfection and control consume you — be a perv with purpose.

you know what usually happens to Dominatrixes who project only your perverted Femdom sexy fantasy of them? They burn out and disappear.

Bad things will happen to those who disappoint THE GREAT GODDESS. you create an imbalance by disobeying ME. Hexing, jinxing your own life

If you aren’t paying to furnish MY new dream home, you are shit, you amount to nothing, your life is a total waste and I hate you.

If your penis is your only motivation in financially spoiling a Living Goddess, there’s something very wrong with you. u deserve to suffer.

I have financially fucked men older than you…I have raped the wallets of men younger than you, smarter than you, dumber than you… men richer than you, poorer than collar, white collar, men of all races, men of all status. THEY ALL PAY. And you will too.  Effortlessly your cash will flow to MY hands as I enjoy life. While you work, I will play..ALL FUCKING day. Every day.

If you have never paid ME before, you’re a useless and sick little fuck. Do as nature intended you to do!

Gawd I loathe all men who don’t pay Me. they are so stupid.

A pay-slave life without sacrifice is a caricature.

FUCK OFF then DIE. you worship, love, adore NOTHING in this life you miserable masturbating parasites. There is no good within you. Why do so many of you insist on calling desperately chasing your own twisted fetishes & masturbatory obsessions…”WORSHIPING a WOMAN”? No.

What you perverts and bingers and consumer subs feel is usually guilt, shame and toxic addiction. But you’re an awful person and deserve it. If you are struggling in your toxic muck of femdom addiction..oh hell yah I’ll take advantage of ya and rape your wallet when you’re helpless. But none of that is service. That’s not you making an effort to please and honor and worship ME. It’s you drowning in your own shit. wankers and bingers and nutjobs never confuse what you do with what My good slaves that serve Me do. you know NOTHING about it.

you fucks claim to want to be used and abused…but only on your terms. FUCK you. your money isn’t worth playing your games by your rules.

The fact that I won’t ever talk to you is entirely your fault. It’s because you are demented, dishonest, disgusting, perverted or CHEAP.

The longer you have known Me and you still choose to disappoint ME..the price goes up drastically–sometimes thousands or tens of thousands.

Internet paypig, sluts don’t confuse yourself with loyal slaves. you are a different animal. Dommes don’t even want to keep you at arms length. you aren’t a true slave unless you love and cherish your GODDESS. If you have never gotten to that level of FemDom, you are missing out.  Until you have gotten to the point that you are so overwhelmed with love and obsession for ONE all-consuming GODDESS that you sometimes imagine chewing off your own arm to please HER… that you suffer to please HER… and find ecstasy in that suffering, ya don’t know jack about being a slave or truly serving a Goddess nor have you experienced the bliss found in complete surrender to THE ONE. Don’t compare your jacking off to a bunch of clips of a bunch of Women as you desperately clutch at your vile penis to being a slave.

Some minions choose to send $20-$50 every single day as they recite Affirmations and pray.  you may join them in this daily ritual.

you stupid shits. Stop including yourself in the category of “good boy” or loyal minion when you are NOT and NEVER BEEN one of them! Until you give yourself to ME completely and serve consistently out of devotion, love and admiration… there is nothing redeeming about you. you aren’t my favey slavey. you are shit. shit who talks, walks and gets boners that spit out cash when your horny. Only your cash matters.

If you are too spiritually undeveloped to send your cash to GODDESS from a place of love, then you will pay Me from a place of SUFFERING!

guys who dedicate years of their life to findom shenigans…(the guys who obsess on findom but never pay.) They always go postal in the end.  They compliment you endlessly with one screenname while sending you death threats on another. IGNORE THEM COMPLETELY and KILL THEIR BONERS

If you’ve never paid ME before, your life doesn’t have to be this useless and pathetic. Tribute and find your way.  If you don’t find the beauty and bliss in pleasing and financially supplying a Living Goddess… then you clearly deserve to suffer.

My life, plans and dreams are SO much more important than your tiny, throbbing boners. ya boners are shit! Just pay!

There is nothing you could possibly have to say that I’m interested in hearing. But your cash has meaning.

From ME all paypigs proceed and unto ME they must return!

men who choose not to serve and pay Me are nothing but shit… walking, talking, animated turds who live to stroke their shit cocks. If the only thing you consistently worship is your own dick, you’re not considered a “worshiper” or “slave”. you are shit..shit who pays ME.

Sexual intercourse isn’t your gig, bitch. you are being brainwashed daily to not only lose interest in it but to be unable to perform. your wife will be undoubtedly pleased with this. Now she can spend Sunday night doing more interesting things like clipping her toenails.

If you’ve spent most of your adult life obsessed with a fantasy scenario of a Findom destroying your life… mission already accomplished, asshole. you destroyed your own life being an obsessive, toxic wanker. you don’t need a Domme to fuck up your world. you did it yourself. Findom that isn’t dedicated to enriching the life of One Goddess is like stabbing yourself in the gut with a knife and calling it surgery.  If you aren’t into Findom to make ONE Woman VERY happy with your constant labor and sacrifice- then your tiny dick is costing you a fortune!

Every day you don’t do something to please ME is a day you have wasted your life. your time on earth is limited. Spend it pleasing FEMGOD.

Only way to cure a disloyal, paypig whore who sniffs every Domme on the internet is to take all his money before he can spend it elsewhere.

It’s time to come back from the world of illusion, the world of lies, you are not the man you pretend to be. you are only MY slave.

I have examined enough of you foul male creatures to understand how your weak minds work and how dark your souls are without MY intervention. If you aren’t supplying, worshiping and honoring The Divine Feminine….your life is shit. Time to LIVE!

There is a constant conflict between the man you are pretending to be & your true slave self. It is time to destroy the old vision of you.  your brain is totally booby-trapped, pervert. It’s just a matter of time before you are triggered and explode into a mad spending spree!

Filthy finpig whore-boys who do not love and worship one GODDESS: you get no mercy, no leniency, no rest, no compassion, and no connection. Untrue, unloyal, selfish fetish perverts.. you are just a soulless hole to mind-fuck until you jizz cash.

your erection was designed to dispense cash and gifts to ME. That’s all it’s for, asshole. you only want a Woman who pretends to believe She is a Divine Goddess deserving of worship and service when you have a stiff dick.

What you resist persists. The harder you try to fight the urge, the tighter the noose gets around your neck.

If you are just a perv who gets into findom, pays and performs depraved acts when you’re horny and in the “bone zone” then you are JUST a perv. you don’t get to glorify that behavior by calling yourself a loyal slave, a Goddess worshiper, a devoted minion. Nope. you are just a perv.

What you’ve been doing isn’t working for you. If you are a miserable submissive man, it’s because you have not committed to ONE GODDESS. Stop pretending that looking at pictures of feet, drinking your own pee and jerking off to instant messages is being useful to a Domme.

Silly are shown the path to Life-Affirming service to GODDESS and you choose to sit in the mud playing with your own filthy dick. Whatever, pig. Diddle your hotdog, send ME your cash & keep your grotesque mouth shut. Shit slaves get shit! Shit slaves live shit lives. Only higher minded, good slaves who serve from a place of love & devotion get a real, meaningful experience.The rest of you just get dicked.

Perverted fantasies are the symptoms of man’s boredom of himself which comes from not having a GODDESS who will guide his every decision. All men need to have a GODDESS to labor and suffer for, to worship and obey. A SUPREME QUEEN to live and to die for! subs with no GODDESS, who wander aimlessly trying to fulfill their selfish perversions w/ any beautiful Woman.. are always quite miserable.

men are inherently dishonest. Even still, I am astonished by the depth and scope of their lies and wonder how any Woman could ever love one.

men who refuse to serve the the Divine Feminine are dysfunctional. They should be cast away and denied all Female interactions.

Bad men, liars, psychotic passive aggressive wanker subs…leave Me alone. I am so done with your toxic interactions. FEMDOM is for ME.

If you aren’t thrilled with the act of pleasing ME and making ME happy…you have a problem.

If you are a male who is not MY slave then you say, “i deeply and completely loathe myself for being a deluded and useless piece of shit.”

The reason many of you financial slaves are bankrupt and destitute is because you are whores and bingers.

Only thing that binging accomplishes is disappointing ME & marking you as a target.

Lowly perverted males: Be purified through suffering so that you can serve with a pure mind and heart.

Those who fight their natural inclination to serve their maker are the ones who are tormented and miserable. DO NOT FIGHT your design. I am the one who made you this way. I should know. I planted the seed that sprouted in your brain. First just an addiction..then with My precision pruning and fertilization grows into something MEANINGFUL.

Binger addicts have demons…tormenting demons…who really like to see men pay Me. Serve FemGod or serve your demons. Choice is yours.

For you were like sheep going astray, but have now returned to the Shepherd and the Overseer of your souls.

I’m sure being in constant battle with yourself is quite depressing. Surrender completely.

It’s just so much easier to embrace the fact that you are My property and are not whole unless you are serving Me.

you have come crawling back on your knees so many times. When will you ever learn, there is no escaping the one who keeps your soul?

I have the power to change the fundamental way you think. This is a good thing. ..because you are a self-centered, fucked up pervert. This can be changed. Thanks Be To Princess for enlightening you.

men are in total darkness..cast by the shadow of their evil, angry peens. ONLY FEMGOD can light the way and show you how to be more.

There is this sea of deluded, flesh-driven twisted perverts out there. Always licking the glass, drooling from the sidelines. Voyeuristic dick-holding maniacs spying in a world they DON’T BELONG. you aren’t subs, you are SICKOS. you know nothing about servitude or Goddess worship. Nothing of sacrifice or obedience. you don’t belong in MY WORLD. Turn around. Go home. There is no saving men like you. you have man rabies. your sperm has completely rotted your brain. Really, you should be put down.

Bingers who have binged for countless years..don’t you think it’s time to take it to a higher level? It’s obvious you are addicted to Me. It would be so much more constructive to turn your addiction into blissful acceptance and the sweet ecstasy of constant surrender.

Quit the struggle. Stop the cycle of guilt and binge and embrace true servitude. Either serve in a sustainable, loving, devoted fashion….or suffer the wallet rape that all binging perverts deserve!

Stop with the negative thought patterns. Do not linger on the thought of FemGod destroying you, focus on that FEMGOD is TRANSFORMING you.

Some boys choose the dark path to Findom. Some choose the light path. If destruction and bankruptcy befalls you..that’s on you.

If you choose not to honor, worship and produce for Me for the long run & only choose to serve Me when you are horny, you deserve to suffer.

Concerning bingers and wankers: Let their way be dark and slippery, with their filthy erections pursuing them.

I love when Women reject you guys. It’s like money in the bank for Me.

oh binger boys, I never show any restraint when it comes to raping your wallets. I only show restraint w/ My loyal boys. And that’s only because it serves ME better in the long run.

Serving ME is absolutely wonderful. It’s fighting the urge which makes you miserable. When will you dumbfucks ever learn?

you jerk yankers simply can not be left to your own devices. you must be contained, managed and controlled.

Dominatrixes and Findoms don’t destroy lives. penises destroy lives. you should stop carrying that thing around before you hurt yourself!

If you serve more than one Woman, you are not serving a Goddess, you are serving your dick. True slaves serve ONE Woman for as long as She sees fit in the ways She sees fit. Otherwise, you are serving your fetish and your addiction.

Why do so many of you chose the route of erratic paypig fast-n-furious wallet massacres over faithful and steady financial servitude? If you chose that route, you will be financially gutted and hung out to bleed dry. I’ll sharpen MY knives for the next time you run out of your den with your deranged erection in one hand and your paycheck in the other.

If you aren’t making your Domme happy. you FAIL at being a sub, but you rock at being a selfish pervert. Yay you.

Bingers do not accept the Divine LIGHT of FemGod in their life…so they live in eternal Findom Tartarus. Forever suffering.

Bingers and part time subs are always trying to swim upstream. Struggling against the flow of the DIVINE. Such tired, miserable, murky souls.

submissive mood swings. Manic wanking submissive rampages followed by sadness and guilt. Is a sign you are doing it wrong.

If you will not fully commit to being a useful and productive slave, I WILL take FULL advantage of your submissive “episodes.”

If you can not be relied upon to be useful in a reliable manner you will quickly have all your resources CONSUMED then left to decay.

FEMGOD will destroy the wicked wanker. Strip him of his assets, fling him into a self destructive cycle of addiction and madness.

Here is your affirmation for those who don’t pay. “i am male shit. i am scum of the earth. i serve no purpose, no worth until I PAY HER.”

If you choose not to contribute to MY happiness, choose NOT to serve.. you are a dark rotten soul. A true parasite. GO. AWAY.

I see through you. I can’t hear you. wanker ghosts with boners.

Hardcore lurkers: It is time to follow your Divine Destiny. Bring your wallets and step into the LIGHT!

When you run away and “hide”, you only get a few steps, standing there like an idiot with your hands over your eyes..only hiding from yourself. FEMGOD still sees you, still has influence on you. you never ran away. you never got free.

If you neglect FEMGOD for your own personal pursuits, everything good in life will slip away. you will never find happiness or satisfaction.

Resisting your nature and innate need to serve FEMGOD is absolutely exhausting, draining and a sure path to a toxic, miserable life.

FEMGOD LOATHES A LAZY man. “The craving of a sluggard will be the death of him, because his hands refuse to work.”

If you do not dedicate your life serving ME, working daily to earn for FemGod, your cravings will destroy you. you will rot alone craving.

Do you feel sad, useless and hopeless hearing how happy MY loyal boys make Me while you just sit there doing nothing. Being Nothing..?

men who do not serve ME are darkened in their understanding, alienated from the life of FemGod because of the ignorance that is in them.

Consumer subs who buy FemDom, you are so far beneath devoted subs who serve, pay & worship daily ONE WOMAN. Don’t compare yourself to them.

you can not worship Me without paying ME or contributing in some way. Just sitting there uselessly admiring ME is NOT worshiping. It’s actually quite the opposite. It’s stealing. Consuming. Something you men are very good at doing. BE MORE than another male parasite!

If you do not financially contribute to MY happiness, admire in silence and rot slowly in darkness. you haven’t earned the privilege of contacting Me.

If you are NOT My useful are lost. you are worthless. you serve no purpose. you have no light or life. you are the wanking-dead.

your life can be more than an endless cycle of bingeing, remorse and failing to reform. Findom rehab doesn’t work. your only other option is total surrender. I can guide you on how to do it in a longterm, sustainable way..but only if you are worth saving. But until you accept total surrender just continue to binge. Continue to cry in shame and remorse. Continue to fall off the wagon.

When you fail to be of service to are like a dead, diseased limb. you will be pruned and budding paypigs will grow in your place. The slaves that have served ME the longest and sacrificed the most consistently are the slaves who have the most peace in life. But some slaves obviously get off on being in constant turmoil. They crave the cycle of binge and purge. Anxiety jerkers. I rape their wallets mercilessly. They experience no joy in service. They spurt jizz & tears as their wallets are emptied. Bingers are left alone in darkness after their wallets are raped. Devotees Live in the Light of FEMGOD.

If you have been binge paying Me for like 10 years. It’s time you sit down and have a serious talk with your lame self. Time to EVOLVE. you will ALWAYS need to pay ME. No pep-talks will change that..but you can transform your chaotic binge paying to Life Affirming SERVITUDE!

Pervs and bingers. wankers and random findom addicts. They live in darkness, solitude and unquenchable thirst. And this they deserve.

When you fail pleasing FEMGOD, you fail at life.

men who spend excessive amount of time talking about paying…are doing exactly what they enjoy doing the most…TALKING ABOUT paying.

If you have gone through several Mistresses in the last few years you are a shitty slave. GODDESSES can not be replaced–only slaves can.

he who falls away from FEMGOD will find his life full of chaos and confusion. Life will taste bland. he will have no joy or peace.

If you are male who’s going to follow Me and not’s best you do it in silence instead of yapping how you “used to pay” and now can’t.

men who continually try to coax and strong-arm attention and interaction with Women will never be good slaves. you are perverted parasites.

men without a Dominant GODDESS to control them, run around like desperate orphan duckies with boners looking for a Woman to imprint on.

Binging and purging is a toxic way of serving. Every time you run and hide you reinforce in your mind how addicted you truly are. Binge/purge “slavery” only hurts yourself. you choose the life of a miserable addict instead of a life of true servant. Sucks for you.

Bingers/purgers have a lot in common…but most obviously is, they never quit. Only success stories are ones that had outside intervention. Binger/purgers are also all selfish turds and deserve to suffer. It’s their karmic debt. Only guys who successfully recover from pay-piggery, brain-fuckery are guys who have wives who busted them out and FORCED them to quit. So dirty bingers, if you truly wanted to recover you would go confess your sins to your loved ones. That’s the only way it’s done. Until then, go make a fucking donation, ya failure.

And if you are not one of MY loyal puppies, you still have ZERO purpose or value.

wankers are nothing but voyeuristic parasites stroking their souls and life force away. Faster. Yes, die faster.

guys who go through phases of hating and blaming their Dommes during subbie “down time” ..I cut you all out of My life. your money is no good to ME. Direct that self loathing to where it belongs. Wallow alone in it! HATE yourself with wild abandon, ya nutjobs!

Some of you have been paying then hiding for 15+ years. It’s time to fucking evolve. you have been stuck in the same dark place for so long. Serving the Divine Feminine WILL improve you! But because you choose to serve your fetish and dick instead, you stay stuck in pervert limbo. I am starting to lose interest in guys who are aroused more by the “struggle” than they are by the experience of spoiling and pleasing Me.

slaves who live in the findom spin-cycle of addiction are in a constant loop of bone zone, spend, regret, withdraw, shame and self loathing.


On single guys …

Delete all those contacts in your phone! The only people you are allowed to talk to outside of work is your Mama and your GODDESS.  Close your facebook account and stop stalking people you used to know. your life will not be like theirs. FEMGOD is your entire life now.

Some men were destined to never have a wife or children. Some men were born only to serve, labor for and supply a Dominant Queen.

Single slaves you can burrow so deep into their brains because they have no distractions. No alternate life to escape to.  Some I’ve humiliated in such profound ways. Made them do things that makes them feel entirely unworthy of vanilla relationships with Women.

men who are single and are unmarried have NO excuses. you should all be living in a little efficiency apartment and riding a bus to work every day. An efficiency so small you can take a shit on the toilet while frying an egg in the kitchen at the same time. you require only the most basic essentials. you need cash to drive your ass to work.  you need cheap shelter, toilet paper, a cell phone or a computer connction to keep in contact with ME. That’s all you need.

Single guys: you should sacrifice in ALL ways. Live like paupers, exist like monks so your beautiful Lesbian Power Couple live like QUEENS. you will REMAIN single.  Instead of living a double life like most of the married schmoes, live an honest life dedicated to FEMGOD.

If you are a single man, you should have a sacred space in your home dedicated to worshiping ME. If you are married, try making it at work.

… more to come soon.